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on December 8, 2012

What I am going to criticize through this article is the lack of respect, responsibility,  justice and sustainability through the 60 Minutes Program which I saw Online yesterday, December 6, 2012 as part of the pop culture representations through the media who is part of the culture imperialism of the United States worldwide and which with jokes, the host started talking about Benghazi and ended up talking about Susan and Condolezza Rice, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham.  McCain as Lindsey in different time and story attacked and defended both “Rice” as they made fault statements to mislead intelligent of the American public as Stewart also mentioned having as background the laughs of the insulted Americans.  But the actual liar (Rice) “this time acknowledge her mistake almost immediately” (Of course everyone including Obama’s Administration knew immediately or should I say tried to lie again!) not so the “Elephant’s “never” forget as they wrote on both Republican senators having on front of them subtitles, dates with past years as addressing the actual issues where an important American representative was killed this time or back in 2002 when again one of the “Rice” lie to sink “US” in a war without basis that made this country economy to go down deeper.

October 9, 2002                                              Sen. John McCain      

Sen. John McCain                                                                               Blame for Benghazi

Elephant’s “never” forget                                             ® Arizona


Susan “Rice” as Condolezza “Rice” made fault statements, but Sen. McCain as Graham defended and attacked differently (even time frame and issue) both “Rice” having made the same “crime” – misleading the intelligent of the American public.  Stewart made fun of the diaspora course changes made with the sole intention to cover the “crimes.” And to manipulate the images and the issues put them on McCain and Graham showing their images back and forth talking first about the Iraq war (A BIG HUGE LIE THAT HAVE HAD DISTURBED THE AMERICANS) and then blame them for the Benghazi cleaning “Rice” image through them.  

I will say that reading John Storey (Chapter 4, p. 70) and trying to apply what he did described as Althusserianism who accordingly described there have had an enormous influence on cultural theory and popular culture. (Observing these shows and trying to apply what I am learning at SFSU) mainly in this case One of Althusser rejection of mechanistic interpretation of the base/superstructure formulation, which insist on the concept of the social formation as written “Althusser (1969), a social formation consists of three practices: the economic, the political and the ideological.”  Now going through this theory I agreed with Althusser when he said that this structure in dominance is determinant and what I found is that these shows are being used to distract the attention of the audience and to make fun of the serious issues that politically are influencing and determining the future of this country.  To analyze this matter deeper, Storey used “{Marxism, so its critics say,] . . . On the contrary, It is the manner in which they gained their livelihood which explains why in one case politics, in the other case Catholicism, played the chief part . . .”

Phrases like this Stewart shit or spin the important issues and matter to jokes and laugh insulting without saying so the Americans intelligence.


“The attackers were not angry film critics.” -“We know that that was wrong now.”-“These two . . . ‘remember these two from two decades ago?’.”        They are very popular and are public representations of how government uses 60 Minutes Washington misstatement meter to minimize their purposely thrown lies to cover their crimes.  They are shaping our pop culture and this really disturbed me, but I need to recognize that Jon Stewart as Colbert do know how to entertained, keep the audience attention in their program and mainly laughing and I hope their talents are used wisely, but not to cover up crimes or to take the seriousness of the matter even without respect for in this case the death of our representatives.

 So the jokes, the lack of the matter presented by one party are vulgarized through these shows to disturb the main issues presented.  In one hand, people is informed and on the other hand, they find the fun and the joke of the clever hosts who ultimately are losing their audience because of the same practice because through their talents they are helping to get lost the real issue which get its course disturbed and is never addressed.  (Storey, p. 71).  We prefer to get inform, but without acknowledging the reality.  Are we laughing because of their cleverness as we are accepting their crimes without saying?

In the content of the matter we will find the second part of Althusser theories, the ideological determinant part as written again “In this way, ideology dispels contradictions in lived experience, it accomplishes this by offering false, but seemingly true, resolutions to real problems.  This is not a ‘conscious’ process; ideology ‘is profoundly unconscious’ (233) in its mode of operation. (Storey, p. 71)

The representations of the program and the sole intention of the show is to undermine any issues bring up by one of the parties who is caring as the other used the show to inform the people and laugh about the knock down of the issues through jokes and the vulgarization of the matter.  The cutting, the pasting, the editing of the old advertisement school techniques are been apply.  In this case The Senators concerns are being never address as a serious matter and issue instead is being laugh about and not just by his opponents, but by the whole community who is watching the show as part of the entertainment portion of their life.  The ideologies behind the show as Althusser define it “(a mythic realm without contradictions). John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticize Susan Rice for her Benghazi misstatement, despite their own history with misstatements.

          Another good example is the following in which our First Amendment is been alienated, but we are laughing not caring about (?)  totally disagreed with Paul Joseph Watson.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 or the way in which many media spin the accusations I’m throwing publicly because my due process was denied and because I am suffering the worse religious persecution that millions are suffering from government of this country.  I defended DeGeneres, the Supreme Court of the United States will review gays/lesbians marriage issue.  I talked about water shortness and California water is recuperating levels thanks to the rain.  Spinning to hide their crime!”


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Storey, J. (2009). Fifth Edition Cultural Theory and Popular Culture an Introduction. In J. Storey (Comp.), Cultural theory and popular culture: An introduction (5th ed., pp. 1-253). Harlow, England: Pearson Longman. doi:901405874099 (Original work published 2009)

 I want to disclose what I do not think is needed and should be expected, but it seems to be an issue and I’m just wondering aloud if my privacy is been respected? The articles I will use were part of my BECA 460 class final exam.  The different between my response for that particular final exam is totally different from what I am going to present here because what I am doing is applying what Professor Cecil had been teaching us not only in my others classes assignments as part of my learning process and as part of the daily use of what I am trying to achieve, is primarily been acquire to be apply in my daily day life to make proper use of my learning and improving’s.  The same material, but the focus has absolutely anything to do with Braudillard, Althusser, Adorno . . .  or whoever else we are studying in BECA 321 and is specific for it.  Perhaps Marx, Engels or Lenin is different because their focus is on the economic part and the theory and might be applicable to both or any other perspectives.  Under no concept I am making two copies of the same analysis and assignment for both professors. 

Again I had been going to the same program not only to enjoy the show of Jon Stewart and Colbert, but with the sole intention to apply my learning through observation or to analyze their intentions, backgrounds to shape my own opinion in regards.  From the Pop culture BECA 321 point of view trying to apply the theories of some of the main characters introduced by Professor Cecil which is unique compare to the analysis made through BECA 460 and perhaps the difference between the BECA 300 comparison might be that in this class I am learning how to use the APA Style which is applicable to both or all except when is not required.     


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