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It’s almost the last week – one more for finals and my first semester will be over!

on December 14, 2012

Three classes are done and three more need to pass a test next week, but I am feeling without much to do for the last past hour.  I have my family, but the miserable government that we do have split us.  I always dream that one day, God will change that and I hope it will be sooner than later.  Last night as many others they are not letting me sleep.  It was about 4:30a.m. that I finally was able as they were going fast next to my van.  Good thing is that since I remember I am ready to go.

I woke up about 7:30a.m. and I was looking for my dress.  Today, I perform at my Dance 350 class.  Dr. Wong is very fun.  She made us to perform several times and believe me everyone did a great job.  We were put in groups of 4 or so and we did perform about two times aside performing in two biggest group twice.  She divided the class into two groups and without saying much taught us to keep our space and to see the different patterns that we were following up.  I sing twice and believe it or not I put my hair down today to do so.  If anything I did not want to be look different, but at the beginning of the semester I misunderstood her and I though was an individual project and I prepare my choreography,

One day in summer time I look for a dress in garage sales and I fixed it.  Another I went to thrift stores and I found a nice dancing shoes.  When I was finally ready, I heard her to say that it was a group deal.  It was nice.  I do not think there it was a better group than any other.  I felt everyone did make an effort to perform and some improvised with music – dancing performance.  Others did quietly.  Others like me sang and lucky me because they I believe were dancers career goal people and if anything they had cheer leader experience.  They ended up dancing like in the 50s when people use their ballet movements, but a bit different you know using their legs about 45 degree angle and one of them or two, I believe speak Spanish and if anything are literate in dancing and knew how to step Mexican’s dances.  The others ones perhaps did not know as much, but did have a team group talent and made our dance and performance nice and tide because everyone deserve me to say.  A great job, guys and I hope Doctor Wong found that.  She should feel proud of the class she provides us with.  A lot to read.  A lot to watch and a lot to write, but that is what makes us better.

 I am waiting for 6p.m. to come so I am almost done for this week and then next week and then unfortunately not having much to do and no one to be.  I will be counting the hours at the corner of Whipple to go see baby on the weekend and as I never know might be on his dad’s curve again like animals.  Not having a place to enjoy not even a hamburger, but I should say to cheer myself up that some other poor people is in worse conditions and I better thank God because no matter what “I am having a hope, I can pray, I can dream that soon the sun will shine!” 

Anyway I do want to wish you a “Happy Holidays.”  I remember that for years I used to decorate my home.  We were a big family and we used to put two or three big tables together to have dinner and then about midnight we use to open the gifts and the first one was the lucky one and then he called next and next called next until everyone got their gifts off the tree and we used to make fun about what we got or how nice or so it was.  Others we use to joke, but today this is what no one can take from me: “My memories.”



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