In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Begging you for help and protection, government tried to kidnap me and again as for years vandalized my van; my only home and abused me last weekend!

on February 20, 2013


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In the Matter of



)           CASE NO.

Petitioner,      )          


                                    vs.                               )           ESTRELLA BENAVIDES FILING

                                                                        )           IN FORMA PAUPERIS WITHOUT



ET ALL (See additional list 2013              )           SECUTION WHOSE FAMILY AND

Not include in 2007 C07 1742 MHP         )           LIFE IS IN DANGER CERTIFYING

                                                                        )           UNDER RULE 19(5) AND 20 (2)(4) (a)                                                  Respondent.  )          

                                                                        )           ________________________________________________________________________


I, ESTRELLA BENAVIDES am the Respondent in this matter and if called upon I could and would testify competently to the following:  I filed three times a Federal Suit-Cross Complaint at Federal Court in San Francisco twice in 2006 and once in 2007.  Several times I contested the dismissal denying my Pauperis Status to hide the crime is being committed against MILLIONS OF AMERICANS JUST BECAUSE WHAT I DISCOVERED IS THAT: “GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES ARE THE MIND OF ALL OF THEM-WICKEDLY PREPARED IN REGARDS KNOWLEDGE AND USE OF MIND AND BODY COMPUTER KNOWING THAT MIND AND BODY IS JUST THE SOUL’S HOME HAD BEEN FORCING THE ONES NOT AWARE TO DO BE OR BELIEVE MEANING EVEN KILLING AND ROBBING AND PROSECUTING THEM UNDER THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY BENDING THE CRITERIAS MANY TIMES WITH THE SOLE INTENTION TO DEPRIVE THEM OF RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, LIBERTIES AND HAPPINES.  MY LIFE IS IN DANGER AND SEVERAL TIMES GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN PARTICIPATING, IGNORING, DENYING PROTECTION OR FORCING CONDITIONS TO FACILITATE THE ABUSES OR CRIME INTENTION AGAINST ME AND MY FAMILY. (See 2/16/13-My 1992 GMC was confiscated to deny my First Amendment right and for two days I suffered the most outrageous abuses through the knowledge and practice of witchcraft as I was not having money, clothes, food, I. D., passport because South City Police in combination with others took absolutely everything for no justifiable  reason.  I am not only swearing under CA laws, but under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country and the California Law of Perjury  on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at the San Francisco State University Leonard Library at 5:40a.m., in San Francisco City and County.




_______________________                                _____________________

                        Date                                                    Estrella De Jesus Benavides




Attached: Declaration statement of matter of cause and facts.













  1. College of San Mateo
  2. San Francisco State University
  3. Costco Wholesale
  4. Walter Gutierrez higher education (Guessing Sequoia Institute)
  5. South City Police and SBAC Towing Co. in San Bruno 2/16/13 (Kidnapping me)
  6. This list is not limited to this name because my life and my family life is in danger and I am just doing as I can as my van was released, but not working and is parked at San Mateo 72 hours Parking City Code just to do exactly the same as done on 2/16/13 after government had created the conditions to proceed “legally.”

(See 2/16/13-My 1992 GMC was confiscated to deny my First Amendment right and for two days I suffered the most outrageous abuses through the knowledge and practice of witchcraft as I was not having money, clothes, food, I. D., passport because South City Police in combination with others took absolutely everything for no justifiable  reason.  I am not only swearing under CA laws, but under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country and the California Law of Perjury  on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at the San Francisco State University Leonard Library at 5:40a.m., in San Francisco City and County and as I did requested in my Federal Suit-cross-complaint I am requesting protection.  This van is my only home and shelter, I have no other due to the religious persecution I am suffering and I have no way to find NO ONE TO FIX IT WITHOUT DESTROYING IT MORE WITH THE SOLE INTENTION FOR WHICH SOUTH CITY POLICE CONFISCATED FROM ME BECAUSE TO MAKE ME SPEND THEY MADE ME PAY FOR SIGN THAT ARE BEING MAKING THE CRIME PUBLIC DESPITE THE MANY THINGS THAT THEY MADE TO NOT ALLOWED ME TO INSTALL THEM PROPERLY.  Sir for two days, I slept in my Toyota under no human conditions just because government and wicked members are persecuting me for religious reason and are denying protection as well as my constitutional rights as a citizen of this country.


