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Estrella BenavidesP. O. Box 2741Redwood City, CA94064650-921-2084 John BoehnerSpeaker

on June 8, 2013

Estrella Benavides

P. O. Box 2741

Redwood City, CA94064



John Boehner

Speaker of the House

1011 Longworth H. O. B.

Washington, D. C. 20515

(202) 225-6205

7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road

Suite B

West Chester, OH45069

(513) 779-5400tel


Dear Sir:


            Since 2005 as in 2006 I sent a letter to every member of Congress at that time.  100 in 2005 and 107 in 2006.  One of them responded me and referred to the California representative to whom years ago about the same years I requested an appointment.  Neither her nor the California Governor who at that time was Arnold Schwarzenegger were available.  Instead I received letters informing me that they were very busy.


            On my first letter I told them that I saw the father of my last baby touching him not in an appropriate way and my reason not to report to the authorities in San MateoCounty were because I exhausted my trying and instead they were setting me up and abusing authorities and discretions.  If I recalled well the letter was dated April 18, 2005.  I noticed my child falling a lot as I was ignored and abuse as him while some of my letter were returned.  I include many copies addressed to the main media representatives like the New York Times that as some others were returned to me; I decided to make a trip to personally try to do so and to beg for help and protection.


            I delivered the letter in New York, but I never heard of them.  I went around Washington and many times I was stopped for no reason and then I was getting lost in the suburban areas.  Today, I know the reason as I put together my discoveries as well as all the things I have been going through as I claiming to be the chosen one of the only God as his servant.  As I said then, I will repeat, he asked me without ever seeing or hearing him yet to observe, accuse and set his banners and through it I discovered the used of witchcraft, which basically is the knowledge of mind and body computer in which our soul’s lives.  The people who are aware are taking advantage and as the police in Washington were stopping me and using their wicked knowledge to send me out of the view of people and they also forced me to removed my First Amendment signs posted in the back of my car, which was having the appropriate mirror to allow me to do so as well as forcing me to return home using the 70 vs. the 10 or another short road not so busy, I believe 57 to stop me from going through Los Angeles.


            As I arrived in San Mateo on June, 2005, San Mateo Police visited me and supposedly was waiting or looking for me because Child Protective Services requested that.  None of them gave me a reason and no matter how many times I inquired it to the Chief; I never got an answer.  Instead, despite the facts that I was having my home clean, my baby resting after bath, my laundry done and I was in the process of cleaning my vehicle, they for no reason given put me under 51-50 at San Mateo County Hospital (It is recorded like that in the hospital form I received and from where I gathered the information.) The same night I was transferred to SaintFrancisHospital in San Francisco – Out of Jurisdiction and due to it no one could helped me.  I struggle as I was forced on drugs to claim my Habeas Corpus rights, which was at first denied because no nurse there knew what I was talking about.  Finally I got through the court process, but my children were as I sent to the wrong place to wait for me and lost to view the denial of my right to speak and tell the judge what I was going through for no obvious reason other than I have been persecuted for religious reason worse than millions in America and in this world.


            I was released without being allowed to speak because despite the facts and changes on doses of drugs; they couldn’t made me dragged my tongue or forget about my discoveries, accusation or my child.  Child Protective Services never responded neither to my phone calls or the hospital inquiries or questions. (Documented in the Hospital mental record I do have.)  The hospital made me request my $ 5,000.00 value jewelry and gave it to my son.  He just got an empty envelope and no matter how I reported the incident to the Director of the place; she just ignored me, but as mind and body are computers they can control, force us to do, be or believe as easily they sent me through empty roads and many times had been having “beggars,” wicked people working with them to not allow the people of this country to read my signs.


            Finally on that day, I pressed charges against the father.  I accused him through the San Mateo Police of molesting my child sexually and I mentioned my letter to Congress in which I reported about two months ahead of that time.  They rejected my accusation and instead as I was released and visited personally Child Protective Services in San Carlos requesting a reason for them to take my child away from me and worse giving him to the man I saw molesting him.  They allowed me to record our conversation, but a day or two after I went to my child work place to ask as they told me to let me see baby and be with him as he was working while we were able to clarify the matters, but Child Protective Services decided that he was going to file a case through the court to do so.  As I went to his work place to talk to him, he did not know anything about and called trying to figure if could or should let me see him.  He did called them and a day or two later, he trespassed my private property and erased the recorded conversation with Child Protective Services in which not only the person assigned talked to me, but also her supervisor to whom I inquired the reason to take my child away and neither one could tell me then and told that they were going to do so on Friday.


