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This is my first week at SFSU: It’s crazy, but a bit fun!

on August 28, 2012

This morning as last week; I had been forced in pain.  I am feeling better, but someone gave me a card about the poor animals: hens, rosters, pigs in cages farms.I had learn that this people love to see us crying so I am not doing so, but it is overwhelming.  I realized that is not being done only to humans as non-wicked for years.  So far, I had realize that for some neo liberalism is like caring just for the environment and to become green aware, but they are not realizing how saddly the poor people are being treated and how that is affecting us all. 

The GDP versus the GNP really means that the middle class in the United States is disappearing and out of no where the people who are worry and concern about become green worry about the environmental issues will wake up one day having basis needs and as other not knowing the real meaning of neoliberalism which is not just to worry about the environment.

I saw a video last night about WTO back in 1990 when one of my favor former Presidents: Bill Clinton was the head of this country.  I will not mention the name of the woman who got him in trouble because I believe that was all she did want to have and I sometime stop and think how hard is for anyone to try to lead and guide this country and how easy is for someone like me just to come and criticize, but that to happen in America was ashamed.

After all we tried to analyze the video which in a way I found a bit discusting.  I am proud of my body shape not because I believe I am beautiful or better than others.  Believe me I had seen better.  Beautiful women and handsome men and there they showed some women covering their “buup front tips” and I couldn’t find the relation and over all I though about what they are taking from others: the use of their imagination to have fun and joy thinking about their beautiful bodies.

Over all and to be one of the few videos of this type and knowing how poorly anyone in this country covers them.  I believe it was a good one, but in general in poor countries where we do not have freedom of speech and religious (First Amendment) and where people are killed if they take the chance it was poor.  Some people do not understand the poor quality of education in the United States where some are sharp but because of what I discovered  and others like those poor people who were there trying to fight for democracy, rights and freedoms, but not knowing how to organize or present their ideas in a literate way if you know what I mean.  Far from being one of them.  This poor chick is barely making the way to try to learn, but that is what basicly is the problem.  The poor know they are suffering abuses, but do not know how to present the topic and many just say: they do not have a head and they do not know why Wall Street were on the streets.  Some say this and others that, but give them the credit because they are trying hard to open your eyes and trying to help this country and this world.

In regards the poor animals, I feel that the answer is to create laws to protect them and to create jobs for people who cares for them to go make sure the rules and regulation are being followed, but let me tell you me, as my baby, Britney Spear and her children as well as millions others like Michael Jackson who was killed, Scott Peterson, Yolanda Saldivar who were used to kill people that they love as the ones that they killed as other used their mind and bodies we are treated worse than animals.  I am not joking, they are changing the sight or view of my right eye just to force me in pain and away from everywhere.  Many commit suicide, many give ups and I will not do so ever because my life will be worth the freedoms and rights of the poor in this country and in this world.


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