_______________________                                _____________________

                        Date                                                    Estrella De Jesus Benavides




Attached: Declaration statement of matter of cause and facts.









            Yesterday, Friday, February 15, 2013, I finished two of my classes’ assignments BECA 370 AND DANCE 657.  I turned in all even though I was just responsible for half because everyone complained that it was too much (just to make sure I do have the pressure and I am forced to drop- without out, but through the forced conditions discriminated and deprived of equal rights and education as done several times since I arrived in this country.  Not only I had suffered this; my children as well.  For two years I paid $ 1.500.00 to 2,000.00 for my older son higher education and he did not even was allowed to get a license or certificate after sacrificing for two years’ time, money and effort. (Case will be presented accordingly; this is just part of the introduction).  I did do the whole assignment because half is not the whole and I am here to learn.  The lack of planning and professionalism in SFSU education standards is damaging me as millions others of Americans.  My DANCE 657 class is being described in the course as was in heritage by Dr. Wong not what is in fact she is teaching us right now.  I did have the choice to drop the class after struggling to be able to have the maximum amount of units in this semester because my FAFSA reached its maximum amount of help as many were the ones forcing me not to be able to finish any career of the many I was forced to drop.  On Saturday, February 16, 2013 trying to plan my day as I am feeling overwhelm with all the pressure; I decided to go to the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd, Redwood City where for the last two – three years I had held my public accusation against government  to barely keep myself alive and to have some kind of protection as I am hit, rob, put on the street, abuse by many as not only South City Police is denying protection and participating in the forced conditions to kill me, disappeared me and to be able to force my soul to abandon his/her home as I discovered.  I was there until 2p.m. as I knew I am behind in my JOUR 226 as Google is using my Gmail account as part of the College of San Mateo Administration used and I had not being able to retrieve it as done not only on this account, but in many others LetterBanc where I was asked to open an account to set up my assignments analysis in my DANCE 350 class last semester.  Someone just used it and I am not able to retrieve my account and documents.  No less happened in my LTNS 660 where a student asked me to “share” an account and then locked it. . . I am also having behind my ART 381 at CMS because the hard drive I was required to purchase was or gave me trouble as I was trying to follow instructions and set up my account accordingly to be able to perform and profit from the teaching and learning process in the same class.  OCC-Amazon Internet business also participated sending me in 2012 double of my books order to force me to sell their books, but through it my knowledge without ever gaining any profit or having the intention to do so.  OCC-Amazon sold me an item with the sole intention and with the participation of CSM as well as government to deny my rights to learn as I am dedicating my time, efforts and money no matter if it is through FAFSA.  I paid thousands of money throughout the years-it is not for free.  I was going to San Francisco Geary St – Gallery trying to do my ART 381 report.  I was having more than half of my gas tank full.  Nevertheless, without having a need, I felt that I need to go to full my tank despite the pressure time I was having not knowing if the San Francisco place was closing at 4 or 5p.m.  As I did go to Costco, the one near the San Francisco Airport; I saw the usual pattern.  Two men, one in a bicycle and another walking not in a normal traffic way, but worse as I entered the Costco gas station, my van motor lighted the sign indicating troubles.  My battery, water and oil were checked visually in the freeway.  My battery was at the highest best conditions and the rest was normal.  Knowing what I am going through and what I discovered, I told to myself this is a lie.  The light went away.  I opened my window and I kept observing my dash looking for any indication of trouble or signs as I was listening to my radio.  I stop my vehicle and I pumped the gas.  