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Help, my baby is being abuse

on May 29, 2013

Please HELP, these people are abusing my child.  His dad is lying. He did not letsbusede pay for his game. $30. To give him something to do versus let them abuse him. I swear sometimes I wish to be a man. I hope God don’t get offended, but I sometimes feel that they are too much. Their abuses long ago past the line and they have me physically alone and I wish to say: “give me my child or I will destroy you; my family abusers until you feel as I’m feeling. STOP he or they are just babies.


One response to “Help, my baby is being abuse

  1. Gov’t and the mechanic set me up charged me almost $1,000. And spark plugs were not adjusted or were adjust to not support my van load and engine. The radiator leak badly as he tested. I asked if he refilled, “he said: “yes,” and he did not. The road assistance needed two 5-10 gallons or so; he told me. I drove back to San Mareo in traffic and did not get hot again and I went to Target to buy more coolant and begging and praying God gave me the best Mother’s Day ever. Today, my older son agitated by them, yielded at me ruined our beautiful breakfast. I ended cleaning and organizing my van on the street where an Indian not American man was controlling my phone, but Eloi is hère. I’m done walking back to myvson’s girlfriend home to be with them, but let me tell you we are not alone. We do have hope in our faith and God does not dismayed. He is a gentleman and don’t blame him if you are the one flirting and he as any other like brooms with skirt. If they are for free and I wouldn’t be a woman, an old style freek. I warranty you;?I wouldn’t think twice, so don’t blame and think that us not right, but eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel. Preserve your marriage and be understandable hoping that men will think to get the second plate table FAR AWAY; there are about seven women per men, but as in old times respect. Don’t you like or have nostalgia if the old time: the home, the Sundays, the gather together; the family. Old people were like us, but women were less onto equality that exist and it doesn’t. They are stronger ànd we have been spoiling them so they have timectovobserve and think that they are smarter and you know what: behind avgreat man is always a smart woman. We don’t have to show the pants and the balls: “honey please. Thank you well, they say doll, but we can say my king.” Who cares if that makes both happy.

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