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The worse misery ever: you should see one of my classmates trying to work my mind and my sight to make me blind!

on December 10, 2012

He is so miserable.  At first I agreed to talk to him and I was believing him until he insisting on me to try his glasses and was recommending me to go to Costco at South City where they had play games with my tires among many others like my son’s Mustang who had been out of operation for the last two years because of it aside making him to be going to a mechanic to pay to fix what they forced on the car to put me on the street without a vehicle to live in.  As the tire place on 4th Avenue that twice had force me to spend there.  But there is a God in between you and I and I am sure he will take care.  One time they made me pay $ 70.00 for a tire after another place in Redwood City and Hayward ripped me off as many others like towing companies.  Just think about what is happening in Detroit thanks to your crimes and the government participation.  Where do you think you are going?  This had been happening all over the world for years.  This is not new and all is adding to is the worse misery of this world.  Begging you to re-considered and as God said: “It’s of human to make error, but who believes, stand and repent will get bigger in his kingdom!”


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