I paid much more than I was expecting.  The pump stops first at $20.00 and I though was not my real need based on my experience.  I was expecting to pump about $ 30.00.  Nevertheless, the pump never stops pouring until I felt was no way I needed that much (?).  As I went back to my van and I tried to start it.  I couldn’t do it.  The van was having like battery problem or at that point I though starting problems.  I tried 3-5 times and I stop again based on my experience and knowledge of what is happening.  I wrote through my Facebook the issue as the Costco employee approached me and told me to call my Triple AAA service to move my vehicle.  I responded him: “You are the one holding me, not my vehicle so do not complaint.”  As they saw my accusation through Facebook and he was pushing me to move what I couldn’t because my vehicle is heavy and was not working properly he was rude and demanding what I couldn’t give, but I knew what he was doing and how he was doing it.  I tried again to start my vehicle as I felt I was fighting without hand, but statements the issue as I discovered.  My van with troubles was able to start and ran.  I was not prepared.  I did have to stop again at the stop trying to buckle up and again I wrote through my Facebook account and immediately left Costco.  My van kept on going without any troubles until I almost reached the entrance of the 101North freeway heading to San Francisco.  My van without giving me any signs just turn off.  The wheel got stiff and the motor was not responding and as I could I tried to stop it because the wheel was not able to be turn right or left.  It was totally death.  I was on the far left line not exactly at the light.  My battery was totally passing 0 and I was not even having emergency lights to indicate my troubles.  I just suddenly was stop and people behind me.  I tried to make a sign indicating the problem and as fast as I could I made one.  I first stood up in the middle of the street, out of my vehicle where people were not able to see me clearly, but safe.  I observed people crossing and using the entrance of the freeway and I thought this was a better and safer place to be trying to let people know of my vehicle trouble as mine.  No signs are posted indicating that is illegal to do so and as I saw many others doing, I stoop up at the far end near the freeway going in a safe place.  Two police cars went by and did not tell me absolutely anything.  As I finished my sign, I tried immediately to call SAFECO insurance and my phone icons were having as much electrical problems as my van.  All the icons were moving back and forth as happened several times for many years.  Just in 2012 I reported several times that people were draining my batteries and denying my First Amendment as they were turning off my AT & T service.  I was not able to set a Road Side Assistance call immediately because of this issue.  Luckily as I checked again on my phone, I was able to set up the call and SAFECO told me that the service was scheduled in about 45 minutes.  This is not the first time that this happened in the last two years at least, but also for the last 15 if not more.  This information is included just as a reference: In 2012 as I purchased my van I had batteries troubles among others.  As I went to the dealer and despite my driving experience in Modesto road I got lost and I as I exit the freeway, my van did have a similar trouble without the motor sign that this time I got.  There I was able to park at a gas station where despite my efforts to get road assistance as soon as possible I got it about 12-15 hours later.  The towing company trying to help me could locate me.  My phone again got totally death and I was lucky to be allowed to charge it and start it again.  This time I was able to communicate with my older son.  Nevertheless, I was forced to also write a sign indicating that I was held there against my will publicly as the only way to get out of there.  Finally the service was provided after the hours and I ended being in Modesto for two days just to have the battery replaced, but to take me to the place I was asked to provide an address or else I was supposed to stay in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anyone where they forced my vehicle death.  Again and luckily I was having some information to where I was going or else even though I am an adult person responsible for her own matter, the tow company wouldn’t transport me to where I though was better for me to solve the issue.

