In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on December 6, 2012


I and my family life are in danger. Mine is up to God because I am serving him and if that helps his cause: “Let it be.” But it look like is not the case. I was yesterday at the Student Center Building 10 at College of San Mateo (CSM) where I made plenty of abuse reports because for quite sometimes Tongan groups, or others were there together trying to harm me and sometimes really hurt me. As I was there, one stood near me and said: “I will kill you.” I just kept on doing my assignments corrections and I did ignore him. He left. I did not bother to report because not even the police care or allowed me to have a report as happened twice in Redwood City or as Belmont threw my child abuse report in my face back in 2007 I believe. Or as Burlingame or Daly City did say, everything was properly done, but it was not. They gave me 10 or so citations because my PA Speaker was over 50 watts and I had heard worse everywhere and they sent me to Mills Peninsula under 51-50 just bending the criteria. Right now at San Francisco State University 9:55p.m. at least 4-5 people had hurt me and the last (an Oriental girl) is attacking my heart
NO ONES KNOWS THE DAY, NOT EVEN THE BODY JUST THE MIND: THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA – THE ONLY GOD KNOWS THE DAY, THE TIME AND THE HOW? He is the one in between me and wicked. This is his cause, the day that he reserved for the poor as written in the Holy Bible. (Jesus Christ- the son of the only God, Eloi Yahweh in his real name.) I heard that Obama or so were going to talk about the end of this World. I do not know if that is really what is going to happen. I know that not even Jesus do know or just know anything! I know that God said: “Now I will rise” as I was in the women jails across the 101 in Redwood City and later I saw what is written in that regards. Now I do not remember, but I saw a road on the sky that just the people who believes in him will see (Wicked or non-wicked because the fear or the faith is the fountain of wisdom). What I will tell you is how wicked persecute and destroy non-wicked for years and not having fear of only God to whom I never saw yet, but I am sure that the policeman who took me from San Mateo to Redwood City in 2004 felt him as I was praying and crying to him. He drove like crazy! What I can tell you is that I was dancing at the Valero corner in Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City and I felt like a light or power coming down on me from the sky and saying without words: “You are my chosen one!” I am the dumbness, I do not know his word as well as many others, but I do know he knows what he is doing and I believe in him. I saw the eyes of the people looking at me as he descended and told me. I am sure they saw something, I was not able to see and I remember one time as I used to live in Cottage Grove, I felt like if he went by, but in a Rome fighting cars covered on the clouds and he found me. Twice I felt him at Lago property: One he got upset as I was writing on the window: “My prophesies are coming to be true.” And he told me you are not my prophet! Then I felt him like going into the pathway dress with a long king rope and many following him. I had never seeing him. I swear to you that I cannot even remember if they were dreams as when I knew I dreamed, but I couldn’t remember what. I hardly ever in my life dream as I sleep. I day dream like a child does and arrange through his imagination the clouds or so and on that day it was bothering me that I knew, but I couldn’t remember what? I kept on going and thinking until I went to Costco in Foster City and for the first time I met a Jewish man who told me his name was David I believe and asked if I was from that country and I saw part of my dream until I put together his banner which was slightly different than what it ended to be because the man who draw it in my arm changed it a bit.
As I was having trouble in my job because I discovered how they were setting up wicked elderly rich people as sin isle or crazy because of their age. I went to Cathedral Hill Church and as I begged Virgen Guadalupe to help me and to beg God to help me out. There I saw the most beautiful and pure white pages Holy Bible. It did not impress me at first. It was the second time that instead I saw a dirty, ripped off book which I turned to check if it was the Holy Bible and when I tried to tell the priest of the Third Avenue – San Mateo who lie to me, the priest lie based on Holy bible laws: “He could nullify my first Catholic marriage”: Jesus said: “In his dad’s laws divorce do not exist.”
Mind and body is computer – the soul’s home. They can work and control electronic. Turn off your computer. They can stop your car, the elevator, your lab top or your phone. They can force you to believe you are in love with them or that you are gay or lesbian. They can use your body to rob, use drugs and get fat because they just get or drain your energy, your talents especially if they create conditions: dirty and imperfect. You buy a new car and they hit you purposely. They make you to drink in parties and they in combination with police and others are setting you up to force you to pay $ 10,000.00 plus. Good number of people pays cash because through credit cards they have to pay much more. They get you into classes where the person who is your officer is working your mind and believe it or not: just a day before you do what you are not supposed to do. They set up older-21 or above age to rob or so with under age wicked and guess what the 21 non-wicked was just set up by the minor whose soul know and is participating with police, court, neighbors watch programs or wicked crime organized.
