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I did have to paste after copying and I cannot publish second time. AGAIN ON 11/6/12

on October 29, 2012

Two weeks ago finally my son agreed to come from Pittsburgh to San Jose to go shop my baby’s custom.  We bought one that ended up being to tiny and because of that I lost part of my money as I tried to exchange at Party City.  He is nine-year-old and Large 10 to 12 did not work.  I feel is not my fault, but that is their policy.  I sympathized with their reasoning after one of the girls explained to me that is because some people purchase and return after using it in prior parties before Halloween, but not good for me.  Worse of all is that I had not being able to get one, but I will be honest with you is being done purposely.  Instead of visiting in his dad’s curve yesterday, I ended up at Party City making line trying to exchange and I was abuse by many.  I asked for about 7 different even adults and they were not available, but I am sure that it was done because they planned it that way.

My baby was feeling bad because the one he chose was tiny and did not fit him.  He was throwing his right hand in the air because he was in pain as he was standing with me at his neighbor’s home curve where I ended up getting wet because as I went to his dad’s home I was not able to hold my number 1  need no matter what I did.  Baby was feeling bad and he wants a costume that have the red eye lighted.  I had gone everywhere this morning and I am not able to find any, but I always think that is for the best since God, eloi Yahweh is letting that to happen.  Yes, I am crying out of anger and deep in me saying: “Pinches puercos immundos,” he is a baby do to me whatever because out of my anger I just get hatred in my heart and you do not want me to have that there.  Plenty is that even though I do not practice witchcraft, I respect your traditions and I accepted as part of the pop culture in this country.

I really hate the hypocrite of many that said: that we have democracy and we care for our children and we do have equal rights to education and so on and forth when I do not know that slavery was just reface in this country and in this world.  I hate to see the concerned about the poor girl shot because want to learn as I do or anyone does, but it is ashamed that this country who even followed and kept on saying and condemning the act are the primary head and people doing so in this country to the Americans.


Last night on 11/5/12 at Whipple Ave/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City; people from Belmont who used to go around abusing me there at that corner now went to Redwood City.  This time was 6 altogether.  One of them after being hurting my throat without touching me and just using the knowledge of mind and body computer WITCHCRAFT unable to do as much as they were wishing one about 7 feet tall and heavy run and took my sign that said: “5 honors of Redwood City The big sign used to be carried in my van back which was painted black with white letter accusing 5 honor at Redwood City CA Superior Court who are good to persecute or prosecute us to take our children, but ignore us when we are telling them: I HAD NEVER VIOLATED THE LAW AND YOU HAD NEVER GIVING ME THE REASON TO TAKE MY CHILD LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY TO GIVE HIM TO THE MAN I SAW MOLESTING HIM SEXUALLY.  I DON’T DRINK, I DON’T SMOKE, I DON’T LAY WITH NO ONE AS I AM SINGLE.  I GO TO WORK HARD EVERY TIME I POSSIBLY CAN SERVING THE ONLY GOD AS ACCUSING WHAT I DISCOVERED, THERE IS NO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES INSTEAD THERE IS A CHILD PROSTITUTION SERVICES.  I found the metro PCS sign on the freeway and I painted on side and I wrote on it as I was held in Lathrop months or perhaps a year ago to publicly accused government of being retaining me there and trying to kill me.  This time, I saw the man who took my sign away, kept it and hit me.  He broke my glasses as the Mexican when Redwood City Police lie on a report and said that they went to the corner to assist me, but who knows what again they did to disappeared it since Hong at the Victim Center denied the payment of my glasses and my case because no police report was done as I saw and the clerk told me when I went to made a Citizen complaint and a report that no one ever helped me and many times they ignored me as other wicked were abusing me.


Last night as the man took my sign and run away with it followed by the mother and a daughter as well as two other males; I ran behind them.  He was first and the other two were waiting for him to pass it.  The two women were behind and the mother was last.  I tried to get hold of her and I asked for my sign.  They called Redwood City police and as they were doing so, the younger or daughter was lying.  I was standing next to them and I was saying: “It’s not truth; she is lying as she was saying that I was biting up her mother and I was assaulting her.  I kept on saying she is lying as I was standing next to them; they stole my sign.  It must be recorded her lies and my yielding denying what she was lying about me being biting her mother.  I have no phone because this hypocrite government representatives who are just using this country are denying me the right to have a phone, internet access as much as they can as well as they took my properties as they denied my rights to accuse them.  My First, Fourteenth Amendment among many others had been denied.  MY CHILD IS BEING ABUSE WORSE THAN THE IRAQ SOLDIERS AND NOT ONLY HIS SEXUAL MOLESTER OR BIOLOGICAL FATHER IS DOING SO, BUT THE PRINCIPAL OF MEYER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AS WELL AS MANY OTHERS THERE AND IN HIS NEIGHBOR WHERE NO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE REALLY EXIST NOT EVEN AS THE FAKES TAKING OUR CHILDREN IN CITIES LIKE BELMONT AND SAN MATEO AS THEY WERE THE ONES WHO TOOK MY CHILD WITHOUT GIVING ME A REASON.