As I was waiting for my road assistance, I was trying to inform people about my van troubles and issue to the people, standing in a safe place holding my sign.  I again called Safeco as a police car whose officer was name Mariscal approached me and asked me to move from where I was standing.  I asked why?  He responded to me that because he said so.  I did and he asked me again to put my sign down.  I asked again why? He responded because I could hit him.  I couldn’t understand, but I did put it in between my legs since the wind could blow it and there perhaps the possibility of hitting him was greater.  He asked me to go pass the freeway entrance signs and I did because he told me that I was not supposed to trespass that and it was illegal.  As I did so, I noticed another police car approaching my van and I crossed the street telling her “I am here.”  I tried to go next to my van and she told me to stay across where I was standing.  She asked me for my driver  license and I told her I have it in my car.  She went to my vehicle and I asked her let me give it to you and she said no, I will take it and I replied, but you do not know where it is and I rather look for it.  She just went and looks in my messy van, moving and tossing as she pleased. She asked me about road assistance and told me I was there for two hours which wasn’t true as far as I knew.  I was wishing to be out of there as soon as possible knowing that I was jeopardizing my chances to make my ART 381 report.  I do not think it was 5p.m. I believe it was about 4 and the most 4:30p.m.  I did respond to her what I was told by my car road assistance service: 45 minutes.  I knew the time was about and that they were supposed to arrive at any time.  She asked me to call them and accused me to abandon my vehicle and having it abandon for more than two hours.  I called SAFECO and they repeat the same, but they were going to figure and call me back.  Two towing company vehicles arrived.  The police woman told me out of air that my alternator was damaged and giving trouble and I said no, how do you know? You have not asked me about and you are deciding that the alternator is having trouble.  She introduced one of the Tow man working with her as mechanic who verified her statement and put his charger next to my battery for a second or so and asked me to start my van (?) yes, sir a question mark because I never saw such of stupidity especially when my van battery was below “0.”  It takes a while with a heavy battery car to recharge a battery dead like that as happened in my trip to Modesto where I happened to have kind of the same similar issue which was solve flipping one to another, but this is not the first time I know how people handle it not necessarily because they are mechanics, but experience people and I happened to have not only half of my life license and driving experience, but about 15 trips around the United States, Mexico, Miami, New York, Washington, D. C. and all the way to Nicaragua.  Driving alone or with other experience drivers, some mechanics, some not, but able to resolve issues on the road that goes from brakes, clutch, timing belt, water pump and so on and forth. As I saw a second tow man arriving, I thought it was the one I requested.  I asked and he said “no.”  I got a called; it was my road assistance tow man who was around the area not able to find me as AGAIN HAPPENED SEVERAL TIMES IN ONE DAY IN MY TRIP TO MODESTO.  THEY WERE NOT ABLE TO SEE ME WITH THE MANY BIG SIGNS IN MY VAN IDENTIFYING MY VEHICLE.  NO SIR, IT IS NOT SARCASM, IT IS MIND AND BODY COMPUTER WICKED KNOWLEDGE THAT DO KNOW THE RANGE OF WHAT OUR EYES CAN SEE AND HOW TO DISTORT IT AS THEY PLEASE.   I certainly described the place where I was at South City Airport Blvd. at the entrance of 101 going North freeway, but the man which I will not say is experience on the road because I do not know him, but he is driving a tow company truck and perhaps he is or at least should be, but he was again asking me the exact location.  The police woman was in a rush and ordered the stupid mechanic to tow my vehicle and I said, but my tow man is here, it is a matter of a few minutes and rather takes him.  She said you go with him or he will take your van is up to you.   Under pressure, I just hang the phone on my road assistance man and I went to the driver side of the tow company choose by the police who also were having two more police black vehicles across the street, but before anything I asked her that if my vehicle was too much trouble to just move it to the side and let me wait for my service that was there.  I complied and as the man started going I say I am going Redwood City, but far from going 101 South at the entrance of the freeway, he was going somewhere else. I say stop and park my van there, I am not going with you anywhere else than where I need to go.  He did not want to stop and I opened the door; he ran out and tried to close the door on me to keep me in and hurt me.  I held it with my feet opened and I asked for help.  The second tow man was following us and came to assist him.  I asked for the police.  I am not sure if I myself I called them.  Aside the two that harassed me first another arrived and they called a supervisor who did not even let me say and just gave me a paper because at that point it was not only to go park my van to their towing company place, but I was needing a police released to get my vehicle.  