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Working hard after crashing into my classes at SFSU

on September 7, 2012

A lot to do, to print, but trying hard to catch up.  I missed understood my DGME class at CSM instructions about my last Wednesday quiz.  both information were posted so I took it for granted and there it was not posted online and I thought I did have time until Sunday to do so.  I did what I could.  Overall I had been putting attention to the lectures so I am not feeling that bad and I was not the last one turning in my quiz.

Last Sunday, I saw my baby.  He again hurt his elbow and was having a big marked aside bleeding as he hurt it for the second time.  He as for the last two-six times is not hungry or eating or drinking, but as usual I ended up paying for food that after all I eat.  They are depriving and denying him to have dairy products like milk, cheese, sugar to keep him weak just to abuse him as they done with his elbow.

In one of my classes I did have the pleasure


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