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Like in China they are not letting me write

on May 28, 2013

Like in China they are not letting me write.

until when the Organization of United Nations will be just getting the money without doing their role? Until when UNICEF will keep on letting the 1980 African crime organized to keep kidnapping, abusing, destroying and tossing even in America through the legal system our children? Ashamed American Civil liberties (ACLU, are you?) Ashamed Human Rights. You were both informed and if you think that because you returned my package of paper; you donor know. That is ‘t correct. You read it like the Federal Court who KEPT my files, but The Supreme Court of the United States DISMISSED a pauperism status cases requesting me to serve the case. Aren’t you supposed to do so? A child was raped with the participation of Redwood City, California Supreme Court, the sheriff department and San Mateo Police department who dismissed the rape accusation as they sent him raped to forced me to violate the Domestic Violence Restraining Order imposed to be abusing my child as done to million others to whom you are denying parenthood and what by law and based on our Constitutional right you should warranty: “pursue of joy and happiness.” Begging publicly to the PEOPLE for a public accusation against government and demanding publicly in the name of only God the liberty of the poor, the ones who do not use witchcraft to rob talents and to force others to kill, rob and abuse defenseless children and elderly; the poor and the fatherless, the ones procreated with the sole intention to persecute them for religious reason as government is the number one mind crime of all: the alienation of our constitution and our First Anendment right. UNTIL WHEN?


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