I did have to choose between going with him, and a taxi cab because the police ride was taken away right there as they were changing conditions and assigning me more and more abuses.  Afraid, confused, not knowing what to do or where to go after calling my son for help, I walked away not having a jacket, no purse, no money, a dying phone knowing that they were just abusing authorities, forcing conditions, trying to take me to anyplace they want and it was already dark.  They just put a piece of paper on the grass as I tried to walk away from them.  I walked toward the freeway going 101 south and did remember what Mariscal told me at the other entrance: “This was his freeway and he would put me in jail if I passed this line…”  The line that many other crossed because there is no sign and I was not having any intention or reason to cross, but this is what I do know and discovered as “suggestions” to force and work the mind of others to do as they please.   Thinking about because I am a person of understanding; I tried to get help by the first person I saw as I was getting freeze in my shorts and not appropriate clothes without having absolutely anything on me.  The Asian denied a ride and I tried to think the best way to go around without using the freeway.  Absolutely everything was no less than 20-25 blocks I though because the one nearest to me, it was dark and to be honest, I took it once by accident and I got lost.  Freezing I believe I called twice to 9-1-1 and as usual the phone call was ended.  This time, I cannot tell you that they hang on me.  I am not sure.  I was very confused, freezing, totally out crying, not knowing to whom to go to get help and protection.  I turned to God and I begged him to give me the faith and the strength and I asked him to protect my children because as I are being set up under conditions that keeps as apart and without rights or freedoms like my older son who was forced to drink and drive and has no driving privileges just to keep them away from me.  For a while I got lost again, I did not know where to go.  The streets were dark, I saw one or two cars going by and at a three point intersection I did not know what to do.  I do not know how I was able to find the Bart station in San Bruno which I recognized.  Crying I kept on walking trying to reach El Camino Real and as I crossed it I tried to tell people to help me.  A Mexican hunk his car and yielded at me to not let them hear me as usual.  I was not able to battle it and I just kept on walking, crossing and crying without a control.  I walked to the bus station and I went back to the corner to seat and cry until I saw a bus coming that was going to San Mateo.  I begged the driver to let me ride because the police took all my belonging and took my van for no reason.  He did.  My phone was having the battery low issue, but I called my children and again I asked SAFECO insurance to give me help as I was having my Toyota parked in San Mateo, but I was having no keys, no money, no I. D. and I was freezing.  As I arrived he was there and helped me out.  Sir as for months and years, many wicked people went by abusing me through the knowledge of witchcraft of I should say as was FINALLY PUBLICLY DISCLOSED BY msnbc on 1/10/13 “WE ARE PART OF THE BIG BANG AND OUR BODY INSIDE MOVES AND IS CONTROL THROUGH THE ASTROS RULES.”  I am not sure if those were exactly the words and comments, but essentially yes.  The only problem with it is that he was not the first one acknowledging what I discovered because in 2011 through my Astronomy class I heard a similar statement: “Our bones were made and contained part of the Nova explosions.” And through our lectures, lessons and analysis based on my years experienced aside others sciences interpretations put together: I discovered that mind and body are just the soul’s home as written through the Holy Bible and we are the image of the only God, Eloi Yahweh.  Eloi asked me to observe, accuse and set his banners.  Perhaps I am not that smart, but he did commanded me and that the reason why my photograph, my biology, my BECA and so on and forth class as well as my working experiences let me to the conclusion that we are the image, the inverse of the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end.  Eloi Yahweh in his real name not Jehovah as he said not through words, but as written based on mine believes which are covered under the First Amendment, but what I discovered and it is the part of the worse crime is that many are aware, many are participating and taking advantage of the people who are call through the Holy Bible “poor” not because economically are not having money, but because intellectually are not aware and are easily control and manipulated not only by wicked people worldwide, but by our government representatives who are making their living out of our taxes to provide us with rights, freedoms, protections as well as rules and regulations which should be fair and equally given to all for the sake of this country and its people as written in our Constitution and by which I am abiding.  