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Begging you for help and protection

on May 18, 2013




This project is trying to highlight the differences that built up reaction from many Americans and it was publicly known as Wall Street all over this country, perhaps all over this world and locally as Oakland Occupy.  The main reason is the big gaps between the poor or the wealthy people in this country.  In the Digital News Gathering class, JOUR 226, Professor Justin Beck talked a lot about Oakland Occupy and the involvements of some of the people who spent time supporting the cause.  Videotaping the abuses of the police and others and then posting the footage in places like livestream or so as well as twitting the last events moments of the time.  It was until this semester that as I many people realized the details and the actual size of the movement, in which one of the big issues was the inequalities.  Many realized that the difference in salaries range in between the Americans, which are outrageous and we learned that some people like Professor Justin Beck has been dedicating a lot of time there and as the people gather together there he was recording alive a lot of footage and posting them in places like “livestream.  In short, many took in their shoulder, the cause of the poor Americans.

I started putting together the recently passed with regard the Real Estate crisis, in which millions of Americans lost their homes, savings and dreams.  I started thinking about the minimum salary increases, which are shamefully pennies compare to the hundreds or thousands other are getting.  I just remember that someone to take my divorce asked for $ 50,000 down and out of 300 just one told me that and he couldn’t federal suit-cross-complaint my issues.  Ashamed because this ignorant that barely is learning how to write in English properly just went to the law library of Redwood City and there it was the how to do it, but most shameful is to know that some people to be “counseling” in court cases made at least $300-to$500 dollars per hour or per case thousands of dollars.  But the worse shameful thing is not that, many of the people plays tricks to deny rights and freedoms to the person that not only government is persecuting for religious reason in combination many times with the wife, husband, plaintiff or defendant in combination with the “Honor, the counselor . . . and even the clerk who filed or unfiled documents to deny rights and freedoms to the poor people.  

It was not needed to go far away.  In San Francisco and at San Jose you can simply see the difference to show and highlight them.  Many streets in San Francisco are having graffiti, but the same graffiti is shown as art pieces.  The colors are use beautiful and the drawing might not be as fancy or tridimensional, but if I compared as I did with the exposition at College of San Mateo theatre.  They are far full in content, meaning and they are beautiful pieces of art.  I will call it street painting or art because certainly there is people who deserve my respect along the line and I cannot deny that.  The street art perhaps is not having high quality standards, but at least the patios fence where the city is allowing people to manifest their art through graffiti looks much better than the graffiti posted in the bridges or signs where children or others write and damage them just to make statements and with it destroying the view and their cities like is happening in San Jose or Oakland, but not because there is not the potential.   I had seen some that despite the spare strokes here and there; they show talents and might be that we are wasting a second Michael Angelo in the long run.  

Now, this editorial was put together in what it used to be San Francisco in my memories not my nostalgias because if anything I thought: “From Guatemala to Guatepeor,” meaning it used to be terrible back in 1986 compared to 1973.  People in Mission Street, San Francisco used to be majority Latinos and I believe color people and I am calling them that way in case people gets offended by the color name.  I feel that we must feel proud of what we are and if I am brown so be it.   The street near Army now called Cesar Chavez was terrible at night.  Years later that change and those changes are showing up in many ways as presented in JOUR 395 class highlighted, the rent prices were getting high and some technological business were moving into the city and with them the people who earns the most money, who in Chinatown were survey and certainly they are feeling that the prices they are paying for rent are worth.  My footages again were somehow retrieve and are not available.  Upon this ideas, I did walk around San Francisco trying to find the reasons for it and how that is helping or bringing down the standards of one of the most important cities in California and in the United States.  The Golden City of this country, San Francisco, which in some areas is demonstrating the high quality, standards and diversity of the population not only at Mission, Valencia Street, which were the ones choose to elaborate in my thesis and statements. 

Recently with the boom of technology moving into the city, which is raising the rent prices and somehow is kicking out the people who cannot afford to pay the highest prices and this helped with the thousands of people living there as homeless due to the above mentioned “Real Estate Crisis.” We are getting worse.  As I walked the first day into the business loop, I smell marijuana in some of the main streets there.  I saw a different in the business, which were having security people standing on the sidewalk and making sure that no one was to steal and run away.  I entered to a nice looking place, which was inviting people not only by the nice look of the place, which ended up being a museum.  The nice museum was for the last two months allowing people to come without paying to enter and the reason that fit to explain was the smell and the look of those nearby streets, which was also under a lot of construction changes.

