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Begging you for help

on May 7, 2013

I had been very busy trying to do the impossible assignments not because they are too difficult, but because you are not allowed to have the same sources and technology.  In short you are discriminated, but you are blame for everything.  I will be honest.  For the last two days there is a lot of coughing and people trying to stop me or confuse me, but not as bad as before and I am just ignoring.  Perhaps because Eloi is here taking care and giving me the chance to at least try to do my assignments.


I came crying from San Jose today and I saw a Channel 14 following me.  I did not see much traffic in San Jose celebrating the 5 de Mayo, but there were some going around with pride and their banners.  Did look nice and I did play my Mariachi songs to get in tone even though I am not Mexican.

You are not going to believe this.  At the beginning of the semester I figured out about an interview in my BECA 350.  I did talk to one of the counselor and Professors to see if she could serve me to interview her.  She is nice, but no matter how many times I wrote asking to confirm she did say she was a bit busy and unable to help me tomorrow on Thursday.  By then I contacted my teacher who made us responsible without giving us the email contact of all the students to be able to re-arrange.  I heard from her on Friday night.  I wrote to everyone and in fact, I wrote to a third person trying to see if he could help me.  He never answered.  Perhaps the email that she gave me does not work because at least he could say.  I cannot help you.  Whatever, my point is I had try hard and because I wrote yesterday and today asking to the three people whose email were giving to me yesterday.  My teachers said: “I cannot believe you are bothering the students on the weekend.”  Excuse me, she told us we are responsible and we should solve if the person could not help us or if we were not able to do so.  Yes, she gave us 2 weeks to choose the time, but my first scheduled person did not answer and I sent several messages and luckily I believe I do have someone in line, but he cannot do it at the time she scheduled me and she told us we should solve the issues.  I feel that she should make sure that everyone realize that some could have the problems I am having and everyone should be willing to at least hear the issue and see if they can help or not.  What is the big deal on sending an email on the weekend when people will answer if they please and want to and is not like the phone that rings and make noise?  On one hand, It is up to every single of us if we choose to respond or not as none of them did and on the other hand, they are blaming me and saying that I do not have education because I am not respecting the after-hours, but you should see how many people are overloading the students and how many others do not post absolutely anything on the net and expect us to know about our class.

                The problem is that all of them are ignoring my complaints.  I struggle to send an email.  I do as I can and I try to comply or else I will get the “F” because I did not do anything and no matter what I tried to do bad if I do bad if I don’t.  I am having an appointment tomorrow with my teacher, but out of no where I erased the last minute message sent by the Counselor from the Journalism Department who nicely remember my request at the beginning of the semester and told me that she was thinking of me, so I got so happy but after all on Thursday, she realized she was very busy and she couldn’t help me.  God is the only one who judge.  After all I called her yesterday and I thank her.

GOVERNMENT IS PICKING ON ME AND ARE DESTROYING MY GOOD DRIVING RECORD HELD FOR 25-30 YEARS SINCE I STARTED DRIVING WITH FOUR PARKING TICKETS IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS.  I almost cry today.  I swear to you under God’s real name that I checked the sign to park my car before I stop in a park where I am sure I was pushed to go.  For almost a month I had been trying to catch an airplane flying out of San Francisco Airport.  Last week police saw me park on the side and came to ask me:  “I said:  “I did want to pull something and I stop to do so.”  He asked me to go.  Today, a police car just stop behind me and from his car told me to keep on going with gestures.  I again went around the airport and I found that seventh street where a park it was and I though God helped me to not get in trouble.  I saw a Honda car with a Chinese man seating in there.  I swear again: I checked the sign thinking not to violate the law or get in trouble for no reason as I did for years.  I swear I saw and read: “WEDNESDAY.”

                The airplane I could not catch up on.  I just went there to get a ticket.  I saw the sweeper machine at the corner of triangle intersection and after taking some photos I left.  I took 101 going north going for shopping to Saint Vincent De Paul, which I had been avoiding.  As I arrived there thinking that I should not do go there it was a tiny parking traffic vehicle.  She left a car parked go and as she did back off and stayed.  I entered the spot and she saw me paying my parking meter.  I saw another police coming and talking.  I will not say laughing because I did not hear them.  I saw him seeing and like reading my van signs and smiling from far.  I thought I did not do anything and I kept on going having 33 minutes.  I tried to run not on the dot.  I calculate 5 minutes prior to be OK.  As I was paying to make sure I asked the cashier to let me go I was almost there at the door and she let me.  There it was a parking ticket.  I did not realize that was from the park area.  I took photos of the meter having 10 minutes left I got upset.  I thought perhaps I paid to the wrong on and they were laughing about it, which would it be mean and terrible.  As I was there a bicycle police was going and I asked him:  “Look I got this and my meter still have time.”  He told me he did not do it and that it was from San Bruno –Seventh Street. (?)  No, I said.  I did not get no ticket there.  He told me they could mail that for me and that I could not missed it on the shield.  I thought: that is not possible because if I missed it that I am sure I did not.  If anything would fly out of the windshield as I drove on the freeway.  He recommended me to go to San Bruno Police.  Not realizing that it was late for my class, but concern to go there as I know that they were the ones that many times had been abusing me and setting me up: 2006 they told me to go to Daly City and I ended up taken to Mills Peninsula as the police did not hear my beg through the PA speaker because someone threat my child’s life and his father was taking him to Mexico as the man told me.”  He gave me 10 citation of the same at the same time and place and Commissioner Allen  who granted me to pay for them through payments just did and told me that because I was having that payment plan if I got even a parking citation would it get me in trouble.  Meaning that violates the terms and you can earn all the way to parole.

