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on March 6, 2013

Hi Sachi:

You told us to write you if you want inputs on our assignments and this is the purpose of this message.  Before anything let me tell you that all my assignments had been cut short by Mike.  I am hoping that he is doing what is proper and I want you to be aware.  I footage much more for the Sunrise and aside working with him in first part.  I tried to put all my work together and he deleted most of it.  The first interview it was lost after working on it.  I do not know how he filed it as the was helping me to learn, but luckily we were able to get it back and uploaded in the J395 server.  Again that was also cut short as well as the story which at first was just with regards a German man who supposedly he helped in his 2010 trip to Beijing, but again at the end he cut that out and I know my voice is supposed to be left alone or take it out, but completely.  So I noticed that at the end was not the case and I tried to correct it and he did not let me as I asked several times and finally he did, but I believe he did not do that properly.  In short, is very ugly that part of the editing and I want you to be aware.  I sometimes feel overwhelm with things that are happening and so far I feel that you are fairly, but let me make some comments:
I had recorded three times the Julie place noise recording at a bowling place in South City or san Bruno and believe it or not had been disappearing from my phone, and hard drive.  I am planning to go another time to do so.  People were welcoming and nice and let me to record as I could possible do.  It was a nice experience, but is not recorded yet in the server or sent out for her.
Yesterday 3/5/13 at College of San Mateo (CSM) my History 102 report which was stolen about a year ago was found and two out of 30 pages earned for Jane Smith English 110 student two comments: Great Job! with a happy face A+ and Good Job A+.  Supposedly the student didn’t ever bother to type my 28 and 29 pages and just wrote her name on the top right having my information on the footer.  Believe it or not I made several reports as I done at San Francisco State University (SFSU) even last week as I was trying to take a test in my DANCE 657 class.  Chancellor Galotolo at CSM got lost and I had never heard again about him.  Of course I wrote to the Student Services Vice-President to whom I also reported several times as I had done too at SFSU because instead of investigating and trying to provide protection to me (the poor persecuted and discriminated student) I was threaten to be kick out of campus for 14 days and the “Police (?) or security did not want to see on the video who abuse whom and just took me out of the computer lab.
Please let me know if we can meet and go over any issues and if anything I can do to improve my assignments. This week I did not schedule time with M, but I have ideas in regards the three assignments for next week.  I did not make the comments on the last speaker, but based on the video that you show us he was publicly shown as delusional with regards  . . .  and yes there is a great possibility that they are in fact if you never heard about me let me tell you: I discovered that mind and body are just the soul’s home-computers and basically the soul is energy from the Big Bang as also posted a bit late by msnbc 1/10/13 “We are part of the Big Bang.” as I reserved the right of my blog inputs.  In short you friend has the capability of the English language, but publicly he did not stand for what he wrote and as he mentioned to us he perhaps will lose the opportunity to keep on writing because people will not longer believe in what he is putting together in paper without proof.  If animals and humans were created as written by the only God, we all came from the same source of energy.  The difference between animals and humans is that we have the capability of reasoning as the image of God, but if you observe them.  They love, care, and are capable of learning tiny little things or tricks.  We as humans have a bigger status quo as the image of the only God, but our energy or soul or spirit do not have a gender.  Yes humans as animals can get and some do have sex with the same physical sex because of the same principle.  The energy is looking for what we call “Love, friendship, understanding, regards and the physical stick on the male-the magic stick I will call not always provide for it.  I am sure is part of the physical needs that as humans we do have with regards sex, but many times is just confused as what we dream as LOVE, but love is much, much, much bigger than sex and I am not saying that is no beauty of seeing your man or woman going as having an intercourse, but love is . . . and I just hope that your imagination is that big to catch up on it!  We are gay because our soul do not have gender; do not care about the magic stick and do care just to find LOVE!
Please let me know,
Estrella Benavides 

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