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A bit tired, but catching up with my SFSU classes and CSM

on April 3, 2013

Oh well, a very busy movements.  A lot to learn and do, but everything seem to be very interesting.  I wish I do have more time.  I thought that my first quiz at CSM – DGME 112 was online and due this Sunday, but for my suprise was not that the case.  I felt not that bad even though I did not have time to prepare.  Good number of the questions were easy and I did what I could.

I saw baby on Sunday and I am just begging Eloi to hear my prayer.  I am begging him to help me out: my baby is being abuse and it is very sad to see that NO ONES CARES FOR OUR BABIES AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS USE TO ISOLATE AND ABUSE THEM IN MANY WAYS JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PEOPLE IN POWER STAYS THERE.

It is ashamed! Begging you for help and protection.  Begging you for a public accusation support against government who is not only alienating our rights and freedoms, but our Constitution. 

I also want to share that in my SFSU class BECA 460 I do have Professor Provenzano a former media representative who happened to know a lot of people and brought to our class a guess: Joe Engardio who is running for a Supervisor position at San Francisco.  I do not know about the majority of the classmates, but I myself felt illiterate as he was asking us question that not many knew how to respond.

Aside that point he brought up to our attention his website where he is showing us many of the theme for political campaings and how people spin, manipulate and trick us and I am inviting you to go check, but also I am inviting you to su  


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