In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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The whole day I had been working quietly as people had been abusing me and doing with the computer I am using as they please.

on December 9, 2012

I finally got upset and I reported about 8p.m.  My BECA 460 Final test is not correct not because is cannot read and follow up instructions if I was able to file a federal suit cross-complaint is because despite my limited English I effort myself and know how to solve and figure out.  Two stupid ignorant Asians are hurting me here.  I am having hard time because they did not let me take note of pages and citations so it is much difficult to do so than it was at first.  Government and the Administration of San Francisco State University is participating.  All day long another that three days in this week had been bothering me.  This is the way in which man Americans – especially Hispanic Community do not assimilate and participate: because they are forcing them to not be successful to exploit them.  They allow us to register to get the money that the federal pays for us, but that means a subsidy to the cost for the ones who are allow to graduate.  It is not only happening here, but everywhere and Meyer Elementary School in San Jose is doing that not only to my son who government set up there for many to abuse him, but is my saying does anything, I am wishing you to wear my shoe.  I am wishing you to have what you have been giving to the poor in this world.  I am wishing you the no less than what you have been giving. Poverty and misery; jail and hospitals – have fun!
Securiy came as I was quietly working and she will ask me to leave if I complaint about the wicked students abuses. I had not used my public accusation at San Francisco State University trying to have a normal life, but if they push me they will see me outside making public my discoveries and the reason why man are not successful here.


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