            The first court hearing was continue because of it and it was dated wrongfully using what I discovered: “the purposely done errors that made mind of people like a regular computer to get nut and red highlight them, but the reaction on humans is that you forget and get confuse.”  I will not call Susan Greenberg, the woman who has been using an honor place in our court system so because she imposed me a Temporary Restraining Order twice.  One in my baby’s case and a second one in a case they forced my older son to file to deny my right to use my private property as I please to survive and keep my family and self alive as they are persecuting me and as they are trying to kill us. The first one as I asked she told me: “She could do in her court room as she pleases.”  Perhaps, it is my mistake.   I do understand that they should do based on the law and our constitutional rights and freedoms.  I never violated it, but she granted another to my older son while I didn’t even know where these people moved, control and manipulated him at that time.  I did not know where my son was living, but she granted a restraining order because I could harm him.


            In 2007 as I was responding for the divorce case he filed, which I responded with a motion requesting a nullity of marriage.  She always denied absolutely everything and anything.  She never got the Child Protective Services reason or at least no one ever gave them to me.  I finally outlined all of her bias, denial and abuses in 2007 and my file disappeared not only in the court system, but also was altered as almost all of my file who cannot be opened because of the content as happened to me several times in many places, or USB.


            She denied my baby or I any relation for a year as I filed a Federal Suit Cross-Complaint accusing Former President, George W. Bush administration of being the one who planned and executed the September 11 attacked among many people who have been participating.


            As Susan Greenberg granted the Restraining Order, a friend of my baby dad threw three pieces of paper in my mail box, which luckily I founded and not understanding them, I took them to the Redwood City Court to figure out that I was having a restraining order that happened about July 25 or 26, 2005 and a day or so before, my child was sent home for a “supervise visitation, which was not exactly written that way in the TRO.”  My child was terrified, refusing to allow me to change him as he was dirty or to undress him as I was putting water in my garden and where we used to play.  He running under it to get a bit wet while he was in diapers and I was watering the front yard of my Lago property.  My child ass was totally red and his father asked my older son because both of my older children were forced to supervise me and most of the time they did that with their “friends” who were using witchcraft and were abusing not only my child, but me who ended up with big headaches every Sunday doing what they were pleasing, going where they did want.  I am not going to go into all the details of the matter because I filed three times a federal suit cross-complaint and my last file was never given back to me because they denied my poverty.  The one in which they put me as they robbed my properties and they have been persecuting me for religious reason worse than millions others in this country as I discovered.


            I am accusing Susan Greenberg of abuse of authorities and discretions as doing what she wants and pleases against non-wicked people like me and who knows about others.  I requested to have her removed from my case as she was turn into it per court rotation I guess recently because as I filed my March/April motion outlining her abuses, she was replaced by Honor Jakubowski who continue and continue my divorce to avoid reading the Wife Mandatory outlined preparing for the Status Conference and through it was never held.  Through her justice I was only paid $ 2,000.00 out of the truck that since 2005 baby’s dad took and who without pressure told in court that the low blue book value was about $ 7,000.00 as I was having legally equal rights because in fact the truck was purchased by him and given to me as a gift unless he never meant it.  I put it under both of our names.  Greenberg ignored our Transmutation Marital Agreement and gave him rights on my private property, which was put under court jurisdiction as they ignored it and from where games and tricks were played until they did take them all by other means.  The Sheriff department participated as Greenberg, San Mateo Police and Child Protective Services in the raped of my child.  They never served me the TRO until I figured out and my child was sent raped.  A piece of paper thrown in my mail box was having a proof of service saying that I was informed.  It is not legal, but many are the things that are happening there that shouldn’t be happening, but this is the reason of my request.  Amber Alert is being used in California as wicked government representatives are setting up and persecuting people like me.  


            Honor Jakubowski in the Dissolution of Marriage granted me an extension of spousal support if requested and Honor MC Kenna denied it as I asked for, but she asked the father if he wanted Child support to what he answered “‘NO,’ BUT SHE GRANTED $ 74.00 dollars with bias against me.  Several times I filed motions requesting it as Unemployment was denied, Social Security was denied, My FAFSA AID ended and I have been looking for a job not successfully.  I lost $ 4,000.00 in Work Study because of it.

            My family case file is about 7-to-10 big size files for a normal case.  Several times, I had been reporting abuses on my child.  Several times I had made police reports.  Several times I had gone to Child Protective Services and no matter how dried and dirty my child pants are, no one cares.  My child recently got a cut in his neck and even the Principal of the Meyer Elementary School in San Jose lost my report in her home as one of the people working in the after school program asked my child about the cut and I reported my finding and my child abuses and suffering.  I will refer you to as well as where just there I have 401 blogs posted begging publicly for help and protection as government representatives are abusing me and trying to kill me.  Also happened at where access was denied several times in public libraries or at College of San Mateo until I gave up and stop writing in my blog. is no less, but you will find at Twitter or Facebook how many times I reported denied access to the Internet with difficulties I was able to file a case through the Supreme Court of The United States on 2/13/13, which was dismissed on 2/20/13 because I did not serve the people as I told them that my life and my family life is in danger and I did what I possibly could as people altered, changed, denied access because of content and so on and forth.


