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on April 3, 2013



Again having trouble for the third time and security ignored my concerns and accusation and tried to apply a code to kick me for 14 days as I am the one being discriminated and persecuted for religious reason!

Estrella J Benavides



Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:34 AM

                                                                               Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Osvaldo @

Student Services

1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94132


Ref.: Doctor Cristina Azocar Referred me to you without much information and as usual having troubles.


Hi Student Services Osvaldo:


Several times I had tried to arrange an appointment to address the issues as written by Interim Cristina Azocar on Friday, March 22, 2013.


I am attaching to this letter a copy of all the efforts done this afternoon and as usual due to the religious persecution I am suffering as I discovered the discrimination of millions, as I discovered the used of witchcraft and technology I had to go through to be able to request an appointment and to have the same opportunity to respond or to request help and protection from San Francisco State University as one of the students protected by the Student Code of Conduct in reference.

Several times not only to the President of San Francisco State University I had send email requesting help and informing them the struggles I am going through as my grades are being lowered in bad faith.




Estrella Benavides



Hi I am not sure about your title or last name:


Interim Journalism Department, Cristina Azocar provided me with this email to follow up on the Student Code of Conduct that she serve me on Friday, March 22, 2013 in my JOUR 222 class.  As I request a clarification of the matter, she responded that she couldn’t tell me who and about what she is bringing up the issue.  

I have only three professors in that Department:

One is Justin Beck – JOUR 226  I do not think I ever done what without specification Doctor Azocar is accusing me of.  In fact, as the class began, I did have some issues with regards the requirements and Professor Beck told me I was OK after I brought to his attention that I was pre-approve by the Dean and I fulfilled the required classes based on  In his class I had participated many times, but if anything I felt that our last two classes meeting he was inviting us to do so.  I do have some photography classes units earned at College of San Mateo and I tried to share my learning with the class.  I remember making a comments with regards Facebook, but Professor Beck had never mentioned to me that I was not giving to his class the respect he or my classmates deserve or I had brought irrelevant topic issues to the class. 


Another class is JOUR 226 which if anything I feel Professor J. Toland is very nice.  I cannot have more than respect and admiration for his doing.  She saw me participating in his class as she was evaluating his performance as I did understan and again.  If in anyway perform I had irrespect his class presentation or himself or the classmates I do not think so.


My third class in JOUR 395 where I felt abuse by one of the students and after class I told him, nicely that “It was not my pleasure to meet him.” without further comments, but I can expand if you please.  I was assigned to the lab assistant Mike Cheng and I came more than twice to work with him.  He is nice, respectful, but supposedly he show me and save part of the interview (an assignment which another student assigned to me did not carry out as happened several times in the past not only at college of San Mateo.)  The interview was found in his Microphone device as we work together and was uploaded again as I was not able to find it thinking that he was teaching, coaching me on it.  Instead if I tried to do as he did indicated me he was insisting on me not to do as indicated and ended up doing not properly.  The same was used while we were in class and I was not allowed to work as everyone else in that specific class period and the next class happened no less as Professor Cunningham asked who did want to volunteer to present their pitches.  I couldn’t locate my printing version, but I knew what I wrote and I did say I can go first and I will go print the paper in break.  She gave others the opportunity to do so, but not to me and instead I never had the chance to do so and she just took the printed version to evaluate.


As I rushed to get the print version, I saw an article which I share with a student whose pitches were with regards animals not knowing if she was going to be interested on it, but throughout the presentation of others we were helping critiquing, suggesting and so on and forth as a team carrying for our presentation and job assigned.


Professor Cunningham had never say absolutely anything and even though I am behind not only in this class as I am worse in my JOUR 226.  Neither one had brought issues against me in a way in which I should feel that Doctor Azoca is right in her accusation without giving me a chance to say what is my version of the matter, which I will bring up to you because I had several times reported the abuses I am suffering at the library lab which forced me to be behind in my classes.  I just earned an “F” and a “D” in my DANCE 657 class which I do not think I deserve as I am working very hard not only to do the assignments, but to print, write, or edit my assignments.    I wrote several times to my both Doctor Wong, my professor of Dance 657 and the President of the University and on the date I came to work on my Test # 1 I was almost kicked out of campus and suspended for 14 days due to the same issues.  Accused, threat without having equal opportunity to say what really is happening.  


Today after class, I came here and as many other times, I was not able to sign in and use my student I. D. and pin to use a computer.  I was forced in one of the Apple available where many people had been abusing me and kept me almost all  day long trying to send a form required by JOUR 222 trip to San Francisco Business area on Thursday.  I do have my phone which by thou way many times is not allowed to work as happened to my several assignments in both classes JOUR 395 and 222.  I had spend the time to do them, but I did have to record several times the same going more than three times to the Bowling Center in Daly City because Mike Cheng was erasing them and finally someone made me update the phone with the IOS 6 at the JOUR lab using witchcraft and technology as I discovered and I had been publicly accusing not only to College of San Mateo, but President Obama, Bush and many government representatives who were the first one setting me up through this career goal first at San Mateo and keeps on abusing me and trying to discriminate against me as done to millions others not only there, but I am sure also here at San Francisco STate University.


