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Again as millions others not knowing that mind and body is just the soul’s home; we are forced to subsidize the not well planned and not professionals colleges and universities where purposely streess the student to force them to drop or get just “F’s”

on February 13, 2013

At the bottom photos of my camera.  The last owner left his naked people’s photo because they forced me to purchase with the sole intention to invade me using their photos, but the camera stop working again with the new card.

 I am feeling upset and frustrated, but I will share with you how some are so “clever, neat, nice and successful.”  While others are poor economically, looking stupid and retard as the “clever are using them as server or servants.  I will tell you how it was that vs. my “A’s” earned back in Nicaragua turned to be just “F’s” at College of San Mateo and for God sake the picture right now is looking that bad today.


I got late into my class at College of San Mateo today even though I tested the travel time twice coming out from my class at SFSU at noon and driving normally.  In fact, I did at 55 MPH and twice I got with plenty of time to have a fast lunch, relax and come to class a few minutes before, but when intentionally many are working for you to flank because they are a crime organized not only using this country government, but making sure everywhere that just them are going to be, gets worse.


I post a photo of the many cameras I had been force to buy.  Nevertheless.  One of them, I left in my classroom.  They robbed me, but no one saw it.  I just know who had been participating and what they had done not just in this class.  It used to be that you could get a camera to use from the class.  The first semester, I did not like the idea because they were not insured and if anything you are responsible.  I was having more cash and I decided to go to thrift store, buy an old use that could help me to do my assignments.  This semester, I couldn’t afford to do so and decided to borrow one, but lucky me.  This semester just advanced student are the ones allowed and just three were left out and available for people like me, but only two were physically available and three students were trying to get one.  I hesitate and that was it.


To make it short,


1)      My camera was taken as I am supposed to prepare a collection to make my first presentation.


2)      Last semester I used an old, but nice camera that despite the limitations allowed me to be presenting good photos.  My little old camera was “broken” as I participated at Sacramento congress that news reporters participate.  Luckily in my second round on the same class because I was never registered at College of San Mateo and just paid for the semester through FAFSA; spent the whole semester as every other student in the class; I answered to Ed Remitz “Present” as I never missed a class and I spent many other extra days and hours trying to learn and participate.  I was the only dumb who pay out of her pocket the $ 140.00 dollars if I remember well because despite my poverty.  Education is my second priority because my first one is my family and Eloi.  He returned my money and denied or discriminated against me.  Skyline let me participate and of course I did not mind to spend in a hotel accommodation, gas and whatever was needed.  I was the Photo editor and I tried to participate in the photo contest not because I did want to show, but because I thought about The Skyline View and the team.  I was one of the only one using a tiny, weak, not the best, but better than no tripod to get better pictures as I saw many just shooting in the air “taking pictures!”  The times came and guess what? My camera did have troubles.  It got off and I couldn’t participate.  THIS HAPPENED JUST TO ELIMINATE ME!


3)      Missing my nice camera and looking for one.  I found another one and luckily with the rare-expensive card that for years were stop circulating in market.  Before anything, let me tell you: Eloi, let me found the first one with two cards and dumb me, I went to Ritz camera at Hillsdale Mall  (OUT OF BUSINESS) where one of the employees knowing what I told you told me that one of them was no good and threw it in his garbage and another employee was nicer and told me what again I told you about the expensive-rare cards.  Feeling sorrow I kept the camera until I took it to another camera shop and my second card was changed.  Dumb me, I saw the misery of the man and I let him take my camera behind the counter and around to get old – broken cards to test my camera (?) and yes the question mark is because do not make sense.  HE TOOK MY ‘SUPPOSED BROKEN CARD AS FORCED IN THE CONVENTION TO KICK ME OUT OR TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ME “LEGALLY.”  YES HE DID CHANGE MY CARD (LOST MY BUSINESS, my pennies that added many times more than a hundred dollars.) smart isn’t it? Because I am not going back there.  I rather spend what I do not have ($), but I do not make business with whoever is not honest and I cannot trust or do not like me as happened to every single place who abuse me.  Last weekend I went to Safeway in Pittsburg and as I was looking for a bread one of the EE was abusing my knees and coughing: I put everything down and I just bought the milk and even at the register paying I had trouble.  I also went to Walgreens and who knows if he trick me because if the goal was me to be as I am right now; not having any photo as my teacher is training the students on how to work through Lightroom or the dumbs Apple computer made for smart “clever” ass that do know how to work with MS DOS codes that not all know you know like command E, Control P so the dumbs like me who do not know it get lost and earn “F’s” no “A’s” and because I noticed how my SFSU teacher let us go after her time just to make me come almost half hour late into my photo class as I did not do for the last two years, but that was not it.  Last night after days looking for cameras and trying to get my assignment done.  ( see 4) I went to the stupid Walgreens where I decided to pay to print my films (only photos, I could take with one of the cameras because if I could have a disc made I should be able to have my assignment.  But no, because despite I paid almost $ 70.00 EVERYONE WAS AT LUNCH AT WALGREENS TO MAKE ME BE LATE TOO.   THEY ARE A CRIME ORGANIZED THAT FROM BUSH-OBAMA WORK ALL THE WAY DOWN TO NEIGHBORS OR THE BUSINESS TO WHICH THEY LET ROBBED PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT BELONG TO THE CRIME ORGANIZED GROUP THAT IS NOT AWARE OF WHAT I DISCOVERED: MIND AND BODY IS A COMPUTER AND IT IS JUST OUR SOUL’S HOME.