            I lost 5-6 properties I used to own through the denial of a jury trial.  In many cases filed several times for the same property.  I used to own a duplex and a property, which was having a land behind to protect the view.  Today and for the last 5-6 years I have been living on the street or in my van while keeping my file cases in a truck.

            I am accusing several of the honors who dismissed in lieu of a jury trial my cases to give Plaintiff advantage over me, or to stop the endless cases that would it rise if my case proof the crime of wicked against millions of Americans through the Real Estate Crisis.  I am accusing California Superior Court, County of San Mateo of being bias, of being persecuting millions as people like me to force them under conservatorship for no reason, Temporaries Restraining Orders as well as forcing them in and out of jail or paying bail, citations or doing as they please with the participation of school system like San Francisco State University, College of San Mateo District in which I have been discriminated, persecuted for religious reason and where my grades are being low in bad faith.   I am also including Elementary school system of Hayward, Modesto, as San Jose in which my child have been abuse, is being neglected and where the Principal of San Jose Meyer Elementary school is participating as trashing my report in her home as she ignores me and my concerns.  I am accusing Child Protective Services of Hayward, Santa Clara and County of San Mateo as well as many police department in which I made reports of many of the abuses that not only my child or I have been suffering or forced to suffer.


            It is endless to say, but my cases were hold at San Francisco Federal Court and since the beginning of this year I have only $ 200.00 in food stamps to live from as I am receiving loans from my children to pay for my gas or other expenses as I am trying to finish my major career goal in Broadcasting while carrying a minor in Journalism at San Francisco State University.  Several times I reported that baby’s dad stop giving me my spousal support and not having a choice I ended up paying him for the child support out of it.  Honor Frachi who was assigned as I requested Greenberg to be removed knows only how to dismiss my motion finding errors supposedly made by the facilitator’s court office not having any concerns for my child or my life safety, rights or protection under the law in this country.


            San Jose Police finally went to see where my child and I were forced to have visitation under the sun, no space to park my van as I was doing so on front of his dad’s home for months and where I show them that my child is kept dirty.  Only twice a week he takes a shower because he is kept at Meyer Elementary School from 8am till 6pm Monday through Friday including Halloween and perhaps Thanksgiving or other holidays.


            To deny my First Amendment, my due process, I am accusing San Mateo City, which CIC committee denied because my argument was to lengthy and they did not have time to do so, but based on 1920 Minnesota’s and 1931 Nuisance city codes cases I am arguing that they are alienating my rights, but at Redwood City Court I even saw Belmont City Code 22-2 being altered to not let the jurors to see the wordy of it and the person who brought the matter was Eric Hove the man assigned to me as my lawyer and granted by the Honor as my assistant.  Hove told the honor and Lance Bayer about it as I was there seating with them in a conference with regards the matter.


            My San Mateo or Belmont City case was denied based on someone else’s case as I brought to the court attention thinking that it was a mistake, but the honor just ignored me.


            My 1864 Cottage Grove property case was having a defective deed of trust, which I reported to B of A, but never fixed.  The 21 numbered pages of the deed of trust ended up having 22 of 21 pages at Redwood City Hall because the house sold, which was having a lean was 1064, but Honor Scott granted 1864.  Perhaps bias because he could give 1164. 1264. 1364; the trust was not having a map location or description and he could perhaps give Oracle building instead to get a better profit out of the deal because honor Weiner apologized to me because I answered Plaintiff file and the Unlawful Detainer department allowed him to take the file away after, but allowed me to file my respond and Honor Weiner just apologize, but didn’t dismissed the matter because he was not present and who knows the clerk, the court or he.  I am telling you things that shouldn’t happen are happening there and I heard is worse in Chicago.


            This case I appealed and as I verified the file was worse.  My motions were split and file as they please and no matter I found out and I reported and requested the changes to the original files never happened and even though the Deed of Trust issue.  The case was denied.


            I served College of San Mateo and San Francisco State, one ignored and the other one refused to receive.  I cannot forced them, but this is the reason why I am asking you for your help and protection as well as I am asking you for a public accusation against this criminals who are using our legal system for the best interest of wicked people not the whole and who are not going by the constitutional rights and freedoms that the people of this country granted to all of us equally.


            I am not mentioning DMV, vehicles issues because it is way too much to say through this and perhaps I need time to present to you personally, but mainly my child and my family life as mine are in danger.  I do have a hearing on 6/10/13 at Redwood City and on 4/13-15/13 I was abuse by the Sheriff Department as Redwood City police put me under their custody as I refuse to put down my signs hold for three years in the same spot under city code 3.144, but ended have a vehicle code refusal matter instead.





Estrella Benavides



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