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Begging publicly for help and protection!

on December 14, 2012

As government is persecuting millions and supposedly giving justice, they are not letting me sleep.  They are persecuting me and my family for religious reaAs I am trying to solve my issues and trying hard to look for new ways, not only government, but many wicked people are abusing me and my family.
I am publicizing the way they are segregating against not only non-wicked at this point. Wicked is able to control your mind and use it as any other computer. Two days ago to keep me awake. I realized that they were using my lab top and my head was blinking as the light or energy source was addressed from the outsider computer. Government and wicked are killing, are robbing as we post our junk throught google, youtube and so on and forth they are taking your original ideas. As you are writing your papers they are doing so as Joy did at College of San Mateo as many other wicked students who robbed my audio project as their own or my script which was saved several times in their own places and many of the main people like the President,
Vice-President or the District is participating.
Very few of the students are really getting ready to absorb the jobs in the Broadcasting industry. They are pre-selected and are quite a number the ones that are wasted or destroyed. You should see how many asked me for favor because they were not able to do their assignments and they just were trying to take from me as was kindly giving them. Ilia knows as well as the Asian named Victoria. But that is not it. They also used our physical image to go spend our money as my 1552 Lago property neighbor used to do. Government knows about the rob of identity, about the use of our image and about the mind and body computer and still is judging and killing the poor who not knowing were invaded and through their mind and body wicked killed as in Scott Peterson case his own baby and wife. BEGGING FOR HELP AND PROTECTION AND PUBLICLY DEMANDING AN ACCUSATION AGAINST CRIMINALS IN POWER: GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHO IS ALSO SUPPORTING MONARCHIES TO HAVE THE WORLD CONTROL AS HITLER’S TRIED YEARS AGO! Many are the ones running on front of me to not let me use the computers.
Estrella Benavides *
2012 – 2013 BECA Major Student in progress
San Francisco State University (SFSU)
Major Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts (BECA)
With 96 units completed including an AA degree from College of San Mateo (CSM)
Minor Journalism

2011 – 2012 Student – Journalism Major
College of San Mateo – AA degree with 150 units earned and just 70 accepted at SFSU

1996 – 2003 Director of Housekeeping
Raiser Senior Services – The Stratford (San Mateo – 4yrs.); The Carlisle (San Francisco – 3yrs.) and supporting and running extra mile The Webster House (PA)

1987 – 1996 Service Coordinators in San Carlos Lyon’s Restaurant

1986 – 1987 Courtesy Clerk (Safeway – San Carlos); Maid at San Carlos Inn
And Metal cleaner at San Carlos Plating Co.

1982 – 1986 Director of the Statistic Department
Naviera Nicaraguense de Cabotaje (ENICAB) and Naviera Nicaraguense (NANICA)
Student at Recinto Universitario (RUCFA) Economy Major

1981 – 1982 Manufacture Centroamerica (MACEN) Audit Department Secretary and Audit Assistance

1980 – 1981 Ministerio de Transportes y Communicaciones and
Direccion General de Correos y Telecomunicaciones (TELCOR)
Nicaragua as Rotative Secretary in various departments and participated in the Twelfth Congress of the Postal Union of the
Americas and Spain at Managua, Nicaragua, August 1981 with
Some experience in Human Resources and Radio Frequencies Department.
I have some experience in laying bricks, wood floor, installing roof, painting interior/exterior home as well as renting or purchasing homes. I am a handy woman who really needs a job who is having flexible hours at any shifts: day-time or graveyard hours as long as I am properly inform and I do have some issues of hours when I am register for classes beginning in Spring 2013 – 1/28/13. *email preference, phone most of the time is not working for various reasons.
BH 261
Professor Larson:

In Fall 2012 I was one of the students who tried to crash into your class. At my priority registration, I had some difficulties registering. No less happened for Spring 2013 when Admission had me with a Pre-BECA Admission Status which I heard Chair Patterson said “It’s not such of thing.” As he supposedly solve the issue through a phone called on 12/15/12 not as recommended by Admission through the request for change as I asked and I was advised by Admission on 12/13/12. As I went to Admission, the clerk feels that had not been completely clear, but perhaps I went to quick and times will say.
However, due to the error or misunderstanding twice I had not been able to register through my priority registration. Your class is full and just you can make a change of my status. I am aware that some people signed as part of the waiting list and for unknown reason I cannot.
I am begging you to keep my name in mind. Chair Patterson signed in Fall 2012 my BECA 200 with the grades transferred from College of San Mateo which I did understand is part of the pre-requisite. If anything I am planning to be in your class trying to crash as is traditionally happening here.

Please keep my name and I. D. in mind!

son and are not letting me to sleep properly.  In combination with many wicked people are abusing me.  Begging publicly for a public accusation against


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