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Publicly accusing and begging for help and protection as I am forced to go to San Diego this weekend!

on December 20, 2012



Reading and trying to understand Peter Stallybrass and Allon White and their Bourgeois Hysteria and the carnivalesque aside remembering what it was mentioned in BECA 321 class about it: “Some students had participated and go to unknown places to have the pleasure to experience thing that in a “normal society had been abolished throughout the world not we the intention to get this world or society better, but to give that chance and opportunity to the few who are in power and are the ones giving themselves the chances and opportunity. – No law, no rules to follow.  Anything or everything can happen and occurs, but there are no consequences.  Do they kill at the borders and no one does anything or says because they are in agreement?  Why this is happening?  What really means? 


I grew up believing as a Catholic.  Today, I have no religion even though I still a believer and in fact I am claiming to be The Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s (Yeshua) Servant.  Out of my memories I will mentioned what for years I read through the New Testament as I went all my life to a Catholic school, people learn that there is an invisible power or God that in my case was called for years just God.  I met him through his only claimed son, despite the fact that he claimed that we are all his creation.  Throughout my reading I learn about the offers that believer which were not exactly Catholic at that time based on what I relate through classical movies presented through the television, which mostly were Mexicans and again the offers; again the illustration of things that in many countries, societies and ethnics group are part of their past.  Why as I mentioned above because as mentioned in the reference article written by Stallybrass and White many government or people in power had made changes, but I am sure not with good intention, but with the sole intention to keep a limited number of people participating in that original group of people who are our ancestors. 


As written on page 101 of this article: “Certainly, in the long-term history from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, as we have seen above, there were literally thousands of acts of legislation introduced which attempted to eliminate carnival and popular festivity from European life.”  (The Cultural Studies Reader, 3rd. edition – Stallybrass and White-Bourgeois Histeria and the Carnivalesque. P. 99-105).  It as not just done in Europe, but throughout the world as written in several books which are part of my culture enhancement.  Basically at the beginning of time our pop culture was related to the communion life or interaction between us as individuals and the unseen God which has several and different names throughout the world, cultures, races and ethnicities.  The carnival were expressions of appreciation as I recalled reading out of the Holy Bible in regard the King David victories and the dance performed publicly in appreciation to the unseen God. 


            It still happens in certain countries like in Nicaragua at least 30 years ago as I grew up there.  Every August, the Santo Domingo carnival festiveness in which people dress different or paint their selves or others that are participating in black “contile” or dance and where the wealthy people goes riding in their fancies and well trained horses and where the display of dresses, dancing and performances are part of the carnival traditions.  It still happens in the East Coast of Nicaragua, Bluefields where people dance the “Palo De Mayo.”  Throughout the years the younger generation forgot about the real meaning and reasons.  Their parents forgot to teach them the religious reason behind and as happened here in the United States many as I just buy the customs to dress for Halloween not knowing the facts behind, but worse of all many go to remote or unknown places to enjoy without rules many things including abuses, drugs, alcohol.


The changes in history are done through ideology and the manipulation of the people in power to preserve their place in areas of control.  They believe that they can as happened at Meyer Elementary School hide from God, that many are doing so without being really thanking God for what he is giving to the controllers, to the people in power who are manipulating and controlling the basis knowledge, the why of these celebrations; their real meaning.  The Principal of this school in San Jose, did make sure that my child was not properly thanking God; not because he knows about, but because she does and she is making sure that he is seeing as someone who do not care and who do not have respect for the one who is.  She did make sure that he was not feeling comfortable with his custom dress and some like these students to these places to do not knows that they are agreeing and thanking for whatever.  Do they know what really is or do they really support it?  


