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Due to religious persecution suffered I was not able to have access to participate in Prop. 38 debate with classmates

on October 3, 2012

I am supporting Proposition 38. Why? It will put the money on the hand of the people not the hand of inept government who is destroying and robbing America.  I told you.  Yesterday, I saw the struggles of Los Angeles Times and how Tribune from Chicago destroy them.  They were very profitable having a good number of Americans working and earning their daily expenses as they were working hard, but because they also were having a reporter telling us about the abuses and lie that Bush and his administration were having against Iraq as they were using our taxes to support that war.  As they were using our army, our people for the sake of their own interest not America.  I saw how an old American Wolf, A reporter that for many years served the Americans was set up and forced to sign out of his job.

Do not blame me when I called them pigs and cowards because they had not let me learn enough English to used my sophisticated English language to cut their heads.  I am working on it, but I am begging to that old man, that decided not to speak and defend himself to do so.  Let me tell you how they set us up.  Please read in between the lines of my poor blog.  Many times I do have to rush to be able to post something as people are playing trick through the computers to not let me.

Los Angeles Times was put out of business to quiet the efforts that they were making to help America.  I am begging you to use your tools, your pen and pencils to defend America.  I am begging you to use your phone cameras or video cameras to defend America.  In the past the people used stones or pieces of wood to defend their countries.  America has a First Amendment that the people of this country thought would help us to keep our democracy growing.  I am begging you to not let pigs like Bush who abuse a defenseless child as he took my baby legal and physical custody and gave him to the man I saw molesting him.  

I am begging you not to let Obama to keep ignoring me as they keep on killing as they keep on destroying and robbing America.  Come on old wolf of America, I do know how brave you are and the pride that you have in this country.  Write, use your pen and pencils, but defend the Americans.  Proposition 38 is giving more changes to the children, the ones that cannot work part-time as they can take less unit through college or university.  Proposition 38 lets the American and the State of California to decide not the government who had not make smart choices.  They are the ones allowing the killing of our business, a profitable Los Angeles Times to knock their efforts to defend America and its people.



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