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Begging you; I couldn’t be with baby last weekend!

on March 15, 2013

His dad, neighbors and others are abusing baby. He was having My baby had being abuse not only through the rape of his back as honor Greenberg pleased herself. He was having a congested chest. His hands were cold and to know and not being able to help or protect him is the worse suffering ever. Begging you for help! Begging you down on my knees; help me lease. Help me. My van was vandalized to stops First Amendment. As baby I am abuse. Sometimes is very painful. Ian awake at 3-4:00a.m. To go to San Francisco State. I am barely sleeping 3 hours and they are trying to force me exhaust and it is very hard as well as des organized. I need to smog check Toyota and Zi know is not good also this was vandalized and I do not know no one to fix without abusing me and breaking Toyota worse


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