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I am totally upset as I never like to be!

on December 18, 2012

It was hard for me to study for my BECA 340 final test today and as I came all night vehicles were speeding to not let me sleep.  Somehow I managed to study and I tried to go sleep about 9p.m., but was not possible until about 2-3a.m. because of wicked doing so.  I woke up again about 4:30a.m. and I stayed in bed until 6a.m. when I got ready and about 8a.m. I was out.  It is frustrating because were many the ones waiting for me and trying to just take my learning.  One sent me down to the basement on Creative Arts building and I refused, but as I went out to seat there it was another pig who got with another one.  Finally I went where many others were waiting for the door to open and believe it or not my Dance 350 classmate who do not have parents, they both are death and who told us that she was needing a ticket to complete the assignments and she could not buy them because they were sold out.  Well, I am glad I did not do as I used to do: take care of others problems and issues.  I thought Dr. Wong told us and warned us about.  It is her problem is she did not take care on time.  After all, both places allowed people who were standing to go in at least at YBCA theatre for the Hip Hop show and SFSU it was not full.  At least one third was empty.  Today her real face showed up.  She came to help someone like the Asian girl who did have problems, but ended named “Victoria” if you do not know what it means in Spanish, let me tell you: means a triumph! so I fixed it as God told me what she meant and he named me Final Triumph!  Today, I am feeling OUT!, ANGRY!

I am hating as I do not like to do so, but I am feeling push.  Do not ask me why but I am sure that when I hate or I do not like or when they harm me because they are miserable: Eloi pays them back!  Happened at Lyon’s Restaurant where for no reason they forced me to walk out!  For years I worked there and people were waiting to be seated in my section.  about 20-30 on Sundays.  I used to sell the highest.  On Mondays in two hours I used to take care the whole dining room – 9 tables and people were there to relax and enjoy and I used to do no less, but my earning from the dead station I picked and I made them profitable were the issue.  People do not understand, you have to learn to accept critiques and appreciate them.  You have to learn to let people tell you how they see and feel you!  We are not the final word.  Always the guests are right.

In BECA 340 not even a “F” will flank me.  It is ridiculous the way in which almost “all the classes are not being schedule for spring 2013.”  I do believe is link to my I. D. so that it is what I am seeing and in journalism I need to repeat my GWAR 300 that I took as BECA 300.  Supposedly is mandatory, but I will V E R I F Y because we do a limit of unit to graduate and at this point I was forced to earn a “W” due to the forced crash into class and late withdrawal as happened with my Humanity 415.

I am to apologize for the people who I cannot see recorded as part of the rate of people viewing my blogs or videos just because they do not want that to happens, but let me tell you.  Writing made me feel like if I am talking to you; I am feeling a bit better now. 

This morning as I realized what they did: For a second I was confused, almost jumping my answers as I did not see question 11 and I was responding 12 instead and I decided that the BECA Assistant was bothering me as she was going, so I moved to the front where my professor went to ask me if I could see and “Of course, I answer!” NEVER ANSWER YES OR NOT.

someone is making me to be here writing stupidities and not studying and he already started coughing!  So I better go back to study and prepare for my BECA 321 final test on Thursday.  By thou way, I threw the stupid disc and I do not think that Black will do it this time due to my frustration as well as Asians with their “Victory.”


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