In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on June 18, 2013

I came to San Francisco State University to talk to Broadcasting Chair in short is called BECA and I feel he is a nice person who cares not just for his department as for this university.  This is my third time talking to him since I transferred, but for different reason on each of them.  Three “C” out of my six I feel are not correct, but fair.  Why?  I struggle, I have some English difficulties, which for various reason are not up to the higher standard I wish and I have been working for.  I used to go to College of San Mateo and I even participated and took half of units courses in the Writing Lab, but what is the issue is that not everyone is there to be teach or to be allow to learn, but let me clarify something in that building and in that department most of them with very few exceptions are helping people like me as I can recalled. 

Years ago I met Domingo Leon, he passed away long ago despite his young age as millions others who are smart, tried to be and they are not allowed as wicked set them up with men and women part of the gang who keep them on drugs, alcohol, prostitution and who waste them for their group to be the “Honors, lawyers, teachers, chair, chancellors, . . .,” but this do not mean that all are the same.  Now days still wicked and non-wicked, but the different is that through the technological advances that we have been having in the last 30 years, which have been on Earth at least for the last 4,000 years based on Greek computer knowledge find through history and perhaps more than it if in fact as I discovered mind and body are just the soul’s home or computers, which I warranty without any doubt based on all the things I have been going through because wicked is not afraid of only God, eloi Yahweh and because they did not care about their secret and gave it away through me.  (This is a note for the freak and the idiot woman who always called me that at the corner because you should call yourself that.  Aren’t you the idiot who gave away and did not care about his name in between as he created us?)  As I say before, I do not question why this have to happen this way or why?  Did he trained us?  What it is his goal?  There are more question without answer and to be honest who I am to question him if I don’t have a real clue of what we really are and where he is taking us?  If you know what I mean!

Doming Leon was not the only one.  Dona Amanda whose two daughters ended up in Cuba.  In Spanish the big ladies are called Dona and is not a “n,’ but in English the letter do not exist and has a little stroke on top of the “n.”  One of them die with cancer like Former Clinton after going to Cuba because they do believe in Doctor lies.  If we are computers, guess what? No illness exist!  They can code you, but one word of his and is enough to clean your home as written.  Who knows how is written in English, but in Spanish we say: I am not up to your standards, (digno) but one word of you is enough to clean me! or so.

Jimmy Escobar got mentally behind as he was at 12-year-old very smart, sweet and not as many in this world.  Three accidents as he was skating put him in that stage, but what I discovered is that happens purposely as some men and women marry or force non-wicked to marry to them.  Their non-wicked children are used no less than a junk car or a pig, which most of the time are force fat, deforming their bodies or as I having bunions, so we cannot use high hills and women with it look sexy.  Others are forced like me to wear hats or to cover their sexy hair or head or face unless you get smarter like me because only God is protecting you and turn it around.  I feel that today I am using the same black hat, but looks sexier or elegant.

No less happened to Jimmy’s brother who was slaughter through bates and if you read my blogs you will find about my son Mustang, which was hit by a car having 4-5 White teens and ran away.  My neighbor described them to SMPD; I followed up and I found them, but SMPD didn’t followed up.  Today, I know why?  They worked with them as with the people who sells drugs in your neighbor or at least there were some from South America and they were always there talking with the main.  His son was already killed too, but is not because like father son, but not in a negative way.  His father despite the facts was successfully having a painting company and getting ahead and that was the reason he was killed.  His older brother having a girlfriend like the one my son have.  So good to be true, but in reality they are not.  They let you and are so understandable because what they want is you to destroy yourself through alcohol, drugs among others.  

Today, I went to a CVS Pharmacy and my granddaughter’s six birthday is coming up and as I was seeing a card a man look at me because I was looking for a pen and I was holding some of their junk.  I felt bad, so I took the stuff and I asked the cashier to hold it for me and guess what; the card I was seeing disappeared, was gone as I went back.  They do not want me to celebrate my family members birthday because now days they are not stealing the data or talents we do have.  No, now days they are robbing your soul’s home and with it absolutely everything and anything.  Don’t exactly worry because there is a saying that say in Spanish: “Para todo roto un surcido.” meaning for a “clothes with a hole or a sewing problem there is always a way to fix it.”  I am sure that it is hard on Earth to hide or run from this people, but if for us is hard for everyone else it is too because between Heaven and Earth is absolutely anything hiding and luckily for me they thought they are smart and God is a tiny little “S.” while I am sure he is not.  Why? Let me tell you learn how to read in between the lines because the Holy Bible talks to absolutely everyone and about absolutely everything.  In short, is written in a way that is not so simple, but is written in a simple way that is capable of doing so.

“Government takes our children and destroy them to put them in a circle of courts, hospitals to generate money, power, control for the elite or wicked people.”  today is not for all, instead 99 percent are getting pile up as one percent is the one doing so.  Yes we are in the transition time and still pennies, dollars given to the middle class, but for how long before they can made the rope tide and once you are in the loop the pennies and the dollars will be harder and harder to get.  Instead if you have millions they will be going down and down to thousands or hundreds as happened in Nicaragua, Mexico and many other little countries and as it is happening here right now where the line of DMV is getting longer and longer and at court too as in many other places.

My children, my family are not the exception.  My granddaughter is not the only birthday is being force to not be celebrated because my son’s girlfriend father die with cancer and he is the one using her tiny body.  She likes mustaches and booths.  She also and even my older son like the guitar as he never did.  How they do it? through dirty, created imperfect conditions like the ones they forced yesterday on my van where they just thrashed and disorganized my junk, but as I am telling you; one thing is if you are alone and another if you aren’t and I am not.  Eloi Yahweh is there even though them or I cannot see him and this is the best part of all.  He can be here seeing what many of you are doing right now to make my legs itch, or to keep me here writing who knows for whom.

A smart got near, I am going. 



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