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I am having someone denying access to my file because of the words used

on October 10, 2012

I am reading about news and I found two cases in which I cannot stop myself.  I need to tell you; I need to make a statement.  I do want before anything clarifies the name of someone who deserves it.  Honor Buchwald in South City, California court.  I do not know him out of my case back in 2007 or 2008.  Actually were two.  One in which he made a mistake dismissing my Belmont property case because the millions of Americans who lost their dream home can possibly get that back base on my accusation and cases, but what I will say about him is that he is one of the few in the court system who at least try to give justice to the people as well as Honor Borja in Redwood City.  I do not know if my comment does any good to you.  Perhaps far from it, but I am asking Eloi Yahweh to watch for you if anything.  I AM ACCUSING PUBLICLY AND DEMANDING A PUBLIC ACCUSATION AGAINST GOVERNMENT.  SEVERAL TIMES I WAS PUT IN JAIL FOR NO REASON.  What happened in York County, South Carolina is not for me a surprise.  The poor condemned to a 15 years in jail and who attacked “his public defender.” Apparently for no reason it is no logical thinking and I will share my three experiences.  Back in 2004 I was held in jail one night without.  The sign was posted: “people have the right to make a phone call.”  I never had that right given and when I tried to make a complaint, in the morning, the officer told me “They do not have a form and no one to get my complaint.”  I was released and the case was dismissed because of what I discovered.  I was kept out of my house for 5 days for no reason and my baby was not properly taking care because of that.  In 2008 as Honor Quentin Kopp discriminated against me and participated with Ershi Gu et all and their lawyer: Chen who used my mind and body which was totally stressed as they ROBBED MY LAST PROPERTY- ROBBED MY PROPERTY.  Twice they denied my due process as I requested a jury trial and dismissed that property case three times, Honor Buchwald did the first or second time and they did not like the fact that I just responded the next case filed: copying all the documents on the first one.  My arm was broken by Pascual Olivares Jr., as he tried to kick me out of the court and I did not understand how Honor Q. Kopp was able to rob my property without a due process, without being able to accuse them.  Believe me I did not hear much.  I just saw myself on the hallway detained by some of the sheriff’s people and one of them accusing me.  I heard their accusation.  I supposedly kicked them.  The local newspaper called me “The kicking mule.”  I felt that is in no way a professional journalist doing his or her job in a professional way.  I was held in Redwood City and believe me I would it be release, the same day, but after years of abuses I refused to sign as I did back in 2004.  What justice when I cannot even bring the abuses and robbery of government to the stand?  I decided to fast until I though people were going to be inform, but the main head of Redwood City who came and told me to do so immediately turned around and put me under 51-50 FOR NO REASON: I RESPONDED TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVES WITH THE DATE, TIME AND REASON WHY I WAS DOING WHAT I DECIDED TO DO: FAST AND REFUSED TO SIGN AGREEING TO GO TO COURT A MONTH LATER.  I WAS PUT IN SANTA CLARA – UNIT A where for almost a month I refused to eat.  I was put on drugs and they denied my right to represent myself.  They allowed me to write, but as they released me took my copy.  The one I served to the Penal Director in Santa Clara.  They stole some of my documents.  But what I will tell you in regard the two private defenders is what the media should investigate and make public.  The first one I was assigned told me: “I do not think the District Attorney will press charges against you because Pascual used to much forced on you – broke your arm [right arm in three places – Santa Clara and San Mateo County Hospital did not let me cast or did not cast it because A IS THE PRACTICE IN JAILS. B THEY DID NOT WANT ME TO HAVE RECORDS.]  Lieberman got me released two days prior I was scheduled just to make sure I was at home for them to vacate my property as scheduled.  Lieberman 1) brought the Health representatives of Redwood City to testify that I was mentally disabled. “She lie as Duken the Drug Lab Scandal in which about 500 people ended up in jail in Boston according to CNN report in which Milazia Johnson was released after three years in prison.  Duken altered test and lie as the Redwood City on the stand.  I was found guilty because the jurors were not able to see a mentally ill person, but Lieberman not only brought her to the stand with the sole intention to demonstrate that and on front of the juror asked me if Pascual broke my arm or if it did happen before or after the facts.  This pig was dirty, but I will say was not as dirty as Hove, the second private defender assigned to me to represent me in Belmont City issue in which not only that city altered a city code to alienate my First Amendment, but as I finally was brought to court tide and bit up because for a month I refused to do so.  I agreed with my son to come to court, but not in my feet making a statement so they got upset and did not care that I agreed to seat peacefully for them to bring me to court and they sent about 5-10 including a woman with a camera to bit me up and tide me into a chair.  My broken and never cast hand was almost broke again: tide to make it be purple and numb.  My son cried seeing it.   Hove not representing me, but working with the honors and the crime organized was the one who suggested the changes in the Belmont city code to be able to find me guilty and to deny my First Amendment right.  The 22-2 city code is just applicable to gardeners issues not my First Amendment and they also tried to make me look guilty of an accident that a woman had  near my signs to whom I helped.  Believe me they collected my tiny little towel with her blood and for quite some time I was concerned of what or how they could use that against me.   THEY INCLUDING OR LEADING THE CHANGES WAS ‘MY PRIVATE DEFENDER – HOVE.”

WHY THIS POOR MAN HIT HIS PUBLIC DEFENDER IN YORK COUNTY IN SOUTH CAROLINA – DO NOT WONDER, BUT I DO NOT THINK HE DID JUST BECAUSE HE WAS DOING A GOOD JOB REPRESENTING HIM AND LET ME SHARE WHAT A POOR MEXICAN WOMAN WAS FORCED TO DO: PLEA GUILTY OF NEGLETING HER BABY JUST TO BE RELEASE NOT REALIZING THAT SHE WAS GOING TO LOSE HER BABY CUSTODY THAT WAY. What Lisa Hewitt Massachussett Cmte. Acknowledge is the truth.  The court system is in shameful situation but not only because Duken terrible lies and so on and forth in this case I would investigate a bit more.  It is not normal that someone committed and is publicly acknowledging her guilt without being represented.  This is what I had been trying to publicize for years.  Government and wicked people using the United States Government system to create economical means for a tiny (1%) of the people in this country are setting the poor in jails and hospitals.  Out of the point, but vote no on any taxes proposed with the exception of 38 just because is trying to take care for our future, our children education or else approved just taxes on people who makes more than $ 200,000.00 per year and believe doctors and lawyers made that easily since years ago and I can go easily back to year 2000. 


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