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Baby is having …

on September 24, 2012

Baby is having two pin pow in his baby face because his dad is working his mind.  He hate us.  He molested him and sent him raped and Santa Clara Child Protective Services is being ignoring my last report made about two months ago.  Again he is forcing us to be having our visitation at the curve of his home where their wicked neighbors are abusing us.  We are under the sun, not having a place to be.  We found a theme yesterday.  Baby told me about his wonderful cat.  The one who used to wait for him as he was coming from the school in Modesto, the ones who knew how to ride in his board or on his truck.  The one who likes to have bath in the pool.  I never heard of such of things, but he told me that the cat drew a picture of him and his cousin and wrote I love you with her paws.  A dog killed her no matter that he jumped on him trying to save Princess.  She die! and her pictures got lost as his phone felt and broke and his dad who is the ones abusing him this way could not fixed it.  He could not get the chip out and get everything transferred and let baby just missed his beautiful, smart and unique cat: Princess!  Begging your for help!  Not only Princess was killed to abuse my child as Criminals honors in Redwood City Superior California court just ignore me and the Chief of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Attorney General asked me to file knowing that many are not allowing me to do much.  I had not being able to file a report for my Toyota red truck on 9/16/12.  With many struggles and difficulties I made one for my van.  Begging you for help!


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