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Of course the Media had never being selected by the people, but they get our support if they represent us and work for the best interest of the people

on October 9, 2012

I just spent about 4-5 hours watching the Front Line in which obviously many of the good representatives of the people who are part of the Media and who are not like people like the ones who interviewed me with the sole intention to spin the news and keep my child under the abuses of criminals in power, who altered my photo with the sole intention to create a bad image, but I feel that some of the media had been destroy and forced into foreclosure in this era and the head had been former president Bush who abused my child as he came to California and who decided in combination with others to take my rights away not because I am mentally disable or a drug added or so (if you do have a medical reason, I am not criticizing.  I am just pointing out that they do not have any reason to do so.) I am trying to establish that government took all my rights just because they are persecuting me as millions others for religious reason and worse on me because I am claiming to be the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant who asked me to observe, accuse and set his banners. ( I had never hear or see him yet, but as written had come to me.)

This is what as his servant I am doing.  Believe it or not; he does consider my comments as I am writing them or just asking him and the media is getting their shares on people’s heart this way.



         These are not my tools as well as the photos that were taken from DGME 112 class at College of San Mateo.  The Media is being identified by own log identifying them or their own well known “personality.” Or classic well known presentation where those pictures were taken by the specific media producers that are not being given and I do not want to guess and cite without having the right ownership. 


_   This instrument can teach.  It can illuminate.  Yes, and it can even inspire.  But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends.  Otherwise, it is merely wires and lights in a box.  There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifferenceThis weapon of television could be useful.  –Edward R. Murrow Oct. 1958 speech to RTNDA, Chicago





For years and having Latino background I used to watch Univision, or Telemundo for my news sources.  Aside that I used to watch “Ocurrio Asi.”  This last program was different and nice; the main presenter was a man.  There it was another in which two women were the ones giving the news not in traditional way.  Later in life I started watching other English speaking channels depending on the channel that 24 Hours Fitness was having in their monitors.  In 2011, I started college again.  My goal was to become a Journalist. My attention focused to the news and the way it was presented.  I started to notice that one thing was the theory given by my professors and the total different way of approaching and presenting the news was happening.  The actuality of the reality show was different.

As I now perhaps the whole world with some exception had been expanding and people have the possibility to see a local issue or an international issue approach from the inside or the outside of the main.  For example, the way the Iraq war and the lies of former president Bush or Katrina deficiencies of the government were managed and presented by media outside this country compared inside media.  Majority of the people is not yet ready to criticize the media from a professional point of view, but they can compare them.  A different perspective helps them to wander and question. Based on some of my lessons or classes taken, good number of the Media is not following protocols.  They are bias, they are hidden crimes.  They are using the weapon to help criminals.  They are not helping the people or this country as others do.  They are not taking advantages of what the people in this country gave them: First Amendment right and are letting it die as a fake dream written in our Constitution. They are not having, instead they are losing the power that the people gave them and cannot be measure because the ones who can decide and is the one who really pays and supports them and can stand in their side if they need so.   What is sad is that the people are struggling and not knowing how to do so professionally are competing and making statement using even the tiny cameras in their phones or videos capabilities to make different on the news and the statements.   

I do not know how expensive is to have a big monitor on the outside as long as we will be producing, but some advertisement can be run to minimize the cost.  I would like to have a building with lights and perhaps blue cobalt combine with cyan making our station name to be having lights lighting it in a different way like flashing around to make it to show.  I would like the building to be made of glass, but the floors of granite and wood.  At the entrance our station logo welcoming the people who will be allowed to sit not on benches, but tiny tables with computers for people to give us their opinions and to let us know what it is that is more important for them.  I will have a link with Twitter and Facebook or any other that is top of line on currency and I will asked people to let us contact them by phone if they happened to be reporting on any matter just because they happened to be at the right time and moment when this or that happened to be able to interview and to make sure that the new is professionally presented and done.

I wouldn’t ever allowed anyone to mock or make fun of anyone publicly as happened to a Professor who was talking about the climate recently and it was posted for us on BECA 460 iLearn.  Obviously the eyes of the woman were distorted and that clown do not have respect at all and if I am calling him clown is because of what he did to someone who has the right to express herself and who deserve our respect no matter if I agree or disagree with her point of view.  Today was that woman, tomorrow who knows, but a station that does that loses credibility and respect.  That sucker was not professionally representing the media.  Who does not know how can you play with a photo through technology, aside he presented the real image of the woman right there and she was not having as much issue with her eyes and if I was here I should suit him.

I will not pick a particular television or online news source.  Even though I watched some TV news to be able to do my assignment, I do not feel I should pin point any because good numbers of them are having the same set up:  one or two people presenting the news.  A third party on the scenes and a commentator or a panel of three or four people presenting, talking and commenting and some of them look funny: reading not able to manage with a teleprompter among themselves or the camera, but not reading the piece of paper and constantly looking down to read.  They should be professionally working and some of them are NBC, FOX, CNN MSNBC as well as tiny channel locally working in San Francisco or California.

Good numbers of them are presenting the news just around the government and its representatives.  They are great advertisement for free for them.  They are not trying to find people’s feeling and comments.  Absolutely everything and anything is happening among and in between the government and the media, but the people are totally out.  In crime cases gets worse; they assumed that people are guilty and don’t even say if the police had determined that they are guilty because they were found or because they plead guilty and this is happening before they are found guilty in the court of law.  Certainly, if I want to say that professionals in Journalism or Broadcasting are working for me, they better do it that way or else they are as amateur as anyone else that is lucky to be and decide that he has the capability to present the news.  So far there is no different.  Some because they are not professionals and other who knows why, but they are alike. [This is being added before I am posting it in my blog claiming rights not on photos or others that are obviously owned by well-known places, but This is what my station will do let school to use for “FREE” FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE. Why? Because is free advertisement if I am lucky to be selected by the professors.]         


The hot topic in the market worldwide is games.  I would make comments on new games and I would sponsor some entertainments because it is easy to catch their attention and trust as they are younger than when they are 18-to-25.  Once you have them is love for life and I will give people accessibility to our place and I will appreciate their comments as well as to acknowledge them.   I would have Starbucks, Jamba Juice or MC Donald or Burger King or Jack in the Box, but with playground to welcome families.  Let’s say a green day near us in which family feel welcome and entertain without much expenses and I will have a lot of green areas for them to seat and watch our big outside screen. I will choose a new topic theme every week to talk about and I will ask people for suggestions.  A lot of work for us, but a lot of people’s participating and giving us inputs that will keep us as part of their essential life entertainment and news group.  I would show what we do and how we do it.  How hard we work to serve the people.

 Showing our hearts not perfection, we are humans.


I would not have the same image as background all the time.  Instead, I will choose something new and I will make a comment of why I choose it.







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