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A long weekend with a lot to do!

on September 4, 2012

Last weekend I did have to remove my junk from my second son’s storage.  He lost his property through a foreclosure after investing $ 50,000.00 of my half equity given to my older son by the court and the title company who tried to find someone to agree with them.  I do not know how I was able.  I asked my older son for help, but he is forced to feel shameful of my signs and no matter how I say: “I am not asking you to agree; I am begging you for help, he cannot see it or understand it.”

I am not sure if I was worked into going to my forced legal sister’s home to offer part of my junk having a lot of need aside not having a place to live or storage any of my legal documents supporting my accusation against government.  I loaded most of them in my two vehicles not knowing where else to do so.  It was 9p.m. and I couldn’t finished loading and as I was coming with my sister following me.  She passed me or got lost.  She did not use her map locator device and I went two, three times around with the truck overloaded on 680 – 24 Walnut Creek and so on and forth without a phone.

Finally and after standing for a while in an intersection the police made me to keep on searching.  It was dangerous to be there standing.  He was nice, but I took again the unknown roads begging God to help me out to find her.  After a while without success, I drove to Hayward and went back in an old car as she finally got back home.

The next day, they offered me an old truck that started smoking out near the 24 underpass; I stopped for a while letting it cool down, but then I though: “This is a mechanic car and these area is ups and downs mountains, so let it cool and keep on going.”  So I started the car and I drove up the mountains and turn off down it having my emergency lights as I was slowing down going up.  Not so easy, but I was able to reach Concord, load my rest of the junk and I came back the same way.

It took me hours to organize, dump some and I couldn’t sell much of the junk I had been forced to be purchasing and until recently storaging there.  Some I dumped and I was lucky to take a shower after all as I had not done for the last three months with real water cold or hot, but running down my body.  I prayed Eloi Yahweh as I used to do and I begged him for faith and strenght and I drove back to San Mateo this time with my van.

On Sunday morning, again as in Saturday, I tried to organize and clean my “homes.” and then I went to San Jose to see baby.  I found some clothes, but he does not like shirts with buttoms and like baggy T-Shirts to hide his tummy.  He did not want to wear no jean to go to BounzCity and does not know anything about matching.  So with a brown DC shirt and a blue/gray short.  Out of the number of clothes I had purchase and save for him.  He doesn’t like much, but he kept it: about half of dozen of underwear, socks. t-shirts and blue jeans.

At BounzCity, he ended up having troubles sladding down so he asked me for a pant and I did fix one for him.  At first, I got two carmel sundae at MC Donalds and later a double cheese burger only cheese and ketchup that he is never allowed to eat and 4 Mc Nuggets and he barely ate 3 pieces.  He again hurt his elbow as last weekend and believe it or not on the same spot.  This time he did not want to have the bandage as he asked me for one last week and very happy gave me he last tooth broken in 4 pieces as he tried to save it for me.

I am sure that broken tooth mean lack of calcium.  He is heavy, but is not being provided with healthy food and his long shirts are just hidden what they are making him feel ashamed off.  His daddy had been working his mind and pin pows are showing in his beautiful facial skin.  This weekend not just one in between his eyebrown which he pop because his dad told him.  He said: “Did not hurt mom, I just scratched it with my nails, but thanks to the suggestion he got some more in his forehead and below his left eye.  Yes he is only nine-year -old, but suggestions in a weak body and mind as baby trust the ones who are supposedly loving us and are our heroes, really hurt.

I just hope that if anyone reads this message help me out.  Child Protective Services in San Carlos took my child seven years ago for no reason and California, Redwood City Supreme Court granted him his legal and physical custody just in retaliation because I am serving the only God, Eloi Yahweh, real name of Jehovah and I am publicly accusing government of knowing what I discovered as God choose as his servant without ever hearing or seeing him: “Observe, accuse and set my banners.”  Begging you for help, millions as my child are being abuse, toss and destroy under dirty, imperfect conditions for wicked people and government to be.


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