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They are playing games and are trying to keep me wasting the time so I will not do my test and assignments

on April 10, 2013

According to Jacqueline Shea Murphy, the U.S. and Canadian governments located dance at the core of what made Native Americans different from white Christians.

Part 1:  How were Native Americans defined through dance? 1 paragraph (20 points)

Part 2:  Why were Native dance practices considered threatening and to whom or what were they threatening?  1-2 paragraphs (30 points)

50 points total

Part 1         Native Americans were defined through dance as totally wild, promoting adultery and focusing not on traditional, performance from the point of view of the “civilize” people in Canada or the United States who hardly ever saw them dancing and performing, but repeatedly described them as different, savage and brutal.  Through the Indians dance the Whites created a difference between them and the Native Indian Americans to justify the appropriation of their lands, the taken of their children and overall forcing them to work and do as they please.  Some of them were acknowledging through the CIA reports or the people in charge of them that the dance was part of their religious beliefs and practices, but others they acknowledging that they were not participating or supervising the religious practices of the Indians because they were considered of low end and they did not want to be part of it.

Part 2         The Native dance practices were considered threatening because they were many time related to the lack of commitment or the lack of interest to assimilate what the new government or colonizer were trying to do with the Indians: colonize and impose a different life style in which the Whites (governments from The United States and Canada who were trying to impose on the Indian Americans their ideas, ideologies, and practices even their religious beliefs and practices vs. the Indians because according to them were better, but mainly that was going to transform the way of Indian livings and traditions and with it Canada and the United States were going to create economical means for them.  The Indians used to cure themselves through their dance traditions among other and they were representing a threat to the colonizers who were trying to enforce on the American Indians the assimilation of their ideas or beliefs to be able to conquer them and to appropriate from them their lands among many other things.

The threat to the non-Christian religious of the European –British civilization that were pushed into the Indian Americans who were rejecting their ideas or impositions, which were many times imposed on them through church, schools, and through politics.  Instead with their dances Canada and the United States defined the irreconcilably different of Indians beliefs, practices and self-determination.

Please watch/review the following videos:


Indigenous Dance 2012 at Banff Arts Center


Culver Center for the Arts Indigenous Choreographer’s Residency


Jacqueline Shea Murphy uses the term ‘Native American modern dance’ as a framework to theorize the range of dance practices that Native Americans engage in.  Select 3 examples from the video clips to compare/contrast in terms of how the choreographies question or extend the possibilities of what can be defined as Native or Indigenous choreography.  3 paragraphs (20 points for each example)



At Banff Arts Center Video anyone can see the relation to the dance performance, the music, the facial movements and beauty of the Indian Native traditions as know and also as the Indigenous choreographies.  Perhaps not as they used to be really performing as described a bit through Shea Murphy document, but somehow more likely as the Indians used to do so, but the second video even though they do have the Indian song introduction and one of the three really dance through the motivation of their own music.  I noticed that not only Indian Americans descendants are participating on the dances, but it looks similar to what was described by Shea Murphy on section 2 with regards to the development of early modern dance, an explicitly Christian bodily practice focusing on expressing what they called the “real”

I cannot find the Indigenous choreographer through the Culver Center for the Arts of Indigenous.  The music and some of the participants in the first video really show and define.

The first example is the Indian man who is dancing with the hula rings all over his body and he is simulating like animals or real Indian dance and choreography.  The music not only transports our mind to see him as a real Indian dancer expressing even through facial their Indians practices.

 In the second video is very different and just the introduction of the three Indian singers and the dance of one of them really transport us to the real Indian dance.  The music and the choreography at the beginning helps us to see it, but not so the end in which clearly you can see the civilize movement s of some of the others participants.

 60 points total


And More Hip Hop Style Pow Wow


Part 1         The comments are not many, more or less about ten and some people feel offended and others with LOL, but happy to keep traditions recognizing the norm mixing modern movements to what is supposed to be an Indian American dance.  In general people seem to be happy and as jme janvier said: “It is Awesome.” And he likes also the song. There is also a comment from “The SuburbanBas” who thinks the young Indian generation is changing it.  He doesn’t believe the people on the video were dancing and he thought pow wows were the same as dances he wrote.

            Adriana Javier is having a box for comments in which she is claiming them.  That is ridiculous.  She is appropriating someone else comments like if they are hers and one of the people commenting said that Black people created who knows what because the Indian American dance really exist and is not belong to Black people not even from this country.  WolfClanHunter  She was offended and feeling that this kind of dance is disrespectful and anyone wander what size is her real narrow mind because even respecting her First Amendment rights – She should be respectful of this ethnic group and their traditions no matter if she doesn’t know anything about. 

Part 2         The comments are made in general.  No one even see the man or say anything about his dress, as well as his Indian Native movements and traditions.  They are just talking about the whole mostly referring to the dance movement of the majority of the participants who are young girls having said so moving specially their lower body in a way that no European or British would do so unless they have been going and seeing different kind of countries traditions and dance performances.  A simple example is the comment made by WolfClanHunter.  Now the problem might be initiated by the title of Hip Hop Pow Wow, which in reality is part of a pop culture of this time and date so people cannot see the bottom line really showing through the participation of the Indian people of their own traditions. Comparing the movement of the Indian man dancing and dressing as one of the Pow Wow; yes he is performing their own traditional dance that has absolutely nothing to do with Hip Hop and the first girl dancing is doing no less, but of course the movement of the woman are usually different, but she is having the same type of jumping, open leg –lowering her body as moving her buttocks as he was also doing so and if compare with the first two videos in which Indian Americans are participating.  They are having a lot of similarities on the movement.  No less on the second video which started with the three Indian American songs and as one of them started dancing the same type of movement are noticeable.

