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I was not able to post my SOS, 9-1-1 beg for help and protection: my baby is being abuse as every single member if my family: our lives in danger!

on January 30, 2013

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In the Matter of

) CASE NO. F 085609
Petitioner, )
I, ESTRELLA BENAVIDES am the Respondent in this matter and if called upon I could and would testify competently to the following:
1. The Petitioner and I were married on 5/14/1995, separated on 6/15/2003, a marriage of 8 years, 1 month in which California Family law court denied my request of nullity of marriage due to the religious persecution I am suffering worse than millions others of Americans. On 02/07/2008 Hearing: Motion RE: MOTION FOR DISSOLUTION BY CONCEPCION CABRERA WAS COMPLETED and Judgment of dissolution of marriage was entered on October 3, 2008 denying my requested Nullity of Marriage filed twice in January 2006 due to the games, tricks played at the Redwood City, CA court, County of San Mateo where I discovered the used of witchcraft and technology against non-wicked.
2. I, the Respondent in this Matter is using, Petitioner Declaration as filed on October 13, 2011 that said: “DECLARATION OF CONCEPCION CABRERA IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO HAVE RESPONDENT DECLARED A VEXATIOUS LITIGANT.” to establish the facts in the case AS WELL AS ALL DOCUMENTS FILED IN IT.
3. Concepcion Cabrera filed a petition for dissolution of the marriage on November 2, 2006. Following a Domestic Violence hearing on September 21, 2005, He was awarded full legal and physical custody of our son, Joshua Alexander.
4. The Domestic Violence was imposed as pleasing “Honor” Greenberg since I was never found guilty of Domestic Violence in a court of law and Petitioner never established it. Instead on one of the documents filed he admitted that I, the respondent were never violent and first Sixth Floor Counseling requested her any documents and decided that he was going to recommend legal and physical custody to Petitioner without having the facts or the file on hand as also established by respondent.
5. The first hearing back in 2005 was continue by “Honor” Greenberg due to the Child Protective Services involvement in the case who was the one who decided on the filing of the Domestic Violence case through the court system to have it deciding in the custody of my minor. Neither the court nor Child Protective Services (CPS) never, ever gave me a reason to give my child to the man, I accused of molesting my child sexually through the 100 members of Congress on a letter (4/18/2005) and through San Mateo Police the date in which they came to my home because CPS was having an issue with me (6/25/05) and without explanation rejected my raped accusation against him.
6. A Temporary Restraining Order was granted against me by “Honor” Greenberg and trick were played to make me aware of it without the Redwood City Sheriff Department serving that to me about the time in which my child was sent home sexually raped as having his ass red, and terrified as I was trying to change his pamper or playing with him in the front yard as we used to do prior to it.
7. Over the course of the 6 years in which this matter has been before the court, as of October 13, 2011 when Petitioner filed the Declaration in Support of Motion to have respondent declared a vexatious litigant (*), I had filed no less than 11 Order to Show Cause. [See Exhibit A of the (*) A printout of the Register of Actions as was attached hereto and incorporated herein as written] In addition, respondent filed 3 separate actions in the Northern District Court (A printout of the ‘Justia” case filing was attached hereto as the Exhibit B and incorporated herein by Petitioner representative, Richard K. Jolliffe, ESQ. 191308 and aside that she contested several times the dismissal and the denial of her pauperis status to dismiss the Matter. “Honor” Marilyn Hall Pattel even unfiled her last motion contesting the dismissal of her Federal Suit-Cross-Complaint.
8. As Petitioner lawyer established in point 6 of the reference motion filed, “The amount of paper accompanying these filings is voluminous.” But good number of time they were tricks and games played to ignore like continuing a hearing until the Status Conference was never held by “Honor” Jakubowski because respondent outlined the discriminations, the abuses of authorities and discretions to keep her child under abuses and away from her and keeping her without any rights or freedoms not even to have a warranty visitation on holidays, birthdays or any other special event. Absolutely everything was left to petitioner discretions and she participated in counseling appointments as needed despite her knowledge of bias against her. No less was done by “Honor” Mc Kenna who kicked her out of the court room because one of her nieces made a scene as her mother made a mistake giving respondent a notarized testimony of many of the abuses suffered by JAC-B, respondent baby who according to Zoila Benavides was kept in San Mateo park near Norfolk and Hillsdale Blvd. for hours crying for hours because the landlord did not want to hear him crying and this was her reason to rent a room for petitioner in her son’s home where petitioner kept JAC-B under very dirty conditions and according to her she felt sorry and washed, cleaned the room most of the time as well as providing a bed for them to sleep. These points were just highlighted for your easy information, but the notarized testimony ignored as the bailiff just grabbed out without giving me a chance to say: “Kicked her, not me! Why me? What did I do wrong?