  At Valencia Street and Mission some people were not as happy about the rental increases and about the many homeless people without a home living on the street.  One mentioned the Mayor name and said that he needs to do something soon.  My footage is gone due to my personal issues as I am trying to serve the only God.  Nevertheless, the Mission and Valencia compared to years ago is improving a lot.  Good numbers of people around the area look not as it used to be majority Latinos.  Instead there are many good dressing and well managed people.  Valencia Street if anything is having a lot of enhancements and business there as around the area are having more than, I will say.  Business tables and areas are extended to the street and sidewalks.  While many businesses are not allowed to use even their public property to enhance their business like God Father in Belmont city back in 2010. Down south in the Bay Area people are penalized if they put a planter at the entrance of their business and I was put in jail through the use of the same city code as they bent the criteria of the 22-2 just to alienate my First Amendment right.  Why I am bringing this down now, in 2013 you will say it is a long gone news, but no recently on April 2013 happened again and I was put in jail for three days and I was physically and mentally abuse by the representatives of the law as they done to millions of the poor Americans.  In short, happens every day and people are not realizing that even though we all pay the same taxes, we are not being treated equally and this is damaging  this country economy and image.  The main concerns at my end are that this country is the only one, which for years have been meaning the dream country.  The United States of America is not just another country.  It is the one that for me represents this world and the people not only in this country.

Trying to give an equal opportunity to the citizens in California especially locally from San Francisco and surrounding areas not only in the Bay, this documentary is trying also to highlight the beauty of the graffiti used in San Francisco that is helping the citizens to develop skills and creativity, but mainly is keeping the city looking beautiful.  The art shown through it is amazing while in cities like San Jose or Oakland people are not allowed to do so and their children as well as the people living on the street are destroying their freeway walls, signs or others as they are just making lines or symbols everywhere and with it they are killing the business potential to attract people, tourism and made their cities to look dirty and bad.


                This documentary has highlighted the differences between cities politics and city codes that are harming the business in some while in others the citizens are allowed to use public properties to enhance their business and therefore they are being profitable and appeal to the public while in other cities is not so.

The video shows Valencia Street and the use of public property to allow citizens to call the attention of tourism and to enhance their business.  But in cities like San Jose, Oakland, and Belmont the citizens are even prosecuted to eliminate the use of their private property.  The entrance of their restaurant cannot be used to enhance their business.   Through city codes that are harming not just the owners of this business, but our cities.  The San Francisco city and specifically Valencia Street was highlighted in this case to give an example of the differences and the lack of equality among the people in this State to narrow it down, but if you visit cities like Redwood City, you will find that as San Francisco, Redwood City downtown invites the citizen to go to the plaza, allows tables on the outside (sidewalks).  Invites musicians to go play their music to promote culture, art and healthy communities, in which our government is trying to facilitate and promote the interaction between the people. 

The author is not against the San Francisco and Redwood City approaches as this helps the business, the people and the economy of this country, but it is using it to illustrate the matter.   If anything, the hope is that our government will try to think about the issues and the way in which citizens of this country should be treated equally and fairly.  Overall don’t we all pay “the same amount of taxes,” per say because in fact in California, the citizens pay much higher taxes than in any other states.

We feel that this type of different of opportunity is destroying some of our cities and is not allowing our children to develop their creativity as well as their artistic talents. In the same talking is not letting some of the business entrepreneurs to have the same chance to develop and support their business.  The citizens of this country will earn instead of being harm by the graffiti that is destroying our environment and as well will benefit our future, our children and our business. 

We hope that this little information that has been put together will help to enhance our cities and will give our citizens a bit of support in their matters and issues.   We hope that cities around this country and the media will try to highlight the issues with the sole intention to help us to create better cities and overall a healthy economy, in which we support our citizens as well as our representatives highlighting what we think is helping or was, is not allowing them to be.  This documentary was done very softly and the diversity of the people who is getting the benefit of the changes were not nail down to emphasize that is done without discriminating against anyone or perhaps is happening just because they are giving more opportunities to some and not to all while using our taxes to 


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