Sir for months, I had been reporting people going by the van where I have being managing to be begging publicly for help and protection as standing at the corners of Ralston/El Camino Real in Belmont and Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City, CA as I tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AS I EXHAUSTED ALL THE POSSIBILITIES TRYING TO GET HELP, PROTECTION, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS THROUGH THE LEGAL SYSTEM AND THROUGH THE PEOPLE THAT EVEN I PAY FOR IT.   I was not having a blanket; I was not having food, clothes, I. D. or money.  My phone was forced dead by the last wicked woman in the bus where I ride for free thanks to the kind of a good human being, but were again many the wicked drivers that went by tiding my muscles and hurting as usual my legs or I should say as never before because the place and the conditions were forced at the maximum.  I am amazed how Eloi, the only God, Yahweh did not even let my mind to think about jumping on the bridge full of water feeling trap and without help or sources that night near the 101 south freeway entrance.  Instead he made me beg him for faith and strength trying to find the hope to keep on going in the dark looking for a place to go.  For two days, but as usual struggling to make public my needs and the abuses performed by even the “law representatives.” Not just this time.  Many times, recently at the end of 2012 my van tire exploded, my brakes hose were cut, my van almost got on fire as a tire shop put a rubber thing around and as I went to report to the police.  There is never absolutely anything to report and as in two different incident where two people hit me in my face, damaged my glasses I did not deserve a police report to make claims as the first one.  Certainly was having one when I tried to report it for the second time, but my victim claimed was denied not even allowed to be filed as happened with my Federal Suit-Cross complaint back in 2007.  I served all the appropriate documents to all the people who are the main involved.  My documents were filed through all my cases at the time and my files were kept at the Federal Court even though my pauperis status was denied to dismiss the crime I discovered and is being perform against millions of Americans by the people we are paying to provide protection and serve us with equality and based on our Constitutional rights and freedoms.  It is endless to say.  Sir I am not a lawyer.  I am just a citizen of this country who is having her life and her family life in serious danger and is not having any kind of protection instead in being persecuted worse than millions others for religious reason as she is chosen not to use her wicked talents and is claiming to be the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant!.  Since 2/13/13, I filed another Ex-Parte seeing the imminent danger not just for me, but my family and the abuses that my minor child is suffering by many as I had been posting as I could until recently through in 2011 and in 2012;, Facebook and Twitter as I can.  For the last 2-3 month I do sparingly through no longer at due to the abuses and religious persecution I had been suffering, BUT WAS AGAIN DENIED AT THE REDWOOD CITY COURT IN CALIFORNIA.  MY 1992 GMC VAN WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY ON PRESIDENT’S DAY, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2013.  FIRST WAS THE ALTERNATOR OUT OF THE AIR AND DIAGNOSED BY THE WOMAN POLICE WHO CONFISCATED AND HELP SAN BRUNO TOWING TO TRY TO KIDNAP ME ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2013. SIR I DID HAVE TO WIDE OPENED THE DOOR AS HE WAS GOING WITHOUT THE POLICEWOMAN INFORMED ME TO HIS GARAGE NOT TO WHERE I WAS INDICATING HIM.  MY FORCED LEGAL BROTHER, A MECHANIC SINCE HE WAS A CHILD SAID AT FIRST IT WAS MISSING THE IGNITION FUSIBLE AND MY SECOND BROTHER SAID SO AS WELL AS HE FIGUREOUT THROUGH A MACHINE, BUT LATER AT NIGHT HE SAID WAS ELECTRICAL AND IS WITH THE KEY SWITCH.  What I can tell you is that this is not the first time that my vehicles are stop just to force me to do as they please and spend what I do not have or want to.  It did happen as I separated from my minor child.  Several times he did stop them from working.  I am not giving you the specific detail that proof my statements, but they are someplace there.  My Toyota 1993 was no less, in fact the reason why I purchased the GMC 1992 that by thou way due to the witchcraft used my vehicles most of the time have the year of the vehicle changed: El camino door said 1959; DMV registered it 1967.  The GMC according to the mechanic said “1995,” DMV has that registered 1992 and the biggest problem is no dealer part ever can find them to properly sell me the parts I need.  It was about two years ago when my Toyota did have all kind of troubles, brakes that still acting up; no matter how many mechanic I did pay to fix them.  SEVERAL TIMES MY VEHICLES ARE VANDALIZED AND STOP JUST TO FORCE ME TO SPEND.  THEY MANY TIMES WERE VANDALIZED AT SKYLINE COLLEGE AS I WAS SET UP BY PRESIDENT OBAMA WHO IN COMBINATION WITH SAN FRANCISCO CHANNEL 5 TRIED TO MAKE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THAT I WAS GOING TO STOP GOING TO THE CORNER BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO COLLEGE WHERE OUT OF NO WHERE I GOT A CAREER GOAL ALMOST ENDING IN JOURNALISM WITH THE SOLE INTENTION TO WORK ME AND TO ROB MY WRITING TALENTS I HAD DEVELOPED AS I HAD BEEN FORCED TO WRITE PUBLICIZING GOVERNMENT CRIME TO KEEP MYSELF A LIVE.  