9. Many were the police reports made as my child was always bruised, especially in his back or as many times his life had been threaten. Back in 2006, Petitioner took him to Mexico without even telling me that I was going to see as first established in the 9/21/05 hearing which court order was changed without a hearing in 2007 as Richard Jolliffe lie saying that my home lights were on, but he couldn’t find me. Petitioner did as the Cuban man told me: “They were going to take my child to Mexico to kill him, if I did not stop publicizing my discoveries.”: “The used of witchcraft and technology against the poor.” “The abuses of poor to get their talents as they diminish their self esteem or as they find no one to help, hear, love or protect them as had been happening not only to my son for the last seven-years-in-a-half just because criminals like Greenberg, Jakubowski and MC Kenna, continue, ignored my several police reports or arguments and when I was advised to file a domestic violence in 2012, the judge denied because I did not make a police (? Several were done and Redwood City Police told me they were going to investigate, but never went back to the corner or told me anything.) or Child Protective Service report, but as I tried to do so: “San Jose Police said: “They have absolutely anything to do (They were caught on video and posted online through YouTube as I was trying to report the not humane conditions in which my baby and I were kept for months to have a visitation at his dad’s street curve not even having a place to park decently. San Jose Police told me there is no child protective services in San Jose and when they finally came just because I called many times, they did not inspected my child who several times had been found with shit all over, dried in his clothes or legs or butts as well as marks of urine as I found out at BounzCity several times.
10. I outlined back in 2007 “Honor” Greenberg bias, abuses of authorities and discretions as well as the discriminations or impositions without a reason imposed by her on me. The motion was removed from my family 085609 case and my neighbors did their part screwing it from my USB as I tried to file it in my Federal Suit-Cross-Complaint back in 2006.
11. In my wife mandatory short cause trial statements were never acknowledge or considered because again I outlined not only Greenberg abuses, but Jakubowski and she just continue about three or four times as Richard Jolliffe in combination with the court and another firm tried to use my older children to gain power over my affairs and money in which the Probate department even played games: vacation days to the honor so the substitute re-instated her initial orders despite the facts presented that I was able to manage my affairs and that I am not mentally retarded or ill, but that is the wicked solution to citizen accusation against government who in fact is using the knowledge of mind and body computer (witchcraft and technology) to subdue and control the poor (people who is not aware of their games and tricks) but many are the ones who have wealth.
12. In 2012 the Domestic Violence was denied because of no police or child protective service report. They were done and for several months my child had been abuse and his life had been threat again. On January 17, 2013 as I was at the corner of Whipple/Veteran Blvd. in Redwood City where I have been standing publicizing the crime being committed through our legal system where criminals are using the place of honors as they are working as part of the crime organized using this country and the legal system for the best interest of these people: a man went in a motorcycle and asked me How my son was doing, and gave me “Joshua’s name as he did. I never saw him, it was again a threat and when I got to see my baby, he was having a bee stung in his face below his right eye. This is not an imminent life threaten, but yes a torture and a child abuse as is being done purposely as I discovered. He is also been kept for 10 hours at his school where the bee was used to abuse him and believe he is not being treated equally: his teacher gives books to make easy the assignments for some and not for him. He is in third grade and is having difficulties reading. He is being taking shower just twice a week because he is overwhelmed, exhausted, not praise for his efforts. He is usually send to the school with pants with holes, dirty to make easy the witchcraft abuses that I discovered through dirty and imperfect conditions. He and I had been kept at his dad’s street curve for visitations under the sun, not having a place to really be as his neighbors are doing the same. My child many times had cried saying I do not want to go to BounzCity, (One of the two choices I do have) because I got headaches (Done through withcraft as I discovered and I suffered for years because as he is being set up with his biological father; I was set up with my legal family even as an adult.) Or I have heard him that he rather be inside his dirty, messy room playing for hour rather than to go outside because his legs, back hurt as I also discovered and I suffered not only at the corner as I am trying to make public my discoveries: Mind and body is just the soul’s home as written in the Holy Bible and wicked people do know how to communicate to our soul or should I say our spirit?