Carnival debris spills out of the mouths of those terrified Viennese women in Freud’s ‘Studies on hysteria’, ‘Don’t you hear the horses stamping in the circus? What Emmy von N. implores Freud (The Cultural Studies Reader, 3rd. edition – Stallybrass and White-Bourgeois Histeria and the Carnivalesque. P. 99-105).  It is what I saw a woman at Saint Francis Hospital suffering.  A trance, a forced hallucination done by someone who did know not only about the Carnivals origins, but also the way in which many sciences were created to create economical means for many wicked people throughout the world.  It is also what I publicly reported on 10/5/12 at the corner of Whipple or through Facebook and because for the last 10 years I had been ignored of what I discovered as The Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s servant, the used of witchcraft and technology since the first is just the basis knowledge of the mind and body computer we humans are; the soul’s home as can be verified through the Holy Bible.  My baby sufferings and abuses are being offered by wicked government and crime organized group that is using this country and as described by Peter and Allon in the Carnivalesque the pain the suffering.  In 2012 Halloween we were taken to a Hunting House in San Jose where he did not want to go into, but someone did came to show me what this “moralist who for years had been suppressing the ritual public performances of the people which narrative had been changed with the sole intention to keep very few in the doing and who are not even paying with their own animal offers the goods that they are receiving from the unseen God.  My baby was cracking his fingers; breathing heavily as well as having tears in his eyes.  He mouth was uttering words saying: “I want to hit, I want to hurt; I want to destroy.”  Terrified I asked him to come down and to relax and I asked why you are afraid? He answered me “I do all the time, when my dad is abusing me.”  Again I asked and then what happens?  “He leaves me alone!  Does he hit you or what he does?  “No, he knows I am angry!”

“Freud’s gradual move away from abreactive ritual of a cathartic kind towards associative methods of self-consciousness is entirely consonant with his desire to produce a professional, scientific psychology.  This is because science, particularly in the late nineteenth century, was deeply hostile to ritual.  It even saw itself, on occasion, as self-consciously improving upon those areas of social life which, once governed by ‘irrational’ rituals, could now be brought under scientific control.”  (The Cultural Studies Reader, 3rd. edition – Stallybrass and White-Bourgeois Histeria and the Carnivalesque. P. 99-105

“Indeed science only emerged as an autonomous set of discursive values after a prolonged struggle against ritual, and it marked out its own identity by the distance which it established from ‘mere superstition’ – science’s label for, among other things, a large body of social practices of a therapeutic kind.”  (The Cultural Studies Reader, 3rd. edition – Stallybrass and White-Bourgeois Histeria and the Carnivalesque. P. 99-105).    


 “(1991b) points out; mass culture is a difficult system to challenge:


Today anyone who is incapable of talking in the prescribed fashion, that is of effortlessly reproducing the formulas, conventions and judgments of mass culture as if they were his own, is threatened in his very existence, suspected of being an idiot or an intellectual (79).” (Storey, 2009, p. 64).


It means that they do know what others are saying, what others are doing and perhaps they are misunderstanding, but repeating as described below.

But as Storey mentioned not only in his 2009 edition: “The culture industry, in its search for profits and cultural homogeneity, deprives ‘authentic’ culture of its critical function, its mode of negation – ‘[its] Great Refusal’ (Marcuse, 1968a: 63).  Commodification (sometimes understood by other critics as ‘commercialization’) devalues ‘authentic’ culture, making it too accessible by turning it into yet another saleable commodity.” (storey 2009, p. 64).


            In the melting pot of America as mentioned by many and recently written in one of the forum posted in BECA 321, the pop culture of this country or any other is conceive by a group of people not by individual, but the bottom of it is really form by individuals who are struggling.  Sometimes individuals trying hard to understand, the “you know what I am saying?”, but interpreting the ideas adding to them their own understanding and views to make them to make sense for them.  Ideologies do not come to be just because but because someone conceived and idea and put them together in individuals in this case women and let me mentioned what others like a well-known in this matter said. (Copy from Final essay written by me.)


            “(Now Althusser produced three definitions of ideology, two of which have proved particularly fruitful for the student of popular culture and as found and established by Storey in his 2009 edition p. 71 he wrote: “Therefore, as the economic, the historically specific mode of production, transforms certain raw materials into products by determinate means of production, involving determinate relations of production, so ideological practice shapes an individual’s live relations to the social formation, In this way, ideology dispels contradictions in lived experience.  It accomplishes this by offering false, but seemingly true, resolutions to real problems.  This is not a ‘conscious’ process; ideology ‘is profoundly unconscious’ (233) in its mode of operation.