One day, I was coming from San Jose and the hose of the radiator were cut, so the truck got the coolant steaming and got hot.  I was tow and I came to a mechanic place near Target where at first they were nice and ended breaking the aluminum neck of my radiator which was in new conditions.  I did have to replace it for something cheaper that if you go check it now was broken and do not ask me how because didn’t happened as I ever drove it just a few block here and there in San Mateo because due to the many times in which it was vandalized one tow mechanic man send by SAFECO INSURANCE CRANKED MANY TIMES TRYING TO TURN IT ON AS I DID NOT ASKED HIM TO DO, but worse of all the first thing Ray’s Auto Repair told me good thing is “you did not cranked it because it would burn the transmission and of course he did not know about the tow man.  Sir Another man tried to force me to get a ride with him to Pittsburg and to pay for a hotel room for me as he kept my Toyota more hours than what he really need to and made me replace the entire host system, as many others for no reason.  There at Pancho’s mechanic place as well as in Redwood City near Target, I realized the game in which the towing companies. Mechanics and government among many others like the dealers are playing against the poor non-wicked people.  You should see my hand dry and peeling off just because of the use of witchcraft. Yesterday, I drove my Toyota overloaded with all my papers among others just because “honor Quentin Kopp dismissed my jury trial-discriminating against me, just because “Honor Buchwald did not less just because were many the cases that were going to be raise against corporations if my case was heard.   My child was sent rape after I sent a letter to every single member of Congress telling them that I saw the father molesting him and I was reporting to them, but not to San Mateo Police because they were denying protection and because they were abusing authorities and discretions and to it I will add that they were just setting me up and the first time in 2004 put me in jail knowing that baby’s dad trespassed my property, was not living with us, but I was ordered to be away from my home for five days just to create dirty conditions as wicked people do all the times.  Yesterday as I drove my Toyota, I did not realized that someone put a bag of I believe dog feces to keep people’s attention away from my public accusation.  Simple as that, a bag of shit, but this means the alienation of our Constitution and our rights and freedoms.  Slavery exists not only in this country despite the facts: “Supposedly slavery was abolished,” when in fact and this is part of my accusation it was quietly imposed onto non-wicked people by wicked members from all over the world.  I am not providing specific details about the many people who are participating through their little business because would it be endless.  Aside the feet do as the head said and that is the biggest problem.  Government is working with them and for them and not for all of the people in this country.  Instead they are the ones prosecuting to create economical means for the wicked members and for it no matter what they do: killing is part of it!  My child is being abuse and exploited by many.  Many times I had report the abuses through the California Supreme Court who totally changed and adjust the criteria based on who is the one accusing who.    The wicked member said: “She puts him in danger not having a good car seat, drove around in a car that is not safe.” Not true at all, but granted.  I say baby is having a lot of accidents because he father do not care and let him to be skateboarding without protection and he just forgot to provide the tools.  Sir, I am not the only one!  I am demanding a public accusation to present to the people my accusation and my discoveries.  My child, my whole family as I are in danger.  I can give you a list of the people that I know had been killed in fact through my Dismissed and never heard case I am accusing them of killing my nephew, Jefferson Ali Menocal, a Resident of this country that as I was persecuted for religious reason, who was kicked from Burlingame High School as he supposedly helped his cousin who was set up to bring a BB gun, sold by Target corporation to a minor and whose my forced legal family saw him playing at home and hide it from me, but made me pay for the cost of his juvenile case which is force on the poor just because wicked government and members want money. I am not only swearing under CA laws, but under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country and the California Law of Perjury  on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at the San Francisco State University Leonard Library at 5:40a.m., in San Francisco City and County.



_______________________                                _____________________

                        Date                                                    Estrella De Jesus Benavides



One response to “Begging you for help and protection, government tried to kidnap me and again as for years vandalized my van; my only home and abused me last weekend!

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