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This is two weeks ago; go see the one before from yesterday after his uncle took him to “Modesto and he was not at the school one day last week.) the principal of Meyer lost my report copy of the one or an extension if the one filed in Sta. Clara Child Protective Services after San Hose Police told me that there is none. One if the after school teacher saw and asked my sin about his cut on the neck, but she said “She lost it at home because she reports just what she sees, not what I went there to extreme my doing because of my child sufferings and abuses ignored by many at Redwood City

on May 29, 2013

My child was healthy not sweating as in Tuesday after they are forcing fat on him. I couldn’t finish sentence I. Title they are not letting me: not only army Redwood City, Hayward, Modesto, San Jose, San Carlos or Belmont and San Mateo not mentioning Congress, Supreme Court of the United States who dismissed my filed motion on 2/13/13 on 2/20/13 and federal in San Francisco did no less as CA Superior Court. Honor Frachi just dismissed finding Facilitatirs’ office errors.


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