In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I am at Redwood City library trying to charge my phone because my van outlet was vandalized as many other of my cords

on August 26, 2012

Constantly forced to shop, and is not only me.  Many are pretty and plumb because as we go to places our eyes are forced bigger then our tummy.  Did you buy too much and over spent? No, they are the ones who are trying to get rid of their inventory because a new shipment is coming and their wicked employees forced us.   You hear someone cleaning their rough through; oh God, they are trying hard to invade you and they are having problems so they are trying to catch your attention.

Today, I am having a clowdy head because they are trying to keep me in the truck; not doing or so, but away from Redwood City Whipple, away from CSM; away from SFSU.  So you tell me, Are they trying to force me to do something? But it is to bad that I believe in Eloi Yahweh and I know that Rome was not built in one day, but he will make it through.

I totally hate the people who goes by me on their bike or in their car with their music trying to catch my soul’s attention to take him and to make him to abandon his mind and body home.

Baby in video was having his DC shoes new, nice and clean; now they are forcing him to bend the back and used them as sandals or chanclas in Spanish.  I am having next to me a “B” having her through as I told you and you do not know how I hate them.  Of course I am cursing back on them.  Do they care for me? No, so they deserve it with the high rate and equity isn’t it?

Everysingle thing baby have they take from him.  Dad’s just keep him in his room, dirty and filty, but for seven years no one ever care, but they preached “s” and take our babies to rape and abuse them in anyway perform.  The church do know as well; in fact, they were the first ones.  Put this together, who kill Jesus? Why the Catholic Church is Apostolic Roman and so.  Were the Romans who killed Jesus?  Yes, they did!, but that is the trend.  They made me believe I was going to sacrify for wicked and one day I wrote No, I am representing the poor and the fatherless if anything happens to me is for them that I do so, not for miserables, pigs and cowards, but do you want to know that my legal mother bought to baby a bicycle which she is keepping and has the six point star, yeah you got it: King David Star because the Jewish for years had been the ones being sacrify as they are forced to believe  as Jesus did.



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