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I talked to my son in San Diego; he as my older son was lay-off.

on April 3, 2013

He had been working since he was 14 and I did not realized that he was pushed to do so.  I allowed him because he had always being very mature and smart.  He was 21-year-old when he was a manager working for banks.  He has real good customer satisfaction relation.  That is always a plus in this world in which those values are being forget by people who  believes that people will take as they please what they want as they want.  I will cancel the phone and in May no matter what I will not get another one.  I hate them.  They have no respect for people.  The worse stupidity is being done to humans.  I saw today a tele-immersive dance like if it is something new.  4 to 5 thousand years ago, computers were used and discovered if it did not happened before it in Greek.  They bring it up as they are trying to swap and “Immer the soul’s of others into the poor or so.”  They use humans as machine and they use their system without respect.  What I hate the most is how they abuse children who are taking from their parents or at least from the one who really loves him or her to abuse them and even rape as happened to mine by the law representatives.  Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger abused and sent him home for me to see him with a big forehead bump.  As I say today, I just hope that God will take and will give the abuses of not only poor Chinese, Blacks, Whites and people from all over the world what they deserve.  I hope they will get no less of what they give without remorse or respect not even for the one who is.  I hope they will get the high rate and equity that they do love.  There is no need for people to be doing as they are doing just for pieces of paper.  What they are doing to me here at San Francisco State University and also happened in Redwood City where the police is actively participating not just in South city or Belmont where they forced me to take my van to a place where they robbed me and destroy my inside electrical system just because they want to keep me in the dark.  They are robbing to the Americans.  I just remember a poor tiny White woman who collects cans and have to hide from police there because they tell her not to do so, but to the Chinese old lady who is nice it is not a matter or her race.  What I hate is the different between two poor just because one is being privilege and the other one not.  She has to collect the can that we are force to pay for and many times you go and try to sell them and is again the same discrimination.  I stop doing so because they were paying me less in San Jose.  It’s ashamed that these hypocrite government representatives are doing as they please  and millions of Americans are not saying anything.  I hope you can open your eyes before is too late.  I hope that as I beg only God, we can solve these issues through our democratic system.  For years the American people have feel proud of their democracy.  Where it was left out.  How it is that no one cares for what is happening.  I am telling you even Redwood City Police goes by using the police car PA speaker to suggest or use witchcraft to work the mind of others and that is ashamed.  We pay their bills. 



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