In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on November 1, 2012

The bad part about the Halloween day in 2012 was that my son agreed to come if I was going with him and his family to a place where they were having trick for the children.  Ended up being a hunting place where I did observe the most horrible abuse that my child is suffering.  The last sucker wicked honor of the California Superior Court in Redwood City said: hearsay as they do know how many times they had continue, to ignore and oversee my motions.  As he knows how Redwood City Police had ignored my accusations and had been not only threaten me to stop me from doing as anyone else would it do.  They hit my sign with their car and told me not to go to my appointment to check on my abuses.

Yesterday my child face was totally out.  He was afraid, but saying that he was not.  His eyes were having a bad looking, his hands were totally stress and his fingers were like having seizures; they were straight and he was having tears in his eyes as he was punching his right on his left hand.  He said he had done that many times to his father and do not ask me for what.  He was upset, he was angry.  He did want to hit someone.  He did want to break something.  THIS IS WHAT HONORS FROM REDWOOD CITY CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT ARE DOING TO MY CHILD.  THE POOR CHILD WHO KILL IN TEXAS AND IS SAYING RIGHT NOW THAT HE DID BECAUSE OF THE MANY ABUSES HE SUFFERED IN HIS HOME ARE NOT LIES.  THIS IS WHAT NON-WICKED IS FORCED TO GO FOR.  THIS IS HOW OUR GOVERNMENT IS SETTING UP THE POOR IN JAILS AND HOSPITALS.  This is part of the worse crime ever against humanity.  Government of the United States is persecuting us for religious reason.  They are wicked.  God created us all, but they are passing the line as Hitler did and ended up destroy and no more.  What you are doing to my baby and millions others you will pay for.

On 11/5/12 not able to print recycling my blogs to be able to have First Amendment

I still not have a phone, not because I am not paying, but because the United States government representatives as well as many corporations are hypocrite, criminals and liars.  We do not have equal rights and freedoms.  Did you hear about Berkeley passing a law against the poor or the Bart closing the stairs because the poor are force on the street and they are using it as their toilet?  It’s discussing how this country is being drag down to the trash and the media is not doing much about.  It is true is not healthy, but who is forcing them on the street are wicked (Government).

I was going to write about the Halloween party at the Meyer Elementary School in which Principal like Meyer and Wing, the after school person in charge made sure that non-wicked do not dress as everyone else.  I saw many happy faces, because no one can deny that Halloween is part of the America culture, is part of our children fun, but not for all.  Many children who are forced to be big and obese are put down with the tiny sizes made purposely to make them feel bad about themselves, but believe is done purposely and people so called “Honors” because they are using the honor places of our government not because they are giving justice equally to the people in this country, but because “The President gets to choose them and let them be there for life.”  Abuses of authorities, religious persecutors, criminals in power not because they are choose by the people.

They got offended with the prayers of the believers, but they changed the rules without doing so through the ballot.  They do know that 3/4 majority will never allowed them to have the Halloween parties, the parades, or the games played to celebrate their own religious practices as forcing the poor, the ones that they do not allowed to pray at the school because a sucker judge thought that it is not constitutional, but what about Halloween?  Don’t take me wrong, I love it as part or our pop culture, but I hate the fact that we do not have equal rights.  I do hate the facts of fakes rights and freedoms as they are doing as they please.  Watch out with the Sally Hurricane because what I discovered means that they do have the controlled of the weather.  What it is that they are trying to approach: rob the election for whoever they please?


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