Hip Hop Pow Wow


Part 1:  The comments represent a range of opinions about the appropriateness of non-traditional dance at a pow wow.  Provide an analysis of the comments in terms of the political investments that they reveal in the struggle to make a claim on representing Native identity.  To be clear, I am not asking for your personal opinion on whether you agree or disagree with the commenters.  I am asking you to map out what the competing debates are over Native identity. 1-2 paragraphs (20 points)


Part 2:  What are the differences in the comments based on the gender of the dancers?  1 paragraph (10 points)


Part 3:  How are the debates around Native identity similar or different to those posed in other readings?  Provide examples from at least 2 other authors. 1-2 paragraph (20 points)


 50 points total


Part 3  On Shea Murphy historically speaking CIA always reported the Indian Dances as very corruptive, promoting adultery and some of their healing dance ceremonies and practices were defined as “satanic” or irrationally based in “false beliefs,” because they were not part of the Christian beliefs of the “civilize” Canadian or the United States people who came into this country trying to eradicate the Native Indian traditions with the sole intention to take their lands, their children and to force them to work for them.  Very few through Shea Murphy document categorized the Native Indian dance as part of their religious beliefs and traditions.

The Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance used to be called the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Union.  It was the first folk dance company in the Soviet Union created specifically to collect and perform the folk dances of the different regions of the former Soviet Union.  Watch the following excerpts of opening scenes in the ensemble’s 70th Year Gala Performance.


Igor Moiseyev Dance Ensemble 70 Year Gala—The Road to Dance 1


Igor Moiseyev Dance Ensemble 70 Year Gala—The Road to Dance 2


Part 1:  Given that folk dance ensembles in the former GDR were based on Soviet folk dance ensembles, what kinds of labor are being represented (either intentionally or perhaps unintentionally) in the opening scenes in regards to the production of the folk? Name and discuss at least 3 forms of labor at work.  Be sure to support your argument with references from Giersdorf, Srinvasan, or other readings as appropriate.  2-3 paragraphs (30 points)


Part 2:  According to Jens Richard Giersdorf, folk dance served a clear ideological function in the former GDR as it did in Soviet Russia.  Unlike the dance repertoire of the former GDR, the Igor Moiseyev Dance Ensemble and its folk dance repertoire still exists.  In the absence of the Soviet government, what does the Moiseyev repertoire represent? 1-2 paragraphs (20 points)


Based on your thoughts regarding what the post-Soviet repertoire represents, what reasons might there be to reconstruct East German folkdance?  Take a position and argue your point.  1 paragraph (10 points)


60 points total


Part 1

Part 2

Part 1: Identify 3 different examples of dance and technology (video games, social media, Wii/Kinect games,  virtual worlds, interactive surfaces etc . . .) and provide an analysis of how the use of technology either challenges or makes us re-think the following:

What counts as dancing

What counts as choreography

The role of the body in dance

To be clear, when you provide an example, it must be a specific example.  If you decide to write about social media, you have to identity a specific use of social media.  For example:  the Twitter Community Choreography Project or Tank Man Tango are specific uses of social media.  You may write about an example that we discussed in class as long as your analysis goes into more depth than what we covered in class.  3 paragraphs (60 points, 20 points for each example)


Part 2:  Which application of technology you selected do you think is most interesting to you aesthetically, socially, intellectually, or scientifically and why?  Please articulate your reasons  (please don’t just say “it’s cool” or “it’s fun.”).  1 paragraph (20 points)


80 points total


Part 1

Part 2         I do like the ones that are promoting exercises.  I do not call them exactly dances because most of them follow a patter and are a reaction of the cods established like lighting the pad and follow it making the steps, but it is beautiful to see young people working hard to follow the trend and participating.  Aesthetically people are giving part of their efforts following the instructions.  Socially is motivating quite a number of people on doing so.  Intellectually is promoting a lot of interactions with the technology trend that is moving this world economy.


Doctor Wong:


After all the efforts that you made this afternoon, I am sorry to report to you that got worse.  People made difficult for me to come back and keep on working on my test #2 and worse of all; again I did have many issues signing or login in.  I was help by the lab attendant who told me that the computer had been report as giving trouble, but no I am sure who were the students participating and even someone who do not look like a student and had been doing this to me several times.   Three times I wrote the second answer and by the several times the computer was turned off and I couldn’t get my inputs I got tired of being re-doing and re-doing.  I got to a point in which I do not know if it is written or not.  I did have to re-due the footer because the pages were put side to side and created a problem in my mind perception.   I finally moved to the next computer, but here is a Chinese “ignorant doing what the Black stupid old man couldn’t and upset came around and without touching my computer put everything off, so I lost my changes for the fourth time. Believe I am trying to record what is going on and I will keep on doing my test, but I want you to consider the discrimination, the religious persecution I am suffering and I am sure you had read about the Black people segregation and do know what I mean.  Well, not exactly is worse than that because I am a citizen of this country and I am supposed to have rights and freedoms constitutionally and these hypocrites are depriving me of them.   I did not earned the “F” or the “D” that you gave me prior to this exam and about my English: “Ashamed of them: San Francisco State University as well as College of San Mateo whose good number of their teachers are supporting the abuses, the discrimination and are participating of the religious persecution that millions of Americans as I are suffering. 


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