In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I am doing OK, but I couldn’t sleep for days many clog my right nozzle and yesterday a Mexican who made my son felt worked me for hours my left.

on February 4, 2013

It is part of what I discovered.  As we are living in a computer and is our soul or spirit the one who really is.  Wicked who knows how to communicate.  How to locate our soul not only in its home, but in its surroundings.  They are forcing me in a black room made by me in my van and many goes by making sure.  I cannot make it.  I woke up terribly in pain; I believe about 4 or 5a.m. and I clear a bit my place.  I put my laundry away and prepared my clothes for this morning in the dark.  For the last two days I come out very crazy because I cannot see what I am going to wear and of course the tiny mirror do not show my whole image.  On Saturday, I did have to fix my dress as I went to Jack in the Box and yesterday.  I went to do my laundry totally ridiculous, but the reason is the religious persecution that as millions I am suffering.  Go see Front Line 26 episode and figured out by the old fox that for years represented the media in this country were set up to make ridiculous mistakes.  The business like Los Angeles Times, a profitable business was put out of business because they were some of the few trying to report what it was happening in Iraq as Bush lie just to do so using our country, our treasure for the sake of very few criminals including himself; a child abuser who in combination with Arnold Schwarzenegger abused my child as he was only four.  There is a difference between a child that is non-wicked and the ones who do know what we are.  They are adults trapped in a child’s body.  You should how many of them were trying to hurt my child, but the worse was how many adults were working with them not only to rob his talents, but to kill and abuse him as they are not able to make him to have an “accident.”

Two or three put their children and made me made film some footage thinking that they can invade that way.  They are ignorant; I have been telling you, I am not alone.  Meaning another adult human who had been coming and going back and forth through time and space is there waiting for you.  I did purposely video tape him because he dares to harm my child not having fear of God and the second and third.  Dumb, I chose my battles and that was a waste.

They were trying to rob my cameras at BounzCity; at least three men did.  One Asian, one Mexican and one from India.  I videotape them a bit because they thought they can harm me that way.  They made me do so, but it is a public place.

I am having a class at 10:00a.m. I better go and later I need to work on my family case as I finish my assignments for this week.



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