13. As established by Richard Jolliffe nearly all my filings, center on child custody and visitation and he is incorrect when he said “accompanied by long, rambling, sometimes incoherent supporting declarations.” Which is the wicked treatment or way to hide wicked government crime as well as they did tried to knock me down with a conservatorship that is what is being used against millions of Americans, the one’s conceived as my baby with the sole intention to persecute them for religious reason as they do not know the knowledge of mind and body computer: witchcraft; as they do not know how to communicate with our own soul or spirit. The one’s conceived with the sole intention to destroy and use them to create an economic mean for the crime organized group using the government system of this country for hundreds of years, but I am not the only one saying that we are part of the Big Bang or that our bones are formed from the big Nova explosions’ (stars); on January 10, 2013 msnbc interviewed (nugsin) someone else who is trying to rob my discoveries as I tried to publicize for the last ten years and even included in my federal court case dismissed several times as written as part of the motions in reference or I have been posting in my Facebook, Twitter, blogger, or as well as Youtube and also through College of San Mateo, Darryl Stanford, Professor of Astronomy 100 in 2011 who verified my founding as he told us in our class that “Our bones are formed by the Nova explosions residues.” And not exactly clear, but through the book you will find the light spectrum, in my Biology, photography or again my astronomy class as well as many others like DGME 101, 112 and 113; said in various way talking about frequencies which I knew about before I came back to this country in 1986, digital or analog sound or the way in which the LAN system works as I figured out based on the harassments, the discrimination or the religious persecution I have been suffering for years that ended on the accumulation of 175 units at College of San Mateo through the repetition of some courses due to the stealing of my knowledge, studying dedication or talents through the witchcraft use or knowledge of my mind and body computer as is happening not only to my baby, my whole family, but millions others of Americans who are being persecuted by the ones we are supporting and paying their bills with the best salaries and benefits as they are supposed to be serving and warranting our rights, freedoms, equality. I can keep on going saying, but aside this declaration; I am writing a request for a public accusation through the Supreme Court of The United States of America which is the only alternative I have since people keep on abusing, ignoring, dismissing, and trying to kill me and my family to keep on hiding their crime. The worse ever against humanity, against the Americans who at least three out of five are being persecuted for religious reason as wicked at this point are destroying our country and robbing the treasure in many ways including through subsidies or vacation expenses that are outrageous.
14. Certainly as established by Richard Jolliffe in point 7 of the reference filed document, I had never been successful in modifying the custody that was initially not determined as he wrote, but imposed without ever being found guilty in the court of law guilty of it just because “Honor” Greenberg does as she please in her court room as she responded me as I asked and I also heard a deputy telling to many people as they were going into a court room (?) Aren’t they suppose to go by our Constitutional rights, giving justice to all based on it, not as they please? But certainly, Richard Jolliffe who has been representing Petitioner just marking little boxes with “x”: “I do not consent to the order requested but I consent to the following order” Status quo to remain in place.” Without giving answers to my accusation, without denying or arguing always get my request denied and even changed a court order without a hearing and denied my right to see just for a few hours to my son for a whole year despite the fact that were many abusing him and I as they forced me for years under supervision without having the court order written that way, but many were the police stations or the court or city representatives approached who couldn’t clarified my questions. I will not say that he always did, because for sure the first one submitted back in 2006 established my arguments and demonstrated that Petitioner lied many times and I used it against him, but again I was ignored, abused and my rights or freedoms were denied and the visitation schedule has been modified not slightly as he wrote: In 2007 they deprived me from seeing my child as they were abusing him in many ways I have been reporting and even former President Bush came to California and abuse my child in combination with Arnold Swarzenegger and sent him with a big forehead bump as they used the mind and body computer knowledge (witchcraft to unbalance him and who knows what else. He was raped back in 2005 as San Mateo Police rejected my accusation, the one not having no one to help me in San Mateo County or California because the Congress representative was very busy at all times as well as Arnold, no wonder are millions of poor children whose custody had been taken for no reason and if they take advantage of them, the way they did with my baby, is logical that they are very busy because as pig and cowards they are abusing in defenseless children to rob their talents. Of course I did file as many as I could, I begged, I went down on my knees not only on front of “Honor” Jakubowski, but at the Sacramento State Capitol publicly trying to give my child a chance. (Please see Exhibit C. filed by Petitioner in October 13, 2011.)
