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I am sick and tired, government, criminals are abusing my baby HELP!

on October 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012


To the Principal of Joshua Alexander Cabrera-Benavides


San Jose, CA _______

 Note: I am planning to go to the school and make a report.  Everywhere.

I do believe that I had contact you in the past to celebrate my child’s birthday.  Unfortunately, it seems to be that you are part of the crime organized group who are using this country and the government system of it to persecute the Americans judging by the reaction you had with me as I tried to celebrate my child’s birthday last year.


Nevertheless, today the reason why I am here is because I am reporting my child abuses suffered on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Joshua Alexander has his hair cut and you may find a hole on his right side and some hair shorts as others look longer.  Joshua told me as we had been abuse by the crime organized in which his father had been participating and who had been protected due to the crime in which many government representatives are participating: the religious persecution they are having against non-wicked or people like me and him who are not believing or practicing witchcraft as some do.  Joshua and I are being forced to have visitation at the curve of his dad’s home where wicked people not only had forced him to fall or harm himself as he was trying to used his skateboard.  Joshua had told me yesterday that he does not like to read books because his eyes hurt as I discovered Reading Partners in Redwood City had done not only to me, but to another little fellow like Joshua. 


Mind and body is just the soul’s home, a computer and click, click many take advantages of the poor children that government in combination with Child Protective Services who San Jose Police Department they do not have in San Jose, but Child Protective Services of Belmont or San Carlos City, San Mateo County referred me and where I made a report two or so months ago without ever being contacted not by the man who did not have a card to provide me with one, but the one who told me someone else would do so.


Joshua told me yesterday, he asked his dad to cut his hair which is not true because Joshua cry all the time afraid of the hair pieces that itches as he had been abused for seven years by the man who I saw molesting him sexually and whom I reported not only through the 100 members of Congress back in April 18, 2005 and as I arrived from Washington, D. C. where I tried to find help and protection I also reported him through San Mateo Police Department who as part of the crime organized rejected my accusation against themselves because government is the mind of all the crimes in this country.  Joshua is afraid and no matter what under the dirty and filthy conditions in which his shoes, feet, hands, nails are kept his mind and soul is easily controlled and manipulated by any wicked.  Joshua with the hair cut that he is having is given them the chances to invade his little body to say whatever they please to hide the crime and abuses that my child had been suffering for years.


Joshua is having a cut in his neck as he was having marks on his feet years ago as I was forced to make a report in Hayward police department where the officer tried to force me to harass his poor wicked member.  I am publicly demanding an accusation against government representatives and I am asking you to evaluate the hair condition of my child head, his long and dirty nails as ears. 


This is not the first time I had made a report in Hayward school district and Modesto and twice he had been moved out of jurisdiction to keep on hiding criminals Principals who are participating and are transferred immediately after just to say that they were not part of the school at the time.





Estrella Benavides



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On Saturday 9/29/12; I had one of the best days.  I went to see my older son and granddaughter to Pittsburg where they were moved to isolate me and to break my family apart as government and wicked does for years to millions other families who had not realized that they had been persecuted for religious reason.

My  at first was nice (for sure his shuttle was the one who set me up to go as also our government o     should I say our religious persecutor.  The hypocrites that legally abolished slavery knowing that quietly imposed that to the poor people in America.  As his shuttle and neighbors were not able to use his body to force me to do whatever they want, they used his body to tell me to go: “He was having something to do and he was ashamed of my truck.”

Nevertheless, I had a good time seeing both of them as I am not allowed not even to have a phone to have any contract with my children and granddaughter.  I spoiled her a bit.  I gave her a bath and she asked me to take photos: I took some as she put bubble on her nose, chicks and arms.  It was hard because she was naked, covered by the bubbles and she was sitting on the tub, but I could not say no.  Her dad was upset because she asked me to give her my socks monkeys and I cut them and saw them in her ballerina dress I got for her.  She complaint because I was not having her name in my left arm tattoo arm; her name was not posted and she couldn’t understand why I was not having her name on me?  I promised her that I will do and that if I didn’t do that yet is because she was not born yet when I done so.  Her dad told her that she could not ask me to write her name with a pen because she did want to make sure I do carry her name on me, but if that would make her happy and he was not so upset.  I would do it as I took the photos as she was taking a bath and after all because she did want some photos with me.

After that I did go to San Jose.  I did my laundry and about 8:30p.m. I went to see baby.  I show him two books I bought for him with some cats.  One which I did not realized as I bought it that was cats and rifles and my son got upset with me, but as I told him: I just saw the cats and I never expected guns with it.  I just saw the price $ 1.50 so I got in trouble.  My intention was to give my child a photo of the cat he was missing.  I left him about 9:30p.m. As next to his dad’s home was a group singing very loud.  They were having a party.  This afternoon, my baby was having his hair cut with some holes in between.  Some strings longs others shorts and he was having a cut on his neck.  As he saw me wondering, he said: “I asked dad to cut my hair.”  I do know is not true.  His wicked dad can control his mind and body as he is deprived of healthy food and is kept under dirty and imperfect conditions.  His nails are dirty and filthy.  His ears no less,, wax ran down and they are full of dirt on the outside.  His hair cut is helping him and his dad had a surgery done two weeks ago unless they are lying and forcing baby to lie.  He cannot drive so in whose mind he was going to be cutting his hair at 10p.m. last night?  This is the way wicked subdue the poor people.  This is the reason why government denied my due process, First and Fourteenth Amendment and robbed my properties as they also in combination with 24 hours kicked me out of the San Mateo place and all others.  To keep me filthy as many others are going like me living on their vehicles or on the street due to the religious persecution we are suffering.  Begging you for help.  My child is being abuse as for the last seven years.  My child was abused last night as he was raped back in 2005.  My child is constantly abuse by many and his neighbors are pigs and cowards that had been forcing him to fall as he tried to skate, but as he said today, I do not like to read because my eyes hurt and he does not like to skate because he gets sick.  He is just kept in his home and without much light because his dad cannot pay too much.  Almost all of his toys are stolen or broke and his Xbox game was stolen, but guest what Game Stop has to do with it as DC shoes and also the reason why wicked do that is because they have talents and knowledge of witchcraft but they are not bless by God.  So to get bless money and things they robbed us.  They forced us to buy, but never let us to enjoy.  Help.




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