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As usual having troubles to log in not only at wordpress, but WebSmart

on October 3, 2012

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon trying to report in Hayward police Department.  After a few, I was finally advised to pick up the blue phone to be able to make a report, but after all Officer MC Crea decided that because my van got not on fire and no accident happened : there is no crime and it is a civil matter.  Believe me I do not understand how it is that they can put people in jail because they are supposedly committing a crime to the net and how they can prosecute them when is no way to prove any crime.  At least not physically.  At the Meyer Elementary School I got late because I waited for quite some at Hayward just to hear that.

I did talked to the after school director Mr. Wing, I believe, but he was nice and open mind until I did say about my child abuse and he rather had me making a report through the main director.  Believe me I had been understanding that this people by law are supposed to take over and do as anyone just suspect and report to them.  In this case they are asking me to do so through the Principal because they do not have much to do.  Child Protective Services had not contacted me for the last two months as my child is being abuse in many ways.  I went through as I was a child.  This is done over an over again and quite a number of Americans suffered the religious persecution without realizing.

My aunt Leda was like me marry to an old far, divorce.  Forced to help her family, request their legal papers as I did for my “legal family” and in her case her veteran husband was killed and her two males children destroyed.  Like Britney Spear case, like Casey Anthony, or Michael Jackson.  Millions of people in this country are suffering as I the worst crime ever against humanity.  One by one we are destroy.  One by one we do not support one another.  I ended up with a big headache today after 3-5 students were playing through the computers as I was struggling trying to work on one assignment.  As I many of the Americans are living on the street or in their vehicles.  Many are forced into jails, and hospitals.  I am telling you, they do not cover their phone with a cheaper plastic cover, but with a special skin that protects them from the radio activity that affect us. 

I am telling you: click, click they download or upload as they please like it just to be “smarter” as they destroy people like me and my family as they rob our talents and destroy us.  As they set us up in jails and hospitals and take from us whatever they please.

Believe it or not they are so miserable that Game Stop sold a $ 60.00 membership for mind craft game and “someone hack that.” but it is not the first junk that they take from my child.  They forced me to spend and buy to rob me because as they do they take the blessed items that are belong to me or him or non-wicked.

Today, I saw a video clip in regard Los Angeles Times and I felt bad realizing that some of the media reporters are trying and struggling for us, the people in this country and for some bad apples all of them are being blame and not trust, but I am begging eloi to help them out.  Have faith because is the only thing that can keep us going.  I know that many of you lost your jobs and perhaps are struggling right now as I am, but believe in your God, I know is just one, no matter how you call him.  He is righteous and I am begging him to help you out and perhaps together we can make a different.  Bare with me, my poor English is not of much help, but what counts is the good intention.


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