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No doubts, our …

on September 15, 2012

No doubts, our mind and body is just the home of our soul. Many draw done the energy of my phone as they please or can stop electronic as they want. No doubt, I have no line. My phone is again not working and what is discusting is that at ATT they told me that the buttom was not working or having problems, but in short I will say: they are participating; they do know how that is happening. Part of their earning are made forcing people to have their devices going idle to put in the web their ideas. Many other times is not good to do so because they get the idea and believes that is enough for them to create and register it under their name, but what they forget is that NO, the feeling, the background, is not there. Perhaps they can grasp through the video camera the way in which the shot took place, the lights and so on and forth, but what the author put together is not just an image because involves many other factors.

What wicked is not understanding is that as in many other countries that by thou way were and had not been successful. Very few are rich and when I say very few I mean 1 2 or perhaps 3, but not as many that are not that many either, but they are more than my fingers all together. A big difference and added to it the shine and power of this country which gives them the security, the peace that no one have had in many other countries. Wicked is making the big,huge mistake to believe that they will keep on being successful the way they are going and I will say: No. big, huge mistake you are doing. The poor people in this country, not knowing had been supporting you believing in the fakes rights and freedoms that you had been holding and “using through the court system.” The poor had been supporting the “Americans Dream.” and you were able to destroy Iraq and had been able to win many wars using this country and its people; using our taxes to pay for wars to have control, but you are killing it.

Your wicked dream is coming to an end because you went to the limits. You do not care that people figure out what and how you are doing so not knowing that they as you have no less talents. God created us all equal and as they will figure out, they will start using and then you will regret and you will feel sorrow for yourself. You forgot that the fear or the faith of only God, is the fountain of wisdom.


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