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I am not the only one accusing China and its supporters to kill America economy

on October 14, 2012

“(Ryan spent part of the morning visiting St. Michael’s Church of Canfield, Ohio, a catholic charity, where he talked to homeless people and washed pots and pans that earlier provided food for the needy.

While on the Youngstown campus, Ryan also cited an International Trade Commission report showing the U.S. has lost 2 million jobs as a result of China taking intellectual property rights.

“Taking our patents, taking our goods that we make and copying them and selling them — that’s not correct, that’s not right, that’s cheating,” he said.

Ryan was also critical of Washington Republicans and Democrats alike for allowing the federal deficit to reach $16 trillion with 48 percent of the debt being owned by other countries, with China at the top.

“This compromises our sovereignty,” he said).” Fox October 13,12

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Certainly they are right and I will say it is a start because is not only that $ 1,008 billion given to Walmart that is killing our little business are also affecting our economy.  Why Obama had say nothing because he as Bush were the supporters of the Americans wealth and pride.  September 11 was part of it and we ended up having a debt thanks to what Bush’s Administration planned and executed.  The maquiladoras in Mexico border are another and it is not for the good of the poor who are being exploited there without rights without any union representing them as this is killing our jobs and economy. 
Many of the big fish just creates myths to divide us.  They are the ones who created the maquiladoras to earn more profits not caring for the Americans middle class, but then we do have Huntington blame the Hispanic Community of dividing America.  These are the games, the tricks played as they are manipulating and controlling us to do as they please for a few elite monarchies in this world to get ahead and of course they do have some supporters, but what they are not thinking is that they are slowly and quietly moving toward technology and if 100 were need to support their crimes now days not even 10 will keep the job.
They are ignorants because they are going to the extreme to have the trillions of pieces of papers in their banks; they are replacing humans sophisticated mind and body computers, their soul’s home with cheaper not sensitive machines that are able to do through the internet a mechanical work that is killing thousands if not 100s of thousand of job not only in America.
This week I had been very busy.  At College of San Mateo to deny access to my test, my password did not work.  Professor said: “I can make my test any time,” but this is giving me a pressure I don’t need.
At SFSU still trying to register in a class part of my career goal and you are not going to believe that we do have a week to get four signatures, so I ran to do that on the dot not because I let it go, but because the process first forced the students to try to crash, then it takes a while as you are trying to get all the signatures.  Well I did well until September 24 when I could not add the class because I was having over the limit unit which I did because I did have to have something better than nothing.  Since 9/24/12 till now as we are having almost mid-term test I still not withdrawn from Hum 415 and not added into BECA 321.  I sent an email to President, Dean, Chair among many other saying: “It is ashamed” because I do not have access to the iLearn (material use on the BECA 321 and this is not good for me or anyone because I am sure and I hope so, I am not the only one.  Aside I reported to them what I had been reporting at the lab: “A discrimination as I am struggling to do my assignments and many are working on me and forcing me to waste my time writing on the blog, but not allowing me to post nothing.  For God Sake this is the reason why quite a number of Blacks, Hispanics, or many other are not able to succeed through higher education.  Aside the “smart” changes made by Congress on FAFSA without giving noticed to the people of the changes.  Do they know how do we struggle to get the classes that we really need?  Do we get 150 units because of the way they are paying to this institutions?  I will not ask if they forced us. I had been publicly accusing College of San Mateo who put me at the limit and took my changes for the third time to be having a successful career.  Millions of Americans are being persecuted for religious reason as mind and body are computers.  Our soul’s home and click, click they just upload, download and rob our talents.  Click, click they are smart and change your pages as they please.  click, click no one knows how the court system abuse authorities and discretions and ignore even the public beg of a mother who knows that her baby had been raped and abused even by the former president Bush as Arnold Swarzenegger.  Help, begging for help and protection.  Begging for a public accusation against government>  DEMANDING A PUBLIC ACCUSATION AS THEY DENIED MY FIRST AND FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT AS WELL AS MY DUE PROCESS.

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