The mother dropped her phone I believe.  She was missing it and was asking me for it, the man who took my sign ran back to help them and I started to go back to the corner as they were threaten me.  As I got to the corner, the 7 or more feet tall man was having my scarf on his hand and did want to trade with me it for her phone which I never saw or touch.  I asked him to leave me alone and I did refuse to take back my head cover.  At the corner it was a black plastic container in which I believe the beggar (wicked member who works with government as this group of people and with many others who goes by on bicycles, or walking or driving abusing me with the knowledge of computer: witchcraft and many times hurt me or forced dirty as they done yesterday: No. 2 in my back without control or No. 1 as they please not only on me or hurting my throat as I was publicly accusing them.)


As I crossed the Veterans Blvd. Street he did and was threaten me.  I was asking for help and protection to the people and I was asking him to leave me alone and stop.  At the corner he hit me and put down my glasses asking me for his mother or her mother phone and started kicking my wooden sign.  Unable to see well, I grabbed the plastic box which he carried there saying that it was belong to me and as he was trying to hit me, I hit him with it.  The young woman came trying to take part of the fight and he did stop her.  From far I saw a white package, it was an old couple standing at the I Hope sign or the hotel sign who according to the Redwood City people were a third party group who testify that I hit him, but never saw what I described above: the hit in my face and the kick as well as the harassment and the stealing of my sign.  They just said that I did.  For years not having a choice as they dismissed my federal cases several, several times denying the forced poverty in which “Honor” Susan Greenberg forced me.” To not allowed me to make public my discoveries: mind and body is a computer and just the soul’s home and publicly accusing Bush’s administration of being the mind of the September 11 in New York World Trade Center . . .


Again last night, but this time without excuse: I saw the Redwood City police giving card and case number to three out of four of the people who stole and assaulted me to deny my First Amendment.  Nevertheless, I was told no report will be made on my issue in which I was trying to press charges.  The deal as they called it was to let me go: “My sign was taken, my glasses again were broken, but no report was made for me and to keep draining money for wicked people who are working with them and for them, yes a report number was giving so they can claimed as they told me “She was injured.”  I asked them to check my stuff which he was the one who moved my sign all over and kicked after all because I never saw or touched the phone that she was missing.


Yes they asked me if I did want an ambulance, but back in 2006, I had been abused there to force treatment and even though I was feeling my finger numb, and some pain; I did say no, but after all not feeling my finger I went to San Mateo County Hospital where I was checkup and I realized I was bruised on my right arm and my face.  Today, I do not see as last time my eyes bruised so far, but my neck still hurting and my right side too where my elbow got a bump. I got some medicine for pain and I hope I will be ok.


In God’s hands I put the liars and I am begging anyone who saw what I am describing above to please write a testimony and report to Redwood City Police and to give me a copy.  It does not have to be notarizing, but if you do I am begging God to bless you for your honesty.  If anyone knows where my sign is, please bring it back to me or tell me.  I am paying to AT & T for a phone service, but I do not have service as wicked turned it off through my mind.



Can you believe it, baby’s dad would not go out he had been forcing us on his home curve because he did have a surgery.  My son has its own family in Pittsburgh and I have no rights whatsoever just because I discovered the used of witchcraft and technology against the poor people in this country as government used it to force us in jails, hospitals and to force conservator ship on us.

I do not drink, I do not take drugs, I do not prostitute.  I am not criticizing anyone.  I do believe in God’s choices, but mine are those and I lost my child legal and physical custody just because I am serving only God as he choose me as his servant.  I saw his father molesting him and I reported back in 2005 even to every member of Congress through a letter written on 4/18/05 and my child was taken in retaliation on 6/25/05 and was sent rape about a month later as San Mateo Police rejected my accusation against his dad without explanation.


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