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Again they are not allowing me to publish governmente crime “The worst ever against humanity”

on October 1, 2012


On 9/16/12 about 3:30-4:30a.m. Someone was trying to cut the wires in my van-home in which I am publicly accusing government of the alienation of the Constitution through the use of witchcraft & technology against the American for the sake of few people working with them as a crime organized mafia.  In the morning g I discovered aside the cutting of some of the wires that my Toyota Tuck 1996 6CMF096 was hit in the back door and also trespassed to set up the wiper which for months had not worked to covered my sign as I go around.  The crime (gov’t denied due process, 1st & 14th Amendment. Honors at CA & Federal court had been removing my filed documents accusing them or ignoring me).  I filed van case w/difficulties & today 9/29/12 I found $20.00 bill on floor. I lost it & as I went to see my baby he has a cut on his neck (left).  His head having short, long string of hair and a hole on right side as he told me: :He asked his dad to cut it.”  It’s not true because he is afraid of cut hair.  He is being abused and tortured this way as I discovered wicked people do (government is main head.)  His father two weeks ago had again a surgery and cannot drive and the hair cut is shorter than usual.  I reported two months ago to Child Protective Services as many times I tried to make public my discoveries even at SMPD who was the one who did not gave me reasons: put me under 51-50 back in 2005; rejected my raped accusation among many other things.  I had reported several times he is being abused for last seven years.  Please report on my van that you acknowledge received because I reported that my van tire (right front was cut three times and my van was also vandalized as I tried to change it in Rayo Tire Shop in Hayward where I will go make a report because they just take it through the phone or personally and due to all this situation, I had not been able. 



To Hayward Police Department:


About five to six years ago as I tried to make a report on my child feet marks.  I ended up repeating and repeating my accusation and concerns because you were trying to force me “to harass” or accuse the father of my child not the government of this country who I am sure is the main head of the crime committed not only on me, my family, but on millions of American families and individual who are being persecuted for religious reason by government representatives.  Today, trying to avoid the abuses I suffered back then, I believe in 2006 or 2007:  I am writing my report for you and above you will find one of the ones I filed at San Mateo Police Department.  On the mentioned date, 9/16/12  as I discovered that my front right tire was cut three times and ended up having a big hole which would it make me have a dead accident if I would it see it.  Or else with the old computers that you used to have not four but who knows how many times I would have to repeat my report over and over again.  Aside I am making sure not to bring inside my documents because your officer acted “paranoiac” and almost hit me as she did not realized that she asked me to sit in the table, set up my documents and I just moved on front of her eyes just to point the marks on my child and she thought that could be a bomb that someone abandoned.  I claimed my property, but she asked me to back off or else she would hit me and on that date I was with my son who could not understand her bizarre reaction.

On 9/17/12 I went to a Rayo Tire Shop to have my tire changed, and rotate.  The young fellow over-inflated my spare tire that I brought to install and as I went around looking for another and I left my van there.  He installed a rubber rope around the muffler which burned on the road from his place to Costco on 880 near the Mall.  I heard a noise as I was going out of the gas station where I stopped to put gas.  The next morning as I got late the night before, I checked on my van and I found it out.  I found out that the rope was still there hanging half from one end.  The part that burned hit some wires and damaged my electrical and for some reason the right shaft started acting up since then.  I tried to make the report with you but since I do have a suspect, I could not make my report online.  Due to the religious persecution I had been suffering for the last seven years having government as the main criminal mind, my phone had not been working since as happened several times in the past.

Estrella Benavides

c.c.: Child Protective Services or should I say: Child Prostitution Secure as you took my child and gave him all rights as he sent my baby raped and abused as former President Bush came to California.


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