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The most clear crime done by the media representatives who were bundle and need to be help to barely stand

on September 10, 2012

I never read something containing as much stupidity and ignorance as in this article written by Al Lewis – Dow Jones newswires in Denver, but do not think he is just dumb or stupid.  But let me clarify that he indeed is because as him many had sunk the most powerful tool on earth that you might compare to absolutely any other position from the Presidency of U. S. A. to the owner of trillions everywhere.

What I will say about Sam Antar, the lucky wicked who got no jail for his acknowledge crime not because he just cooperated and pleaded guilty as part of the usual set ups against the poor non-wicked aside I will add that is no news your piggy “Sociopath and Psychopath”  They are the main stream used in our government system by the criminals in power persecuting the poor and the fatherless.  The ones that them in combination with wicked forced to be procreated to take them through our court system to abuse them in anyway perform to be able to rob their talents.  Their mind and body computer knowledge and talents.  One of my “legal nephews” just was not found guilty of robbing because an adult was the “mind of the crime”, but that is not true.  Wicked do respond as they are in their mother tummy because they are not coming playing the dream physical world, but their mind is as old as can be because our soul do not get old or never die.  It is just a power, an energy that we call spirit or soul depending on our  believes.

These are the tricks played over ad over again by wicked government.  The worse crime ever against humanity, against the poor and the fatherless.  I discovered their alienation to our rights and freedoms; to our constitution.  They denied (BUSH with Marilyn Hall Patel) Federal Court my due process, my forced poverty just to hide my accusation against not only Bush in regards September 11 as I filed three times my federal suit cross-complaint accusing them.

Al Lewis is doing in this article what they, the media had done for years in support or for the best interest of wicked and just to keep on hidding the crime performed by them and government who is taking the children of non-wicked to abuse them: to not provide healthy food to keep their little bodies wicked or full of grease.  Begging you for help and protection.


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