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Begging you for help and protection. My family and I in danger and with the Patriotic Act, we lost the right to Habeas Corpus which is ignore as they please, but through the act “is made ‘legally'” was Bush’s Administration the terrorists, but . . .

on December 11, 2012

Again this semester, I am not able to register on the eight units priority registration as everyone else.  I sent a message to the President of San Francisco State University tired of all of the abuses and discrimination I am suffering as wicked government is segregating, discriminating to millions others like me, my baby. 

Last semester as I started and I came for my Orientation day as I tried to register for the priority class, I had problems doing so.  I lost the chances to get equal opportunity to register in BECA 300 and 340.  When I reported, One Stop couldn’t find no trail marks to figure what happened.  It was no record they told me.  In November trying to decide in my Segment III and deciding to have a minor (Journalism) I went to an appointment with a counselor and the Chair of the Department.  Without intention I figured out that I was having a hold.  
The Undergraduate window referred me to register and finally between both erased and solved the issue “They supposedly put a hold because I am taking DGME 112 at College of San Mateo.”  Two of the people told me that “The hold was clear and no problem.”
Today my priority registration day started at 10 and again I am having problem, the note this time is saying “You are not eligible to add this class because of your academic major, pre-major or minor.”  I am not allowed to register for my minor classes available or for my major classes available.  I cannot register not even for other departments as recommended in my selected Segment III.  Today I printed the reason to have the trail that get erased, but take my equal rights to education.  I rushed to come and see anyone as soon as I could and I was able, but everything is closed.  I am sending this message to you and to The president with some others complaints.  I do not know what to do, but I will go visit you tomorrow in the morning and perhaps this message will not arrive in your hands as fast as I will do.


Estrella Benavides
From: SF State Registrar’s Office []
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 1:03 AM
To: Estrella J Benavides
Subject: Fall 2012 Final Priority Registration

Dear Estrella Benavides,
This is a reminder that Final Priority Registration is available from July 30 to August 10 for all eligible students.
Students must clear any holds and pay their fall fees before Final Priority Registration begins.  
Here are the steps to follow during this period:
Log in to the SF State Gateway at
Navigate to the Registration/Grades tab and select Registration Time: To see your Final Priority Registration date and time, and if you have any holds, and your fee status. You must pay all your fees and clear any holds before you can enroll in classes during Final Priority Registration.
Select Add & Drop Classes and Gator Reg: Use this feature to add additional Fall 2012 classes on your Final Priority Registration day/time.
View Student Schedule: Check your current schedule by choosing Fall 2012. Students who have already added classes should confirm their current enrollment. Class meeting days and times may have changed or been cancelled. Be sure to check the location of your classes.
Fall 2012 Final Priority Registration takes place between July 30 – August 10, 2012
Add up to 16 units on your priority registration day.  If you miss your priority reg date, you can also access Gator Reg to add/drop classes every evening from 7pm to midnight.  For complete access times, refer to the Registrar’s web page  Please note that students currently on probation may only add up to 13 units.
Fall 2012 Open Registration takes place between July 30 – August 10, 2012
Fall 2012 Deadline to Drop Classes is Monday, September 10, 2012
If you have any questions or need help please contact the Registrar’s Office:, (415) 338-2350 or in person at the One Stop Student Services Center during normal business hours.
Registrar’s Office
San Francisco State University


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