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on October 25, 2012



            I am recommending VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 38, because as written on the proposition “Education is our future because children are our future.”  Proposition 38 is in a way competing with Proposition 30 which are oriented to make a different in education.  Proposition 38 is oriented only to give support to grades K through 12 and take the control from government representatives who do not care for our community and our future and who had been cutting on education to a point in which California who was at top list of the best is now the most prominent on the bottom of the list having the poorest education ever.  Proposition 30 is competing with Proposition 38.  The biggest issue that I do have is that government will keep the control of the money and will keep on forcing education time without providing the quality that for years was given in California as the Hispanic community had been forced through suggestions to grow geometrically and is representing about 56 percent of the population in this state.  Majority of them are children.  According to RAND California data the Hispanic population between the ages of 0-14 years is 3,918,988 as collected on October 3, 2012 and just 1,271,328 were between the ages of 20-24 years. (RAND CA, 2012).Certainly the education in lower grades is mandatory, but as government had been cutting and cutting on the budget and had been overcrowding the classroom and diminishing the quality of our education system; they had been jeopardizing the education of our children and our future, but mainly of this country which had been importing educated people to keep up with the trend of technology worldwide.     

Proposition 38 is the only education initiative that will make schools a priority again and ensure our tax dollars to be invested in our local school, not Sacramento or any other programs which are as important, but our children cannot discern the different and cannot say or complaint.  Proposition 38 was created and is endorsed by the California State PTA, school districts, education advocates, and the Advancement Project, who are joining together to qualify and pass Prop 38 because California has been shortchanging our children for too long, and it’s time to act.  Instead of investing in our schools, political leaders from both parties have been cutting. Since 2008, they’ve cut school budgets by $20 billion. Over 40,000 educators have been laid off, and California now has the largest class sizes in the nation.  As they believe, I truly believe our children deserve better and they will have a much more advantage.  The answer had been barely found through Affirmative Action as an example.  Prop 38 raises $10 billion a year for schools, puts it into a secure trust fund that Sacramento politicians can’t touch, and distributes the money evenly on a per-child basis to every public school.  I do know it is much more to do, but many things are happening currently that are leading for the worse in this community and in this country.  I have no preferences, but this is the way to empower any community and Proposition 38 is not just focusing on the Hispanic community education, but our children in California.  Through the poor by law education the Hispanic community is put in disadvantage as they are giving money for higher education in college or university and they cannot cope with the demands due to the poor basis that they are having and Proposition 38 will give our children a better venue and roots.   Good number of them drops out and based on the raw data found through the Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012 which gives a 14.7 percent in 2009 and in 1980 a 29.5 percent.  (U. S. A. Census Bureau 2010 and raw data of U. S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012 Education p. 176).

            I feel that not only through the Latino Demographics had been established that the Hispanic Community is being underrepresented through management with 18 percent as we are over represented in the service area with 24 percent.  I feel that compare to the number of babies born from our people according to the U. S. A. Census Bureau 2010 and La Raza LTNS 660 quiz on Latino Demographics condensed by Professor Carillo, 2012 the Hispanic community needs to have a higher number of political representations, a higher number of management, and educators, to lead and help them.  To stop the latest trend, in which the Black as the Hispanic Community had been set to be abuse, rob; discriminate as happened recently through the foreclosure issue going around this country, due to the lack of education.  

Not only the Hispanic community need a higher educated people who can empower our communities, and who can lead and represent us.   The alarming numbers of children dropping out of school from this community are dramatically stunning; they are almost doubling the average on many of the age categories and they are having the lowest number in thousand compared to Blacks or Asians students enrolling in higher education and worst of all about 80 percent of them do not graduate.  I am not comparing this numbers to the White community because the huge gap and difference are outrageous, but the Hispanic community enrolling is just 55 in thousands, the lowest compared to Blacks 87 and 151 Asians.  (U. S. A. Census Bureau 2010 and raw data of U. S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012 Education p. 182).

            For the best interest not only of the Hispanic community, I am recommending Vote YES ON PROPOSITION 38 and I submitted a recommendation that said:

VOTE YES on 38 California State PTA support it. Ban government from touching or cutting as done since 2008 – both parties cut from school budgets $ 20 billion.  California used to be 3rd on top education – now is 3rd on bottom.  Latino population is high rocking; very few highly educated representing community.  From K through 12 good number drop out and not even a third of high school graduates pursue a higher education or drop out because they are in disadvantage.  Both Proposition 30 and 38 propose a tax increase, but prop. 38 will provide for a better education for our growing community in the early and best years of our children as government can just cut and do not care for our children education.

            I would hope that Proposition 38 include a higher education coverage’s, but unfortunately did not and I hope that in near future we can make sure we do take care of it for the empowerment not only of the Hispanic community which in this case we are trying to help making an analysis and giving them the reasoning behind or our finding.  On the other hand, Affirmative Action is in danger according to a recent case filed at the Supreme Court of the United States of America by a Texas student, Abigail Fisher which name is not relevant, but could lead new limits on Affirmative Action and many are the Institution that has their own way to interpret and apply it.  Recently 50 percent of the students at Berkeley are Orientals.  This information again is not official, but is publicly managed by the people. But most important is the fact that this year Congress limit the years of Financial Aid not having into consideration that majority of Hispanic Communities as well as immigrants from all over the World “DO NOT HAVE THE SAME CHANCES, KNOWLEDGE THROUGH EDUCATION-OPPORTUNITY AND LACK LANGUAGE BARRIERS THAT IN GOOD NUMBER OF TIME PUT THEM IN DISADVANTAGE.  THEY ADVANCE BY AGE THROUGH THE SCHOOL SYSTEM WITHOUT BILINGUAL PROGRAMS AS MENTIONED BY PROF. CARRILLO, LTNS 660, 2012.”

            In conclusion based on the information provided by many of the supporters for Prop 38 reflected the sad fact that both or main political leader groups in this country had been supporting cuts in education.  40 thousand jobs were cut since 2008 as well as billions of dollars.  California used to have the third place in best education, lower number of students per classroom and now days California is in the third place, but of the worse.  Both parties of government had been cutting on the funds for education and not caring for our future and this is the main reason why I am favoring YES on Proposition 38.  Inviting others to lead for reforms and aids in higher education as well in social programs that had been cut without people questioning our representatives and allowing them to do as Oakland Major did in 2011.  Ashamed!



Note: Professor Carrillo, thank you.  I am sorry I misunderstood you in regards our reasoning and search to get to the conclusion aside to mention what we did to do so.

Attached: APA references


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