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I am tired, but despite the facts, I had done a lot of my assignments

on October 5, 2012

I am very exhausted.  I did have to stay until very late last night trying to do all of my assignments and Luckily I done my quiz from Dance 350.  My assignments so far on time.  I do believe I solve the problem with my withdraw class to be able to add BECA 321.  I hope it will be solve tomorrow or ASAP, but I though so last week.  The Chair was nice as I went to speak with him. I am trying to hear the First Presidential debate, but is no sound coming out.  Do I am lucky?  Yes many are the ones hurting me and making me to feel tired.

Anyway, I better go to sleep since I am not able to hear absolutely anything.   I am begging you for help and protection and publicly accusing former President Bush as Obama, Congress and many others of trying to kill me and to be abusing my baby, my family and I in many ways.   Yesterday, I was feeling very bad as one of the student told me that I did not do anything in our Proposition 38 evaluation and believe me: I did work hard.  I was not able to read my email due to the problems, but I volunteer to do the job if they were not able to be here at the time and I had been trying hard to do as much as I could.  I sent a letter to my professor.  I do have copy of all my email.  I still don’t have a phone.  I was able to see and be with baby on Monday night.  seating on the sidewalk, but he played for a while with the toys I carry for him and his cousin Jan Carlos was with us.  Both do not live with their mother.  Jan Carlos came from Mexico since he was one-year-old as his father just took him.  He doesn’t know or ever saw or heard his mother.  Isn’t that sad?  Anyway.  I am not sure yet, but I will vote for Rodney and yes on Propositions 38.  I feel that the Latino community is growing a lot and everywhere.  I believe that our babies need to have better education.  Government is not allowed to change or cut that money source as they do with whatever they are suppose to provide.  I do believe that the people is in control and will invest where is really need it.


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