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I am totally out. As I never felt before in my life: Wicked finally got me upset!

on September 13, 2012

As they please they turn on and off my “F” phone.  Several times they had being denying that way my First Amendment and had been discriminating against me.  I am at San Francisco State University trying to use the computer lab as I did this afternoon and for the last two weeks.  And here is someone that is playing around with the computer to even stop me from using my own lab top.  They tried hard to keep tired and exhausted.  They are the ones that many times in combination with government tried as last night to keep me at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City, CA and many do not like that and complaint and worse they forget that in combination with government they robbed my properties and have me on the street: “Go home, they yield at me.”  I am at home: pigs and cowards.  Did you forget that you robbed my homes with Quentin Kopp among many others.

For the last three days they had deprived me from even talking to my child.  “F” Child Protective Services is just ignoring me as many others for years just because they isolate non-wicked like me.  My older son in Pittsburgh, my second son in San Diego and neither one believes me that we are computers.  Don’t tell me that you are like them because to them I can understand: many are the ones controlling and manipulating them.  Many had ask personal question to get to know them to be able to spin and spin my answer to not let them make sense on them.

It is ashamed, “Honor” Greenberg, Jakubowski, MC Kenna as many others like the Attorney General or the Chief of the Supreme Court of the United States do know what I want talking about.  They do know that what they told me to do: “Appeal is a waste of time, money and efforts.”  They do know their crime.  Honor Greenberg using her seat as a family law judge gave my child to the man I accused of molesting him and I through a letter sent to every single member of Congress on 4/18/05.

Finally and as they are giving me a lot of pressure to not let me study and prepare my assignments as they are keeping me tired and exhausted; dirty because they did kick me out of 24 Hours Fitness in San Mateo as they spin the abuses I did suffered and forced me to drop my issues because I was the one who hit the 6 feet tall man who aggressively attacked me out of no where.

They are the ones who had been ignoring my reports made in regards my child safety and life concerns I do have and one of the Redwood City judges had the face to tell me that I did not make no report!  I am publicly accusing every single of the honors in my cases (26-30 through Federal and CA Superior Court) of not only being abusing authorities and discretion, but altering records, robbing the treasure of the United States in various form.  I am begging publicly for a public accusation against them as I did file three times a federal suit cross complaint accusing them and Marilyn Hall Patel denied my forced poverty to throw away my accusation.

Millions of Americans are being forced into jail because as I discovered mind and body is a computer.  Mind and body is just the soul’s home.  The one we cannot see and the one that wicked used to invade others soul’s home to commit the crimes.  To get drunk and full of energy as we get fat.  As we are forced to spend.  You should see them as hyenas going around me trying to invade me.  You should see them approaching me or playing with their phones hurting me as the ones who should provide protection denied so and are abusing me and my family as well of millions others just because no ones is realizing my discoveries.

Support public accusation against government!  Support the only God’s cause!

Today, I am telling you: “do not think that I am just accepting your invasion as sometimes you are successfully doing so.”  “I am asking God to pay you back: “Eye per eye, teeth per teeth with the high equity and rate that you love.”  For those like the students or any other that had been trying to code me for cancer in my right breast you will get it back.  For those who are trying to get my junk or got my junk to get my bless things; you will lost them as I did.  For those who are abusing my family and me; You will be abuse. 

Hardly ever I get upset, but today you finally found me!




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