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Begging for help and protection: “Government of the United States cut my brakes hoses $ 525.00 cost me the replacement! because I am publicly accusing them of the worse crime ever against humanity and against the Americans

on January 9, 2013

After forcing me to believe; wicked government tried to force me to take 24 road or so before the main 24 to Oakland and as I could I went back to the main freeway!, but this is not the first time. The most recent intent to kill me and my older son it was to force him to drink and drive after keeping him under dirty and imperfect conditions as they planned a remodeling in her kitchen. Freezing conditions as dirty conditions forced him to lose 30-40 pounds as they made him to take a job fixing pipes and toilets: the worse of all, working with shit! This could it be fatal not just for him, but whoever was with him and not just that to third parties who do not deserve it. ASHAMED OF GOVERNMENT OF THIS COUNTRY WHO ADVERTISE WHAT THEY DO NOT BELIEVE ON: SAFETY AND CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY! ASHAMED BECAUSE THEY DID NOT ONLY TRIED TO KILL MY OLDER SON, BUT ME TOO SEVERAL TIMES IN THE LAST MONTH. My brakes oil hose were cut and I am not the only one saying that Ray’s auto repair in Redwood City said so and to replace just the front brakes, the hoses and the drum, I had to pay $ 525.00. The right side was pulling a lot as I came from Pittsburgh where my son or I should say his girlfriend using his mind and body asked me to park in his driveway to give them the space to do so. Why I am sure and I have no doubts because on December 9, 2012 my lights were left on and my battery got dead as I was having two finals at College of San Mateo and my legal forced brother helped me to recharge it because they kept me without a phone for months even though my son was paying the service added to his account. According to my brother I was having a leak on main pipe of the radiator too and believe me the coolant fluid started to run out like crazy not drops. I managed to publicize their crimes and suggestions, the used of witchcraft: main mind and body computer codes to force me to believe and I drove all the way to San Diego checking constantly and carrying my own gallons just in case. They made me stop in Modesto where a tire shop sold me a tire that exploded almost there not so the bad tire that they replaced and luckily I kept as I was going to take the road. My brakes were doing OK, I could take the way down to San Mateo using the old replaced tire (supposedly in very bad conditions and under the rain and in the dark I took the 5 and 152 without a problems.) I refused the tire and brakes place request to test the tire I purchased from them in San Diego who told me that the new – used wheel was supposed to be verify at the front and I refused telling him: “My broken wheel that I am asking you to replace is the rear passenger not the front and I never heard of such of thing. Do not touch my front tires.” He ended up charging me more as many others like the one in Modesto who charged $ 28.00 vs. $ 18.00 for my oil change and installed a tiny filter compared to what he removed and told me that “No problem as long as the rim match.” I know is not true, but I have no choice.
In Pittsburgh they cut my front brakes hoses and just the passenger or right side ended up almost out. The driver was or it is having a 30% life and the drum was not scratch as it was the passenger. This is not the first time, government is trying to kill me and my family as for years had been killing millions of Americans as they are persecuting them for religious reason: Yolanda Saldivar did not killed Selena, the singer because she did want but because they forced her and still ‘SHE DID NOT DO SO’ AND IS IN JAIL PAYING FOR THE CRIME OF OTHERS AND THE MIND OF IT IS GOVERNMENT. THEY KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON, THEY KILLED O.J. SIMPSON’S WIFE AND SET HIM UP IN JAIL. The video only can happened if someone plans something or never though of killing and just happened because . . . and to Ray’s auto repair I am telling you, I was not talking about you in my last blog, I was talking about the auto repair next to Target, the ones who broke my aluminum radiatior of the Toyota 1996 when I mentioned Redwood City. I went back to you because I had thought highly of you and your father before.


2 responses to “Begging for help and protection: “Government of the United States cut my brakes hoses $ 525.00 cost me the replacement! because I am publicly accusing them of the worse crime ever against humanity and against the Americans

  1. […] Begging for help and protection: “Government of the United States cut my brakes hoses $ 525.00… Jan […]again recycling because people going by stop the letters from being written and ate hurting my feet and I will be at the corner tomorrow: I will not let you destroy my family not even dead. I will not rest until I pay you back eye per eye! Keep on teaching me, so you will get what you deserve!

  2. I want to apologize publicly to the people of this country. One thing my children reject is my new vocabulary, but government raped my baby is abusing him and is killing him softly without providing good food, as keeping him under abusive conditions and absolutely everyone from CPS, court, Congress, House of Representatives . . . I had done absolutely everything and anything that legally I could. I had been standing and begging publicly: Driving, standing at the corners for the safety of my baby, my family and millions of non-wicked persecuted for religious reason by government who is a crime organized using this country and it is robbing the treasure of this country as destroying it. I am a proud American who will not rest serving only God for the sake of his kingdom and in his name, no matter how you call him, I am coming!

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