15. For more than 7 years acting In Pro Per not having a choice because even though I tried hard to hire and find a honest lawyer, I couldn’t. Only one did have the face to ask me $ 50,000.00 down to divorce and couldn’t Federal Suit Cross-Complaint my many forced issues as I did without having the schooling or knowledge necessary, but having the faith and the support of the only God who founded that out as I went to the Redwood City Law Library where many as happened today, Saturday, January 26, 2013 as I am trying to write my Ex-Parte support and where as they were not able to stop me or to confuse me to say “Stupidities to proof that I am mentally disable again.” And close the bathroom to force me dirty as they were going to make me wait as two or three people who for years abuse me at the corner of Belmont: Ralston/El Camino from where I was removed as the city of Belmont altered the city code No. 22-2 with the help of the public defender assigned to me and who almost forced me to let him to assist me: Eric Hove as I refuse to go to court for a month as they held me in Redwood City women jail for no reason as they did early own as they robbed my last property located in Belmont when “Honor” Quentin Kopp discriminated against me and not going by the court rules told Petitioner in that Matter where to go (District Attorney Library) to find a reason to dismiss my answered, requested and granted jury trial transferred from Redwood City to South City. Eric Hove brought to the attention of the Judge and Lance Bayer, the special attorney assigned in my cases; he even participated in three or four times in which they tried to impose me a conservatorship to take my rights through my older children not only as I was supposed to finally have a trial and a decision in my Nullity of Marriage, but as I filed the never acknowledge documents filed several times, trying to make sure they would have to acknowledge them.
16. Respondent has been forced to expend a considerable amount of time, effort to figure how to answer, how to argue, how to respond and not only “Honor” Quentin Kopp took advantage of what he knew I was not able to argue because the Petitioner did not file following the court rules for me to be able to go study and search despite the abuses of many, but also Richard Jolliffe and Petitioner as they filed two or three times outrageous amount of money in penalties to force me to abandon my baby who is being abuse not only by his father, his step mother, but also her children as I have been publicizing. If Petitioner took baby to skateboard without helmet and padding; he just forgot, but they did argue that an Eddie Bower car seat was not safe and they did say: I put my child life in danger (?) He was the one, who never trapped properly the first car seat I purchased for my baby as he was born and I paid hundreds of dollars to carry him safely from Costco and he did not tell me until I figured out and I did have to return it. At least once, Richard Jolliffe asked for $ 10,000.00 to force me to abandon my child as they also kept me under those inhumane conditions visiting in his street curve for months in 2012.
17. Petitioner’s lawyer wrote that he has been force to expend a considerable amount of money in fees, expenses, travel time, and time away from work to respond to these actions, which result in denials in nearly all cases as written on point 9 of 10/13/2011 declaration, but what about me? Aside I have been the only one or I should say my older children without having to do so had the burden of paying not only the time, the gas, the money or others as they had been forced to help me visiting with my child for years since 2005 until 2010, I believe. Because now days we barely see one another as wicked government have been breaking our family relations as done to the slaves back in 1776 or so. I am allowed just to have 7 hours visitation as just one of my older son is living in Pittsburg and the other in San Diego, they must be present if I want to let my granddaughter and baby to be together or else two hours coming to pick him up, two hours going to bring him back; the time to go to the place rushing on any visitation time as happened last weekend when he has to spend more time driving back and forth than to seeing my child or me. My child is having no time with my granddaughter and all the expenses are on us. If anything I will acknowledged that Petitioner responded: “He did not care for Child Support as I requested an increase at the beginning of 2012 when my economic situation went to worse as is happening right now and “Honor” MC Kenna asked him, but no matter what he said: “No, I do not care for it.” She did grant him $ 73.00 per month and denied my request as usual no matter I have been living on the street, on the floor as they robbed my properties as they denied not only my First Amendment as well my Fourteenth Amendment and a right to a fair trial for my homes. One was not even sold due to error in the Deed of Trust, 1864 Cottage Grove Ave., SM, CA 94401 was giving to the corporation who purchase a ghost home that do not exist 1064 vs. 1864 and as I argued even through the Appealing of the case why 1864, not 1164, 1264, 1364 or Oracle? Again was also denied and worse of all some documents filed are altered as I wrote to the room A person in charge and I am not giving the name because I am on the street having my documents on top of 1993 Toyota, but I believe was Dragondryer or so. My request for a jury trial were put days later and some documents were removed as I wrote to her as they have me checking the file and is no less in my family case No. 085609 where the motion I filed outlining “Honor” Greenberg abuses also is gone!
