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As my Blogger account, which finally I was forced to give up I might do so on my WordPress

on June 27, 2013

John Boehner perhaps didn’t get many calls and I just know that my vehicles were destroyed, my child was taken to Mexico to quiet me as done in 2006. A Cuban told me to stop writing on my car or they were going to take my child to kill him


Or perhaps John Boehner do not care at all about people’s concerns. You know if no one ever did anything about what I SAW in Belmont Safeway Magazine: “Obama’s fake social security and the tiny poor home in Kenya where he supposedly was born. It took a year for him to take care and never suit this magazine. Instead they stole the sign in which I defended him and you should hear Belmont Police suggesting me to lock them up and Safeway cleaning after all and removing magazine. No wander he spent $ MILLIONS in Hawaii vacation, but if he would ask I would tell him how a Mexican got a B-Certificate thru a congress man in CA & for free. This is the reason why my baby will be or has being killed BC I denounced not just Last Bush abuses in him as he came to CA & afraid of a three-years-old with Arnold and then showing power sent him for me to see what they had done and with Greenberg changed court order and sealed it, but this time the Cuban lawyer helped them. Jolliffe my liar friend who couldn’t serve me to have a hearing without me.
But what got Bush upset was my September 11 accusation against him and his administration, which he managed to dismiss denying due process and my forced poverty (Justia).
My child might be dead or is being abuse in Mexico worse than here: he might be in a hospital installing a microchip or removing his organs as they done to my nephew. It is up to the people BC corruption rings more corruption and you are next. Oracle vs. my 1864 Cottage Grove in San Mateo where my First Amendment denied BC CIC couldn’t or didn’t want to read my argument, but they got my $ to file and they almost proceeded BC they did not confirmed the date of hearing and at CA Sup. you should see how they Nunc Pro with someone’s else file to dismissed case and you should see all the piggy “S” done by Lance Bayer and many honors, but you will figure out along the line. Do not let them impress you with the alteration of record at City Hall or court. Some file and take file out as they please. Back in Mexico, Nicaragua $ talks and $ is doing so here. Half of million moved from a city near Chicago or so.


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