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I still not hav…

on September 26, 2012

I still not have a phone.  Government killed it.  Stop working through the night and is not getting charge, but something else that is happening is that no matter where or in which computer, every time I tried to hear the news using a headphone, I need to call a technician to be able to do so.  The librarian at College of San Mateo did help me the first time and at SFSU I already had the same problem four times.  Funny isn’t it, but let me tell you on my lab top I saw four names on my settings and in my phone as well as in my lab top they do set up a lock.  They let me if they please or not and I am sure that is the issue with the headphones.

Today, I tried to listen to the news and there it was a man making a critics about the way Hillary Clinton and Obama handle the Lybia Consulate attacked in which American’s were killed.  I do not totally agreed with what he was saying because I believe that we should not be bias and knowing what I know in regards Iraq’s lie that cost to the Americans M I L L I O N S .  .  . or perhaps much more who knows.

But what I will say, this is what I am talking abou.  This man said about the hate that this people are having against the Americans and the worst debt the Americans are having and how China is having people looking and doing for themselves.  He did not mention about the billions of dollars that they are getting from us through some companies subsidies and he is not mentioning about the reality of this world poverty in which almost all the countries just pay their interest that never end and the conditions on many others to get ahead that they need to take from World Bank and many others “Legal robbers worldwide.”  You know I cannot take how in South America people are not having water to drink or to take a shower because this bank imposed conditions for some corporations to be getting and industrialized their water sources as Salinas mentioned in Flow for the Love of Water.

Today, in one of my classes I was abuse, but not for a fellow student which I am used to.  I will not give details, but I am sure he will understand what I am saying: “Ashamed of the government and the school system that let non-wicked like me to pay, struggle, study and made the big efforts just to get the money through the FAFSA AID or the poor pocket.”  If my English is poor is because wicked robbed my learnings and talents as many do to the poor all over.  Ashamed of the government and the school system that let our babies to pass the grades just to get the money to pay their bills, but never teach our children and forced them to drop out of school or forced them to feel so abuse, so tire that they do not care to learn.

On the other hand, if I would have the time to have someonelse to edit me as many of the media people do or if just I would be left alone to edit myself before I post, perhaps my English would it be that bad.  But this poor ignorant struggle to post and many times hit the wordpress blog with a new post several times carrying in a copy and paste the hour or so in which she struggle to post something.  This poor did have to learn her English using a tiny book called “The English without a teacher.”  – “El Ingles sin Maestro.” and as she ride on the buses learned how to perhaps not talk or write or read the English language, but is trying hard to do so to defend herself and her family just believing in the only God because afraid only of him and I just hope that my life is worth the poor happiness, rights and freedoms.  I just hope that I can make them through and make public how this country is lying, is destroying not only the people of this country, but America as well.

Years ago at Lyon’s Restaurant where I started not speaking or understanding much English.  People were mean.  People used to force me work harder and I used to try to memorize the words as the customers were asking for the food.  I never heard of chocolate pie or French Bread or many other things.  I grew just knowing about the “pan frances.”  Today, I might not know how to put together the sentences structures properly, but not because I am lazy and I do not want to learn, but because the misery of people like that man thinks that he shines more if the poor look or is force to be ignorants. 

Let me tell you: “What goes around, comes around.”  Go learn.  Your eyes if God pleases or nature does will have cones or rods.  Some might be able to see a fourth color not only the basis colors: blue, red and green and no matter what you could it take from me today and if you do not have the yellow that some do you might not be able to produce or see what they or I might have.  This poor “dog” as King David used to say feel that she is no one and she does not dream that she does have not even an extra string of hair even though some said: that I do have three or four times more than general, average people.  At least in one beauty place in Belmont they held me there for hours because they were concerned about it.

The point is as I say, many are so greedy and do not care for the people of this country as long as they are getting their share not thinking with the head, but with their feet.  I laughed about your comment in regards the media being the gate of the news and the critics about the poor who is trying through blogs to make public the crimes being committed.  I acknowledge my defficiencies and I do know my limitations, but this dog just know that needs not to bark, but keep on going because dogs that barks do not bite.

The media had lost the credibility and the support and respect of the people because they are not representing as the government the people.  They are just saying what government is letting them to say and do not disclose the crimes that they are committing and as someone said back in the 50m or 60’s: the tools that the people put in your hands are of gold value as is getting rare and rare.  You should be more powerful than the ones who are pay to serve the people: government and you are wasting it!


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