18. Petitioner’s lawyer wrote on point 10 that I am a vexatious litigant pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure 391 et seq. and “Honor” MC Kenna granted a court order that do not allow me to file unless I am pre-approved and what I am is a M O T H E R SUFFERING THE WORSE SEEING HOW MANY KEEP MY CHILD ENCLOSED IN A DIRTY, FILTY ROOM AS HE TOLD ME HIS FATHER CLEANED IT ON 12/17/12 BECAUSE IS THE ONLY ROOM IS THAT DIRTY IN HIS ROOM. HE EATS, HE PLAYS THERE AT ALL TIMES AFTER SPENDING 10 HOURS AT THE SCHOOL WHERE NOT EVEN IN HALLOWEEN THEY ARE RELEASE EARLY AND THE PRINCIPAL, MS. FIELDS MADE SURE HE GETS HOT, UNCONFORTABLE AS HE WAS WEARING THE CUSTOM THAT COST ME ABOUT $ 100.00 TO PUT TOGETHER BECAUSE children like mine are forced heavy and the adult size are expensive and a bit bigger and the tiny customs made for “special wicked children are so tiny for non-wicked. No less happened for months when we were forced to visit outside his dad street curve not even having a decent place to park as the street is crowded and the neighbors who allowed me did purposely to be abusing us. His legs were in pain as running, his knees were bothering, his head get headaches and he felt once or twice or ran like crazy not allowing me to get a photo of the marks in his body. I do have photos of him down having headaches at BounzCity posted at YouTube when many as his neighbors abused us. THE WORSE OF ALL, I POSTED THOSE SIGNS AT THE CORNER OF WHIPPLE WHERE “HONORS, POLICE, DA’S, COUNSELORS LIKE KAY CODDINGTON WHO RECOMMENDED IN FAVOR OF THE MAN WHO IS ABUSING MY CHILD AND REPORTED TO HIM WHAT MY CHILD SAID: “HE DOES WANT TO LIVE WITH ME.” Today, I realized that many of them had developed more control and not only his father, his father cousin takes over my baby soul’s home to decide and say. As established in point 8 of the 10/13/12 Declaration: “For 6 years,, (and now for more) while acting in pro per, respondent has been “hauling petitioner into court” over and over again for the same purposes.” But that is not so. I have no choice seeing my child bruised, seeing my child not able to read or write in his third grade, seeing my child forced to hate school because he is kept there for about 10 hours and seeing my child or hearing my child reporting to me how his step brother made him to play or I should say in combination with his father exploited him to skate selling bottle of water through the Internet or how his step sister and his boyfriend forced him to hit his car many times forcing him to fall, but as I was FORCED TO FILE A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN 2012 and FORCED TO ATTACH SOME CLARIFICATION AS I WAS ALSO FORCED TO FILE THIS WITH THE SOLE INTENTION TO FORCE ME TO MAKE NO SENSE REPORTING A BEE STUNG ON MY CHILD FACE AS A LIFE SAFETY THREAT WHEN IN NORMAL CONDITIONS IS NOT, BUT BASED ON MY DISCOVERIES, THE THREE SNAKES ESPECIALLY THE ONE RAN AWAY FROM ME vs. GOING INTO MY SIGN CART HOLDER IS NOT A CASUALTY. The snake was thrown expecting to get into my staff which are storage in the same place where I do sleep sometimes not even having a place to stretch just because I am also forced to buy and buy what I do not need just to keep the economy going. Where they kept me in a dark room to be observing and abusing me for a month, forcing me to go to sleep to hide from people where they had been holding me living under no humane conditions. 9-1-1 hang up on me the phone call I made reporting the snake which could kill a baby if they happened to go to the IHOP restaurant as a couple went by at the corner with a baby in his or her cart. No less what Redwood City Police did as two people assaulted me and a bunch of four took one of my sign. Neither time had I deserved a report to claim my broken, scratch glasses or my sign. The first one hit me in my face; I called police never came; I went to make again a report, there it was one with a big lie written: “He came to assist me.” But a Chinese denied my case because it was no report, “No one to claim the glasses cost.” Because they knew who he the Mexican was who try to hit me kicking me on the face several times and just could once with his feast as I got my key to defend myself. (Report made at RWCPD) The second also hit