4)       I also tried to do my assignment on Sunday using my granddaughter or my children.   My older son was going to San Francisco.  THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO APPRECIATE ME AS I VISIT THEM AND AS I TRIED TO USE MY SECOND LITTLE CAMERA THAT I TESTED BECAUSE LUCKILY WAS HAVING THE EXPENSIVE-CARD .  I shot the last 10 photos and I got a disc to be able to erase my card to keep on doing my assignment, but AGAIN MY N”NEW” CAMERA AS MANY OF MY IPHONE (4) IN 2012 GOT BROKEN AS HAPPENED IN SACRAMENTO CONVENTION AS MY SON SHUTTLE GOT SMART.  THE SAME PROBLEM, EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM.  I couldn’t do my assignment because she is wicked and is part of the crime organized using, discriminating and persecuting me as millions others.  Not only my son shuttle is participating.  My forced legal family took my child just to drop him in Half Moon Bay in a place where many are abusing him.  I couldn’t see or be with him as he was forced and bore in a place where they did want to have him.  I called several times to my sister to ask her to bring him back to his home so I could see or be with him, but his father, the one who participated and sent my child raped back in 2005 has all the legal and physical rights over my child.  The child that he did rejected as I told him: “I am expecting a baby.”  The child that he is keeping at Meyer Elementary School since 8a.m. till 6p.m. even on Halloween as his teacher give assignments that are difficult for him because he has to memorize and needs to remember what she read in the class to answer in his after class –class as some others students are lucky to have the book because their teacher let him or her to have it to make his assignments easy.  Not enough for this weekend asked my son to tell me to do his homework with him because he was not help at the after school.  My visiting time to force him to hate more school because he is kept there all day long for others to be “Clever.”  NO CHILD PROTECTIVE EXISTS AT SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE POLICE TOLD ME AND AS BELMONT LIED THEY FOR A YEARS AT SANTA CLARA IGNORED ME AS EVEN THE PRINCIPAL, MS. MEYER IS ABUSING HIM AND ALLOWING OTHERS TO DO SO.    


5)      Don’t feel dumb.  I am not a dumb.  I cannot use the Lightroom program when people are making sure I cannot hear the lecture as everyone else.  I am sure that the program is already screwed up as I was forced to go to the bathroom and is not only happening in this class.  I was in Sociology 100 and three students were put together.  One of them was I.  Two introduced one another and let me out.  I catch up and turned the trick not feeling bad as they planned.  I was in Jour 222 at Skyline and I was supposed to interview a student and he interviewed me, but Lee never again posted or came back to the class as happened recently in one of my classes. So this time I followed up because in my LTNS 660 last semester a wicked student tried to set me up and told THE PROFESSOR WHO WAS PARTICIPATING THAT I DID NOT WORK IN THE PROJECT AND SHE DID NOT WANT ME TO GET THE CREDIT.  Dumb me, but not so dumb.  I pulled my emails: I was the first one who went after class and pulled from the Internet the Proposition 38, read, analyzed and figure out about the second similar Proposition 30 and brought up the issue in the class as she email her founding to the other two students.  I exchanged ideas and opinions with one of them that agreed with me to support Prop. 38, but the student who did not and sent me an email to share with her a Google App for the assignment and that was the first and last time because she locked my share app and did have the face to say that I did not do anything when the only thing she did was to make me sign to share myself with her and locked the account as my Skyline teacher Nancy Kaplan is using my Gmail account.  I am having another class sinking because of this issue.  Google is asking me for the Administration whatever.  I am no administration, but is being done to millions others who as I are being used as servants or as I are being toss like stupid because they do not know that government is the head of all crimes in this country and is discriminating and persecuting us for religious reason.  Taking our children for no reason to abuse them physically, mentally, and emotionally.  To make them tired of being at the school almost all day long because my child shortly after is forced to go to bed and is having just twice a week a shower.  So if he is playing no matter if he is having a No. 1 or 2 vowel movement.  He rather be playing and his dad is happy because dirty – imperfect conditions make easy for him and his step children to abuse and rob my child talents.  No, the student in this year assignment did not show up three times as I drove especially for her interview, but I need to do so with someone else just because they did not like what I recorded myself three times because one time a “clever wicked erased it at SFSU.”  THE LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM AND PLANNING OF MANY TEACHERS IS ASHAMED, BUT IS BEING DONE INTENTIONALLY WITH THE SOLE INTENTION TO FORCE ME TO DROP OR TO GET “F’s.” just subsidizing the crime organized group who is getting the Ph. Or the Doctors title to be “legally diagnosing people mentally ill, bipolar or to take sending them to get the drugs to keep on hiding the crime being committed by wicked people as the head, our government is the one allowing and protecting the criminals as Redwood City police did twice denying me the right to press charges and to get my glasses replaced.



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