In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Human Rights, ACLU, well, “F” Child Protective Serviices it is not just my child being sbuse someplace out of this country; an American. UNICEF where are you?

on June 29, 2013

Come to Whipple, Redwood City, CA and see me under the sun, not even having something fresh in what to seat BC government vandalized my vehicles after robbing me, and my child was raped as abuse even by last former Bush as he came to CA and not alone with The pinche Pig and coward good for nothing CA governor that we used to have, Arnold S.; come and see, but let me tell you

Through movies they used to train & inform wicked mafia members. Do you remember John & his mom? It is like my story, but do you remember how the main villain was able to out together himself as separating his material or power? Mind & body a computer & what lives inside called spirit or soul is part of the Universe chemicals, or energy.
Why people is do addictive to phones?: “We really are traveling.”
Do you know that when you sign for a free membership card, you ae sharing the space like in the public transportation where VTA & Ssmtrans are charging us a fortune while working with wicked & helping them to rob others not the talents, but what you do, study, think, belief on or do.
It is not do simple as I’m trying to make it. Myself, I’m the last descendant of Kingbif Kings: “The Lord, Eloi Yahweh real name of Jehovah & somehow government do know we do repeat on life & they are the ones setting me up & through me poverty as they imposed that on me as they are trying to force me on prostitution. Read on my yesterday posting-comments BC through me they are destroying our country while helping & working not with all wicked just elite workdwide setting up 99%. Help!


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