me in my face, RWCPD picked up my glasses from the floor. The man who took my sign and ran away giving it to other was there, but as happened in 24 Hours Fitness; I am expected to let them hit me and do nothing and as happened in Hayward Police where I reported Rayo Tire Shop who vandalized my van to get it on fire and damaged my front tire to cause an “accident.” As they told me, “THERE IS NO CRIME, YOU ARE NOT DEATH, NO ACCIDENT HAPPENED BECAUSE I WAS ABLE TO FIGURE OUT.” AND AS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW THAT MY FRONT WHEEL IS GOING BACK AND FORTH AS I WAS FORCED TO PAY $ 525.00 TO REPAIR MY VANDALIZED BRAKES AS THE HOSE WERE CUT IN PITTSBURG. So, I pay more than $ 386.00 estimated in San Mateo to Ray’s Auto Repair, but as my van was under their responsibility as CA code; they just added and added and vs. $ 386.00 front and back brakes in worst case scenario THAT INCLUDED THE DRUMS; I paid $ 525.00 just for the front and now I am worry because my front wheel, the ones who stop the overloaded van I am riding and living in because I am force also have a back wheel fixed (They forced me to go changed my oil at Modesto where vs. $18.00 they charged me $ 28.00; I was lucky they did not charge the tax and instead of following same size filter they replaced a tiny one: “It fits that is what matter the man told me as I wonder about.” And what San Mateo tire shop tried twice to do: “Made me pay for my wheel to be fix because out of 1000,s one leaks air and mine was the lucky one.” I was forced to pay $ 25.00 dollars for a tire that exploded and damaged my wheel as I was going to San Diego about fifty miles away from the place (Luckily, I could handle the heavy van without causing death on third parties or myself; my supposed bad tire made the trip back from San Diego and the tire shop that sold me a wheel tried to damage my front brakes which did have no problems coming on 5 and then 152 in a rainy night on those curve because I told the man at the tire shop: “I have a problem in my rear wheel not my front and I want you just to install what you are selling me vs. $ 25.00 charged me $ 30.00 and then a repair shop in San Mateo third Avenue/Norfolk made the changes for me, he could take the knobs with the electrical driver, but he was just able to tide three with it and two manually; they were having problems, but I SAW HIM REMOVING THEM. WHAT HAPPENED? THEY ALL ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE VANDALIZATION. THEY ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME CRIME ORGANIZED THAT FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA AS BEFORE BUSH DOWN TO NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ARE WORKING TOGETHER, DO NOT TELL ME THAT THE THREE “HONORS” IN MY FAMILY CASE OR RICHARD JOLLIFFE OR PETITIONER ARE PERFECT AND ALWAYS RIGHT AND I AM THE MOST STUPID IGNORANT WHO FOR SEVEN YEARS HAD NEVER SAID ANYTHING RIGHT OR DESERVE RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY. (See exhibit A) Again, I am just a mother seeing how my children and especially my granddaughter and baby are being abuse to the extremes. I had seeing my child scrolling on the floor knowing that they forced him to make shit on his pants in a public place and I have seeing him having a stinky smell and dry shit in his pants, legs as well as several dried urine marks and I have heard him saying my father woke me up at 1:00a.m., because I got dog shit as I felt in the grass, but he was allowed to go to bed or should I say: “he was sent early to bed as they done for years to me – 6:00p.m.; not only my child told me about his messy room and bedroom. My sister the third party notarized testimony that was never acknowledge told me and show me his room as he was living in her son’s home. She told me that she and our “legal mother” tried to save baby’s dress which was all bleach as he felt in a bleach bath tub that his God-Mother and others were cleaning. The after class “teacher” saw him having his neck cut and baby told her happened when his dad cut his hair. His dad was using crutches when that happened. I was there doing my laundry and visiting back and forth from the corner as their neighbors were having a big band party and I left the place about 