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At RWC library a Belmont resident stop me from using my blog and it seem that changed my password.

on August 22, 2012

Estrella Benavides
P. O. Box 2741
Redwood City, CA 94064
(650) 921-2084

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To the person in charge of the Attorney’s Office or to the District Attorney’s Office of:
San Mateo County and San Jose

With all my respect ___Wagstaff_________________, and ___Rosen____________________.

I am at the curve of Redwood City Public Library waiting for them to open to be able if people do not tried to stop me from doing so to write and print the letter that I am trying to send to you due to the imminent life threaten that my family is suffering as I am claiming to the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant!

Attached you will find a letter having a 5 pages attachment which was written to update the Ex-Parte dismissed on “hearsay” basis as well because the Facilitator’s Office to which I visited three times was not able to help me to do so properly according to Honor Franchi, but as I went back to them, they say: “No, it is properly filled.”

The letter directed to CPS as advised by San Jose Police as I called about two weeks ago because of the same concerned: my child safety as well as my family safety and myself (Reports written as incident in many cases had been made at RWCPD and information was attached to the recently Domestic Violence Case filed by me as advised by the Facilitator’s Office as best venue, but which was denied because “I DID NOT MAKE NO POLICE REPORT OR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES REPORT AND BECAUSE FATHER JUST DID NOT PROVIDE HELMET AND PADDING TO MY CHILD AS HE WAS SKATING AND SEVERAL TIMES I HAD REPORTED HE HAD BEEN FORCED TO HIT A CAR, OR FALL HURTING HIMSELF.”


I served the letter to San Jose and Belmont Child Protective Services after making a telephone report that was not acknowledged by San Jose yesterday by Gary Detlefo, I believe and if I am understanding what he signed and today with I did understand Lock Nygen, but by the writing Van NMu. She told me that Ms. Ferreira reported as she told me two days ago to Santa Clara CPS and her name is Ivonne and her supervisor will be having a follow up by this last two people and her name is Melissa (408) 975-5250.

Obviously, is much detail in my document, but as I talked to Gary I heard him to say that I am repeating over and over and I did wander how to tell people without repeating and saying because I am not using the broom yet. On the other hand as I talked to the nice lady in Belmont Ms. Van she questioned me “How can you be forcing your child to visit with you?” A SPIN OF THE FACTS AND WHAT I DISCOVERED YOU ARE USING TO KEEP OUR BABIES ABUSED AND ISOLATED!, but let me clarified, for the sake of it. San Jose police did not found that. Instead seems to be the norm to definitely isolate and break any relation left with our babies, but “to not be part of the abuser, I let him go as I did on Sunday when San Jose Police arrived and I go do my laundry to let baby do as his father and step family are forcing him to deprive me from visiting and have a relation with my baby who is being abused, exploited and kept under dirty conditions: his ears wax as yesterday and as written not only in my posted sign publicly at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in RWC and in my blogs: at and his shorts with No. 1 and 2 marks: dried and filthy as I tried to show to San Jose Police, as I told to CPS in Belmont today and CPS in San Jose yesterday and as I described several times in my signs publicly accusing 5 of the honors in my family case of abusing authorities and discretions. Of doing as they please not as written in my Constitutional rights and freedoms and as many others bending criterias (51-50) or so to persecute me for religious reason, to deny my due process right or to isolate me and do as they please as done to many others.

My Due Process was denied at the Federal Court and if I am writing to you about is because I asked for help and protection and I reported for the second time to the Attorney General of Obama’s Administration and he was the one who told me to look for help in my area which I did in the past. I do not have the exact name of the District Attorney to whom I wrote about 1-2 years ago and prior to it in 2005 in South City, but always the same: “The ball is kept on being thrown away from their hands as my child is being abused, exploited because criminals are using our government and are alienating not only the Constitution, but the poor people rights and freedoms. NO ONE REALLY CARE FOR OUR CHILDREN AS THEY ARE THE ONES DOING THE ABUSES IN COMBINATION WITH THE WICKED PEOPLE TO WHOM THEY GAVE FULL PHYSICAL AND LEGAL CUSTODY AND UP TO THEIR DISCRETION AND IN MY CASE JUST BECAUSE I AM PUBLICLY ACCUSING THEM OF THE WORSE CRIME EVER AGAINST HUMANITY AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.

As a citizen of this country and as part of the people, I am requesting your help and support for a public accusation against government who denied my First Amendment in many ways even bending and changing the criteria of Belmont City Code 22-2 as recommended on front of me by the man assigned to help me to represent myself and who was used to waste my time to present my issues as the honors usually manipulate and control what the jurors were going to hear in the two cases against me.

Again, three times put in jail to alienate my First Amendment and kept without communication. I was forced to allow them to give me treatment just to quiet my discoveries and to hide the worse crime ever against millions of Americans among others as alienating my basis human rights. My Due Process was denied as they denied my forced poverty as they ROBBED MY 5-6 PROPERTIES AND AGAIN DENIED MY RIGHT TO FAIR JURY TRIALS. In lieu of it two honors dismissed the matter and one discriminating against me and told the other party what to do and where to go allowing them also to file not filling as rule by court.

It is endless to say or write, but I am asking you for your support for a public accusation as the people part in our government system and I am begging you to go over my cases (26-28). Mainly read the caption and the end results which in majority of time just were ignored, dismissed, continue for frivolous reason aside not acknowledged as is the case of the “NO POLICE REPORT.” In my last DVC hearing in which you will say that it was not the matter and I will say many are the honors who had play that trick and spin just to keep on abusing me and millions others as keeping my baby’s life threaten, abused and exploited.


Estrella Benavides

Note: This page if the main of the described below attachment which was served to CPS in San Jose and Belmont as described above.


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