Please schedule an appointment for me in the next two-three weeks so I do have time to struggle and be able to put together the papers, videos or so that I have been collecting as well as posting through the Internet in my blogs as only choice while I feel that people is totally abusing me while the administration is just using many of them to do so persecuting me as millions others for religious reason.




Estrella Benavides



Friday, March 29, 2013

SFSU Costco Scholarship

College of Ethnic Studies Office, EP 121

San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94132-4011

                                                Ref.: Costco Scholarship Committee


Dear Scholarship Committee Representatives:


            I arrived in the U. S. back in 1986 having two young children.  As I could I raised them and I struggle to learn the language on the street and later a degree.  Since 2011 I had been pursuing a career initially in Journalism, but at the time of my transfer it was impacted.  Due to the trend of this world, I changed my career goal to Broadcasting having emphasis on editorials, and photography that could be work not just in magazines, but post through the Internet.

My two older children are growing up. I still have a 10-year-old son whose legal and physical custody, I lost for no reason other than be serving the only God, Eloi Yahweh as his servant with the sole intention to help people.  I am not the smarter person ever, but for sure, I am the most perseverant, diligent person who commits to her goals and responsibilities.  Unfortunately, my Financial Aid through the Federal Government was ended this spring semester as I was forced to take about 175 units through College of San Mateo where back in spring semester – 2010 the three classes I took I was forced to fail them.  In one they made me spent the whole semester not only spending the scheduled hours, but participating in anything and everything that the team was needing like distributing the San Matean, or making sure we were submitting it on time to be print.  My Professor, Ed Remitz called role for the classes and I was always there, but the Administration and Remitz told me at the end of the semester that I was never registered in the class.  The second class he gave me a “D” because his standards were just applied on me as they are discriminating and persecuting poor people like me for religious reason as I discovered.  Overall just in that semester 9-10 units were wasted as well as my FAFSA Aid, which I could use next semester without asking you to help me, but not much choice for me.

Despite the triple effort that I had been facing not only at College of San Mateo, I successfully transferred to San Francisco State University earning the AA degree in Journalism there.  Last semester I carried about 21 units in both places.  I took as in this semester some Photo classes at College of San Mateo and I tried to fulfill all the Broadcasting Department (BECA) requirements since I am wishing to learn how to write or post my articles through the Internet.   My minor is Journalism and only God helped me to register in classes in this department as I was having difficulties to do so in the BECA department due to the same religious persecution.  My grades are being lowered in bad faith because I do not have the same opportunities and access to the information or the technology as everyone else.  I am a believer of the Lord, Eloi Yahweh, but I am also an American, a believer of rights-freedoms and even though I am struggling to learn and keep on going I had been able to raise my GPA from 2.44 to 3.28 last two years.  Perhaps by the time you approve my application my GPA will be lower than it is, but I guarantee you that I am making the effort to learn and I am doing the assignments as anyone else as many are changing the information and/or requirements or are setting me up with people who are just trying to rob my talents and efforts.

My goal is not to earn a baccalaureate nomination; my goal is to learn how to write, read and serve the community, the people of this country.  My grades might go down to D or F as I was giving one already.  But let me tell you I did not deserve it and no less the D that did follow the F.  I am homeless, receiving $ 200.00 for food stamps.  I lived in my van.  My older children are borrowing me money for the rest.  At the end of January they deposited $ 800.00 I still have half today because I am using that for the gas only.  My older son was lay-off and forced to drink and drive having his driving privilege cancelled.  My second son was lay-off on 4/1/13.  My vehicles are being vandalized and even though I am struggling to make public the abuses and the participation of South City Police who confiscated my van to damage the electrical system or Belmont Police who stop 76 Gas Station to provide perhaps not the best, but the honest service from a place that done so twice in the last four years and I was forced to get service repairing their forced damages in my van for $ 400.00 dollars as they changed my battery for a smaller and turned off all the inside lights on it (4/1/13).

I filed a Motion for Certiorari through the Supreme Court of the United States, which was dated 2/13/13, and it was unfiled on 2/20/13 just to deny my rights and freedoms as hiding government crime.  I am begging you to help me out paying for my tuition until I can graduate from SFSU.  My English perhaps is poor, but I am trying to learn and much of the effort was made on the street.  Please give me the opportunity to get ahead and approved my application.  Out of the 150 units transferred with me back in fall 2012 only 70 were accepted.  I for sure earned last spring about 19 to 22 here at SFSU where I need to complete 50 units to graduate.  At this point, I am doubting about 6 out of the 20 units I took trying to be able to earn my goal not because I am not doing the effort as I did in my first semester here, but because many times I am just allow to write with difficulties as wicked people are playing games and I can never edit.  I am barely sleeping and due to the issues of my vehicles.  I am spending more time and money on the road than I am spending on reading or learning, but what else can I do?  

I know that your time is valuable, but Honesty must be at front.




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