                I know people is not putting attention to my accusation, but so what means for you that the Chinese man today forced me to get that citation.  Why because they are robbers.  I cancelled my Wells Fargo account because as College of San Mateo was kind of forcing FAFSA students to get their AID directly through Sally Mae; they were having a clause that said and make you responsible of any mistake that you make as you set up the account.  In short, the teller gave me a wrong account number and if Sally Mae would it deposited the money on that account because of my mistake.  My money would it be gone.

                Well I am sure that the citation today was many birds one stone:

1)      I would not be in class, which I missed one due to my discrimination and religious persecution suffering as I am serving only God, The Lord, eloi Yahweh in his real name not Jehovah.

2)      I will pay if I do not fight it in court and I am thinking to long term is an investment because it is true I will fight to not pay for it, but the bad intention and the stress.  My body is shaking.  My blood is running hot meaning:  “What it is that government wants.  For God sake a poor feeling lonely would perhaps think that where he or she can go.  I do not give a dumb.  I know God is going around kicking butts as he did yesterday at SFSU where he helped me to interview not one, but two people out of three to pass and not to get a “0.”

3)      But I will be honest with you.  I am crying.  Sometimes it is way too much.  I know that God’s is protecting me, but you should see my van: a mess.  I had been force to sleep on top of the junk not having a place as they go in and vandalized. 

4)      About a week ago on the weekend I was having a flat tire, which I still carrying because they are not allowing people to sell me one to replace as Belmont Police did with 76 Gas Station (The man there is nice and honest.  I know he broke the oral agreement, but I am not blaming him because he might have a family and if he is seeing my mirror.   He perhaps is afraid.  I know he had treated me decently and He is an honest person and God is the only one who can judge.)

5)      Belmont Police is discriminating against me.  If anything the court abusing authorities ordered me to not post signs for two years not forever and had been three years.  They do not say anything as they forced me to go shop at Dollar store or as they made me go to get my glasses there, which were forced with green glasses to force me to see as they please.  A waste because I did not like them because I hate that people say that we do have rights and freedoms and underneath they force us to do as they want.

6)      Union Bank in 2011 as I lost my card and I went to request a replacement.  The Manager of San Mateo Branch, a Chinese man never ordered.  After 4-5 weeks waiting for it .  I finally figured out and I found a nice girl at Redwood city Branch who expedite and helped me.

7)      This time about 3-4 weeks ago I ended up going to Redwood City and there it was a Chinese woman who asked me to write my personal information in a piece of paper and as I did she did want to keep my information to process later.  I asked why?  I will not leave that paper with you.  If you cannot help me let me call the 1-800 and I did.  The Latina Supervisor came after a while and helped me, but according to San Mateo teller she never ordered the card and as I asked him to do so.  There it was a note not allowing him to do so.  My weekend was horrible.  No money, no ATM card, a flat tire, no phone and lastly I tried to use my Citibank credit card for emergencies that my son set up for me and guess what they denied payment and called him not me at all, but worse I was not having gas and I almost got crazy.  The teller asked me if I did want him to close my account and I decided no because I do have others thing links and set up there and I do not want to have more troubles.  SFSU Financial Aid asked me three times for documents verifying things.  I finally put together about 30 pages showing them that I barely have no money even to eat and that in 2012-Summer I was supposedly paid $ 800 or so that I saw posted in my Counselor screen, but they were never giving to me, but they just approved the payment of my school and did not say or mentioned about the issue brought to their attention.  The abuses of the court who denied and increment request as the Minute Order said very clear that I could do request that as per “Honor Jakubowski order, but Honor MC Kenna denied saying that he paid too much and even though he responded no to her question to approve child support and he did answer: “He did not want no money, she granted the $ 74.00 dollars per month that I still paying because he stop paying me since 2012 in January and he was supposed to pay me until August.

8)      Believe me.  It is suck!  Help begging you for help.


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