In ideology men . . . express, not the relation between them and their conditions of existence, but the way they live the relation between them and their conditions of existence: this presupposes both a real relation and an ‘imaginary’, ‘lived’ relation.  Ideology . . . is the expression of the relation between men and their ‘world’ that is the (over determined) unity of the real relation and the imaginary relation between them and their real conditions of existence (233-4).)” (Storey, 2009 p. 71)

According to Storey on page 72 paragraph two he wrote: “Because ideology is for Althusser a closed system.  This formulation leads Althusser to the concept of the ‘problematic’, He first uses the concept to explain the ‘epistemological break’, which he claims occurs in Marx’s work in 1845.  But again according to Storey wrote on same page Althusser said: “A problematic consists of the assumptions, motivations, underlying ideas, etc., from which a text (say and advert) is made.  In this way, it is argued, a text is structured as much by what is absent (what is not said) as by what is present (what is said).  Althusser argues that if we are to fully understand the meaning of a text, we have to be aware of not only what is in a text but also the assumptions which inform it (and which may not appear in the text itself in any straightforward way but exist only in the text’s problematic). (Storey, 2009 p. 72)


                  I had found the way in which many narratives are change with the sole intention to preserve a control power and status quo of the crime organized group using this country worldwide in which they keep the offerings making wars without real reason to kill millions of poor at one time.  I can write how the postmodernism is using and changing the “supposed contemporary collapse or widespread rejection of all overarching and totalizing frameworks that seek to tell universal stories (metanarratives): Marxism, liberalism, Christianity, for example.  According to Lyotard, metanarratives operate through inclusion and exclusion, as homogenizing forces, marshaling heterogeneity into ordered realms, silencing and excluding other discourses, other voices in the name of universal principles and general goals. (Storey, 2009 p. 185) These ideologies are supposed as written to be overcome by modernism and the claims of heterogeneity over homogeneity as written on the same page.  If at one point in history they were the ones they were making decision and changing the narratives on behalf of humankind towards absolute knowledge and absolute freedoms is not that the case as Lyotard claims.


Now days, individuals like George Bush had been in combination with Hollywood among many others to change the Vietnamese narrative in which by popular culture was condemned, but they are the ones who still making war without reason and through lies as the ones in Iraq or as many others that bottom line are the offers that at the beginning of time in which all the people were offering just animals not humans as again the narrative was changed throughout the Darwinism’s theory to convince and manipulate the mind of millions of humans as it is happening right now through 24 Hours in regards the soldiers abuses which is being denied by the criminals in power who are not only abusing the Americans as part of their diabolic practices and religious persecution against the poor people.


Yes I read about the grotesques photos taken in 1979 war back in Nicaragua in which two nuns and two soldiers were not making sense, but that photo really do not show the reality that the Nicaraguans suffered “I recalled how many soldiers from others countries went just to incinerate the bodies of the poor which were left on the street as part of the advance carnivalesque offers done by governments or people who are benefiting from the sale of those guns.  I recalled how they were not exactly human recognizable images, they were inflated, arms and legs were having the shape of dogs bodies and I recalled how I happened to accompany the daughter of one of my neighbors who used to work for the Somozas’ and who used to go around the neighbors just picking up the young people to kill them.  Many were the ones who appeared at the near by mountain at the south area of Managua without nails, teeth or eyes and I just can remember without having the trance that Freud’s patients had the image and the words of the Somozas’ army people telling us “Hijas de  la . . ., go inside,” – everyone ran inside just to be watching throughout the door holes and seeing the poor forced to open a hole on the ground to get supposedly the guns out and then a quiet silence broken by the sound of the shot given on the poor who felt on the holes death.”  I can recalled how the neighbor daughter came to ask my family to go into his home to look for the old man who for days disappeared: “There he was with his hands and feet tide as he was sat on a wooden chair; the man was face down and in his head a knife was still there and his blood was still there in some places dry or licked by the dogs who did have something to eat as his master was dying.  The killer pushed the big knife three times in his head not sideways, but pointing down.”  I am no one to judge, but I will not comment on the horror moments in which his daughter went through as me and others.

But what I will say is that is written on Storey, 2009, p. 185 “It has lost its way – its ‘goal is no longer truth, but performativity.”  Today is all about money.  Today is who is having the power and they do not care if you are the one paying their bills.  They do not have fear of God, who for unknown reason allows this to happen, but what I can say is children who are not able to defend themselves and are part of this country and this society are being abuse; are being raped as mine and millions others and the people in power is not really representing us.  They still charging us the highest taxes, but they are not giving us neither the representation nor the protection that we deserve.  Instead they are persecuting us for religious reason and are discriminating against us no matter if we citizens of this country.



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Professor Cecil:  I had edit this job several times, but here is always someone making sure; I will not use properly the APA style or the reference credit that I should.  I hope I did as I should despite the facts and believe me I do not think that without your good lectures and knowledge or this author and without their inputs, I would be able to say this.



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