10:30-11:00 p.m. and baby’s hair was cut after it and his father couldn’t do it because he was having his foot surgery recently done. My child without any doubt was abuse by his neighbors and/or his steps in a wicked offer. Many of them have been abusing me and I can feel them going and invading my body as happened as I publicized at Whipple corner in regards Game Stop telling me that Mine Craft which I called Mind Craft is a game made first for computers by Microsoft and that to get his game back because someone “hacked” they gave me the 1-800, but not the first time: several times at College of San Mateo they have been cancelling my password to force me to talk to main supporters so they asked me “If I allowed them to do” meaning basically allowing them to use my own mind and body soul’s home computer (human body). I did not have to call them, they made me go to Pittsburg and as my child was allowed to use the front Plasma TV; they invaded me: “I felt them hurting my knees, feet, back,” but the only God is in between. On the same trip my older son forced me to park my vehicle in his driveway giving them a chance to cut my front brakes hoses; IMMEDIATELY AS I MOVED MY VAN DOWN, I NOTICED THE OIL BECAUSE BEFORE THAT SAN MATEO POLICE WENT BY A WEEK OR SO BEFORE AS I WAS ON MY FINALS AND FORCED ME TO LEAVE MY INSIDE LIGHTS ON AND MY BATTERY GOT DEATH. MY “LEGAL OLDER BROTHER” AS MY YOUNG ONE DID BEFORE PLAYED AS THEY USED TO DO SEVERAL, SEVERAL TIMES AS I USED TO LIVE WITH THEM OR AS PETITIONER DID SEVERAL TIMES EVEN AS MY BABY WAS RECENTLY BORN; HE NEVER CARED THAT I DID HAVE TO WALK WITH THE BABY CART TO GO DO MY SHOPPING MANY TIMES UNDER THE RAIN OR SO. HE DID NOT CARE WHEN SAN MATEO POLICE FORCED ME OUT OF MY OWN HOME AS HE ENTERED PUSHING ME IN BACK IN 2004. THEY DID NOT CARE AS I SAID HE DID NOT LIVE WITH US, THIS IS MY HOME; HE DID PUSHED ME IN AS HE RECOGNIZED ON HIS FIRST DIVORCE PAPER FILED BY JOLLIFFE OR THE ONE FILED BY BELMONT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES WHO WAS THE ONE WHO DECIDED ON THE COURT CASE HE FILED BECAUSE AS THEY TOLD ME I ASKED HIM AND HE CALLED THEM SEVERAL TIMES TO MAKE SURE ABOUT WHAT THEY TOLD ME.
19. I, Estrella Benavides declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct as I did several times in the past and I am demanding my child legal and physical custody as well as a public accusation against California Government, San Mateo County, District College of San Mateo (CSM) where Galotolo just got lost and denied protection as Federal Government did several times. I am not Federal Suit-Cross-Complaining my several issues as my filed was kept in the San Francisco Federal Court where I filed them three times and contested several times. I do know that this document will be filed if they allow me in Redwood City, Southern Branch of California court, but I also will submit my request to the United States Supreme Court as my life and my family life is in an imminent danger as for years and just the people are being saving me as happened on last week when San Mateo Police went to harass me as I wrote through Facebook and since I have not have a phone as happened several times in 2012 and prior to it for years. For the last two months I have been kept in a total dark environment as they forced me and keep me there as they please. Last night on, Monday, January 28, 2013 many were the vehicles who went by speeding to create the gravity that made me feel exhausted and also governed the Astros because our bones are part of Nova explosions and our body is part of the energy result of the Big Bang as recently plagiarized my msnbc on 1/10/13 and also acknowledged by Standford, CSM, 2011and is also written in several books in which people do not put attention as they are spinning and manipulating the information as well as whatever I have been trying to make public for the last 10 years. I am not only swearing under CA laws, but under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at the San Francisco State University Leonard Library at 9:03p.m., in San Francisco City and County.

_______________________ _____________________
Date Estrella Benavides

I tried to beg and suddenly the letters were


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