You are the lucky one who wicked friend is so nice that borrow you money to pay for your bills as you are in jail or needing a bail bond because your money is blesse and through it they are washing their curse money. You are the poor without luck whose wicked friend forget his car open while your junk is left there and a theft steal from you. You are the lucky who police never hears as you report that the mother or wicked father or your child just put your baby in your place without telling you, but you do it and there is the police behind you. They do not serve you the restraining orders on time and properly, but a friend of your wicked man or woman can send you flowers where you signed that you received it and the court know, (2nd floor recommended to many as I was standing listening to them) and my baby’s father sent his friend to drop three pieces of paper saying about it and he signed that he served me as Sheriff department held it and they sent my child rape. His little ass was totally red and baby was terrified. He did not want his clothes to be removed neither to play nor to change because he was dirty, but “Honor Greenberg as many others ignored for the last EIGHT YEARS as for the last SIX MONTHS CHILD NOT PROTECTIVE SERVICES, BUT PROSTITUTION SERVICES HAD BEEN IGNORING ME FOR AND AS FOR THE LAST FIVE THE SCHOOL SYSTEM OF HAYWARD, MODESTO AND NOW SAN JOSE WHO CONSTANTLY MOVED MY CHILD AND THEN THE PRINCIPAL OF HAYWARD SO HE “FORGOT ABOUT NOT HIS FAULT.” I AM JUST KIDDING, BUT THIS IS HOW THEY WASH THEIR HANDS AS TODAY AFTER PUBLICIZING ABOUT THE WATER ISSUE WORLDWIDE AND IN THE UNITED STATES THEY WERE SAYING IN ONE OF THE RADIO STATION THAT EVERYTHING IS OK. THE WATER LEVELS ARE AT NORMAL LEVEL. THEY ARE LYING. THEY ARE SPINING THE NEWS. THEY ARE DOING SO AS THEY DONE IN COMBINATION BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ONE: WICKED CRIME ORGANIZED SETTING UP TO THE POOR PEOPLE.
They forced us to marry and to procreate and then they divorce us and most of the time they take our babies away (FOR NO REASON), BUT THEN YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL; YOU NEED TO BE SUPERVISE AND GUESS WHAT THEY ARE ABUSING YOU ABUSING YOU AND YOUR CHILD EVEN THE PRINCIPAL OR THE AFTER SCHOOL OR THE TEACHER OF YOUR CHILD WHO IS NOT PROVIDING HIM WITH THE READING BOOK OR TEACHING HIM NO “S,” BUT BECAUSE HIS BIOLOGICAL FATHER AND MOTHER NEVER REALLY LOVE YOU, JUST SPIT ON YOU TO MAKE YOU DIRTY, UNHAPPY, REJECTED, NOT LOVE BECAUSE WORSE OF ALL MAJORITY OF THE POOR NON-WICKED ARE NOT ABLE TO FEEL NO “S” – 3 CHILDREN -50-YEAR-OLD AND I SWEAR I NEVER FELT AN ORGASM UNTIL I ASKED GOD AND I FIGURED OUT WITH A BOTTLE OF CORONA, BUT HONOR JAKUBOWSKI DENIED MY REQUEST TO NULE MY MARRIAGE AND THEY ARE SO MISERABLE THAT THEY PUT A BOTTLE OF CORONA NEAR MY VAN. “I CANNOT MISS WHAT I NEVER HAD.” Don’t even dream that I can ever wish to be with a pig – coward: rapper of babies, killers, cowards, abusers even of their own. They tried to kill Charles W. Jessup who made a police friend 50% of his will beneficiary. He put him in Redwood City elderly home where they put the heater too high that he and his dog was dying and run to the door as I arrived saying: “Take me out of here.” The woman tried to stop me and I said: “I do have 50% of his health power of attorney and if he wants to go you are not going to stop him. She called Redwood City police and both denied the release of his medication. Jessup ended up in Mills Peninsula Hospital and almost die with pneumonia or so. His second police friend when I told him about his medication he asked me to forget about.
As you go to the public laundry places, the machines skip part of the cycle or never moved just drain the water and never wash your laundry to force dirty conditions on us. The dryer are purposely prepared to pull and destroy your clothes and there is no government checking. You call to report and no one is ever at the other end. No less when you have issues with unemployment: my son was forced to work a day or two and then off again just to end his unemployment and after four years keeping him in the house to not let him to know about my struggles or issues they made him out of nowhere to get a job right now in construction places where his life is just an accident in danger and even though he does not know how to make sewer or work so. He got a job as apprentice as they could not kill or out of control him as they made him to put down the kitchen of his girlfriend because my Lago home was under sold to put me on the street for the ridiculous amount of $ 600,000 when Michael Haywood withdraw a $ 1,100,000.00 deal for it as they forced me to put down my sign publicly accusing government and I am not mentioning what he in combination with San Mateo Police did to stop me from using it and how “Honor Greenberg, the one who imposed me a TRO and the one who did as she pleased to take my child and give him to our rapper. My Federal suit cross-complaint was dismissed several times and the last one filed was kept back in 2007. The purposed of the September 11 is to take away our rights through the Patriotic Act, especially for the Hispanic community. It did happen in 1776 and in 1880. They forced White people not from England to come in bigger numbers. They allowed some of them to get land and worked it hard, but later they took them as they done recently through the Real Estate crisis – The Shawn’s Rebellion was called, but is the same all, same all. To keep the money and the power among the White people who came from England. I am excluding the children of Princess Dianne who as the poor are being persecuting and the old queen despite the fact that she is indeed wicked, she is been persecuted and set up as them. Wicked are corrupted – wicked are dividing their own.
They enjoy the suffering of the poor as happened with Cain and Abel is happening right now between wicked and non-wicked. Wicked is killing and persecuting –slavering the poor as their soul loses their physical I. D. or the mind and body soul’s home. The Patriotic Act is just a way to take our Constitutional rights and freedoms as well as perpetrating the criminals in power. In the name of God, I am begging for help and protection. Government is trying to kill me because I am serving the only God who created both, wicked, non-wicked; believers or not to give us choices. Help.
My older son after four years of not working was put to work as my granddaughter is held by people in Pittsburg. They are using her body to allow the spirit of her grandfather to live in her mind and body home because that is what wicked do: use the mind and body of the poor children who are set up by criminals in power and through abuses forced their soul to give up and let the spirits to use it. My baby’s body was used to celebrate my nephew death anniversary as my “legal forced family” was buying a cake for him. Now is not only my baby, but also my granddaughter. Begging you for help and protection.


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